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  1. Top Love Stories #10, LB Cole cover. Highest graded, next is a 7.0. Really beautiful copy. $2,200 shipped in the U.S., USPS Priority mail. Prefer payment by check or some other method that doesn’t charge a fee. Thanks for looking!
  2. I have a 5.5, I’m with the 3.0/3.5 estimate on this copy.
  3. I guess I’ve been on a Superman upgrade kick lately
  4. Latest Superman upgrade, my 3rd copy of this book, I keep inching upward slowly 😂
  5. Picked these up in Chicago, all upgrades for me.
  6. Prices were strong on the Gaines copies today. I picked up this one non Gaines:
  7. Pretty sure there were four St, Johns besides the 3-D, 1, 3-5, You posted the #1.
  8. I only have 5 EC’s but I really want to get more. I started reading my reprints of Weird Science and I can’t put it down!
  9. Went to Comic-Con and didn’t get a chance to scan this. Super nice single digit issue
  10. I do have a couple of newly slabbed copies to show as well!
  11. Got a nice single digit number I will post as soon as I receive it!!
  12. I just started a policy with them. It was just getting to the point we’re it seemed foolish not to have one.
  13. I posted this in the Cole thread, hope it’s okay to post again. I just entered the pre code horror market, a couple of EC’s and now this:
  14. In order to keep this thread from page 2, I’ll post my latest acquisition. Been a bit since I bought a Baker. Had to have this one when I saw my name on the cover 😛
  15. I have wanted to start collecting EC’s for years, but never made the plunge. Finally did, pretty sure I’ll be addicted now