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  1. EC’s seem to be going up in price in all grades. Has that been everyone else’s experience as well? For awhile the HG stuff seemed to have to real growth (check out GPA, many books are selling at the same level of 10 years ago) now though it seems like a lot of books are breaking old records.
  2. The last book I acquired was my 15th EC. I want many more 🤣
  3. Most of the EC's I have purchased have been graded, but I picked this one up recently. I really enjoyed (carefully ) looking through it and checking out the stories. It's my first issue of this title. I have the Russ Cochran reprints of all the sci-fi stuff, so it was cool to look this one over.
  4. The art was awesome, DC sci from the same time frame was pretty good too. I was surprised to see how much the code affected the stories between WSF and ISF.
  5. Except the stories don’t pack the same punch.
  6. I sold all of my DC’s and started collecting Marvels...
  7. Brave and the Bold #2. I think this is one of the more difficult to find issues of the pre-hero lot (which probably means the whole series). One board member here has a ridiculously nice copy I offered to buy a number of times but kept getting laughed at I ended up with this nice mid grade copy only in the last year. I’m glad I got it because a 7.0 came up a couple of months later and went for almost 3X as much!
  8. There are a number of issues that are harder to find, not all but enough to make it a challenge for a high grade collector.
  9. Owning a B&B 1 has always been a kind of grail to me. I never really thought I would get one. Then around 2008 I put a Hail Mary bid on one in an eBay auction and was pleasantly surprised to win it. I sent in in to be graded to add to the set, it’s a nice looking copy. This was ten raw. It’s a 7.0 OW.
  10. It’s really a shame that Photobucket has left so many threads without scans after years of great posts. I want to restart the Brave and the Bold thread so we can get pictures that will last. While I would love to see everyone’s copies, I’m going to post all of my issues 1-120. I’m closing in on completing the run, I need two more issues to be complete 1-200. Brave and the Bold is a special series for me, It was the first title I ever collected! I started “collecting” them in 1974 by buying new issues as they came out. I was around 12 years old. While I really liked the Batman stories I absolutely fell in love with the Silent Knight and Viking Prince reprints that ran in the 100 pagers. My first pre-hero issue was a beat up copy of number 15 that is still a favorite today. I remember when I got it and loved the BIG logo! I never really set out to get a whole set. All of my copies from childhood were basically reader copies by today’s standards except 120-200 which I bought new. Slowly over the last 10-12 years I started replacing my low grade copies and searching for missing issue (I barely had any of the first 30). So here goes, I’ll post in order 1-120 minus the two I’m missing (you’ll see which ones those are 😂) and add a little color commentary along the way!
  11. I remember thinking how expensive they seemed at the time! I couldn't afford any, but I sure wish I had bought at least one! Very cool, post the books too! On a different note, I just got in the ISF 31 I recently picked up, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was copy #1. Not that it really means anything, its just kind of cool. In the original article I believe it said Bill was going to keep several copies of each book. I always assumed he kept the first couple? He must of sold off whatever he kept at some point I guess. Anyone know? The ads only show the middle copies as being available to the public.
  12. Anyone know anything about this? I have heard a couple of different stories (Hollywood July 17-19, Las Vegas), Anyone know anything definitive?
  13. These next two pages are from CBM #2 (1991) and they are Russ Cochran's sales ad of GFC books. Oh my....
  14. Okay, I found that answers to my own questions. I have felt very "EC-y" lately, so I went through my old copies of CBM's and found the following. This may have been posted previoulsy, I apologize if it has, I can't say I have read this thread going back to it's beginnings. The following is a reprint from CBM 80 (the whole issue is dedicated to 50 years of EC, great issue!) Says it's from CBM#2, but I have #2 and I couldn't find it. Any ways, this is what I must have been thinking of, reading this story about the opening of the GFC collection:
  15. I ran across this in a great Wally Wood article in CBM 44.
  16. And here is the other one: 😊
  17. I added two more sci-if books yesterday!
  18. Does anyone have a copy or a link to somewhere that shows the original ad for the Gaines books? I remember CBG having an ad (I think!) . I was also wondering, did anyone buy a complete set of the Gaines books when they were first released and still have them today? I only started collecting EC last year, but they are quickly becoming my favorite books to buy!
  19. My only GA DC is Superboy