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  1. thanks for the catch TrashCollector. Zoned out on that I guess.
  2. Avengers Annual #7 9.6 (perhaps technically a bronze book??) These darn square bound books and their spine roll... $150
  3. First up is ASM #238 CGC SS 9.4 signed by Romita Sr, Romita Jr, and Stan Lee. Tatooz inside! Although I'll be damned if I can find the Stan signature. CGC says its on there, so it must be inside? Uncertainty is your gain? Collector value in mislabeled CGC SS books??? This book is all over the map in sales...last GPA was $500 back in 2016. $300 Sold!
  4. Gonna trickle some books into this thread over the next few days... First wins; if you beat the first with an agreed upon pm deal then great; you win. FIFO, basically. I accept PayPal and will ship within the US unless you make arrangements with me in advance. Payment within 7 days unless you reach out to me. I generally ship USPS priority and slabbed books run $15 for 1-3. No HOS or PL's.... all the regular stuff. That should covers everything!
  5. HOLY #$@%@#!!!! You just awoke some long lost memories.. I had that set! Like from 1981? 82? Something like that. WOW! Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure I'm a renter.. I've sold maybe 20 books in my life? Thankfully I buy less than 20 a year too. Only have about 3k books. The benefits of collecting very specific things.