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  1. A friend has a AMF V2#6 and he verified that the story was in that issue. He also cleared up the reason for my confusion. had gotten that issue wrong. It lists the Skyrocket Steele story as the first one in the comic. It is actually the story in the middle of the book, which is what I had determined based on the pages I had and the limited use of color. They also had some of the other stories in the wrong order. Thanks to all of those who helped.
  2. It may be as I misread the comicbookplus description. It belonged to the DX-13 story and they did not give a synopsis of the Skyrocket Steele story. But lists the skyrocket steele story in AMF V2#6 as the first story in the book and that doesn't make sense as the pages I have are connected and that indicates the part I have is the center of the book. Also the page is black/re/dwhite which usually corresponds to the center pages of centaur titles. Plus bangzoom's splash appears on the "back" side of a page which wouldn't make sense if it was from the first story, but could be if didn't document the first page. But the story I am trying to identify would have been a 5 page story and AMF V2#6 is one of the few AMFs with a 5 page Skyrocket Steele story. And the connection to returning from Venus does indicate it might be v2#6. Does anyone have that issue to check? Volume 2 of the Everett Archives ends with V2#5.
  3. I do not know if Skyrocket Steele appeared anywhere else. does not show any other appearance. The reason I am asking is that I just got a box of "parts" of comics. In there is what appears to be four pages of a Skyscraper Steele story that appear to be pages 2-5 of the story that matches the scan. (The pages I have match the partial page 2 of bangzoom's scan.) The four pages are connected so it looks like the 4 pages I have would be the centerfold of the comic. It is a nicely drawn story by Bill Everett. It also has a character named "Balin" that does not show up in searches. I am beginning to believe that Skyrocket Smith must have appeared in some other comic besides Amazing Mystery Funnies. I have identified all the parts except for 3 sets of pages, this being one of them.
  4. I checked the issues they had posted copies of. Most of the AMF comics are either missing or only reprint a single story that is not the Skyrocket Steele. It is also not the Amazing Adventure Funnies comic. That reprints the story from v1#2.
  5. It's not V1#2 or V2#5 I looked on and none of the Amazing Mystery stories they describe sound like this one. The only one not described is Amazing Mystery Funnies V2 #6, but it is described in and the description doesn't match either.
  6. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the old images?
  7. This is the copy I bought in 1967. Didn't bag and board them at the time but tried to be "careful" with them. Must of read it 50 times back then. Curious how it would grade.
  8. I have tried to compare this book to graded copies on Heritage, but they don't seem to be consistent. Spine dings really show up on the bright purple cover. Note that the top right corner (around Code stamp) is slightly faded (another common defect with this book). So opinions welcome.
  9. Mike is well known in the St Louis area where he lived before he moved to work for CGC in Florida. Mike was instrumental in the formation of comics and science fiction fandom in St Louis during the late 1960's and early 1970's and is well loved in the St Louis area. While Mike loved comics and science fiction, Mike' biggest love was the people he met. I have known Mike for over 40 years. We shared a love for EC Comics and Silver Age DC's. Mike took pride in his collections, but he was most proud of his two daughters, Erin and Patricia. His girls have made a number of trips to Florida to see their dad. The costs of the trips has added up for them and there are a lot of medical expenses that will not get covered through insurance. Mike is a member of a group of comics fans in St Louis called SAGA - Silver Age and Golden Age. Even after moving to Florida, Mike would always plan his trips to St Louis to coincide with some of our gatherings. Bill Smith, the treasurer for our group has started a GoFundMe pages to help Mike's daughters with their expenses. The link to the page is help-for-family-of-mike-mcfadden And please keep Mike, Erin and Patricia in your thoughts and prayers. Gary Johannigmeier
  10. I have had the "missing pages" syndrome fairly often, but more like 1 in 20 than 1 in 10. Sometimes the seller will refund my money and tell me to keep the book (usually under $20), but a number of sellers tell you to ship it back. Even if they refund the money and return shipping you have to go through the hassle of repacking the book and (for me) stopping at the post office. It seems that your time is wasted, because they didn't want to spend the time to check before listing or sending it out. I can forgive the non comic dealers that make the mistake, but it seems to occur more frequently with people that deal in comics and should know better. In fact one of the "board's good guys" missed a missing half page and brushed it off. He never refunded my return shipping. Gj