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  1. Not 80’s Marvel G.I. Joe art, but I had two paintings show up unannounced a few weeks ago. After taking out the first painting my fiancé was not too thrilled...thank god she loved the G.I. Joe painting when I unboxed it.
  2. What are you talking about? 👋💦
  3. The price boom in basically all collectibles has lead to me losing interest in collecting anything...except some OA. It’s at least one of a kind and as noted hasn’t been as stupid with price increases. Toward the end 2020 I was thinking of picking up some graded comics and cards in the future. Even if there is a roll back the dramatic run up in the past four months has greatly killed my interest as there are real life useable things I’d rather spend my money on. Bronty knows I was buying some graded MTG cards I’ve wanted for years and nothing to crazy to start. The last card I bought was
  4. He scripted most of the issues. Out of the first 25 issues I’ve read he scripted I believe all of them and only did layouts for issue 21.
  5. He would later become Paste Pot Pete. Also how can you not appreciate Sparling since he did some DC Grey Tone Bronze Horror.
  6. I know I posted at least some of these before, the Green Goblin was close to a decade ago when the thread launched.
  7. This was a problem we had right out of the gate with this show. The opening of episode 1, Falcon with his high tech suit doesn’t immediately over take a guy that is just wearing some aerodynamic suit with no power source. I get it was meant to be pop corn action but we just found it unbelievably distracting and a poor start to the show that others apparently seemed greatly entertained by. Also was it anyone else or were they just trying to fill out episode 5 air time by doing numerous and inexplicable slow motion shots in the episode? Disney apparently doesn’t know how
  8. I actually read that issue this week (I’m reading the Marvel run in order) and yes that’s their very first appearance. They blow the Cobra Plane out of the sky at the funeral for General Flagg and then are introduced to the Joe team.
  9. The last time when Sam caught the outside of the shield with his hands my fiancé goes “Yeah his fingers would be gone.”
  10. Pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. At the start of the episode my fiancé goes “Thank God I only have to watch two more episodes of this”. Karli and her group are absolutely horrible boring “villains”. I wish John Walker had taken her out the last episode. Falcon and his Forest Gump shrimpin boat Capain storyline is
  11. These Black Widow “Sales” are all from the same seller and oh yeah all 3 “Sales” have the same serial number...someone isn’t paying for these...some kind of Shilly game with many of these...
  12. I’m highly suspect of this cards path. Those are the exact same serial number card by the same seller. That same serial number card then shows up in the PWCC Vault a short time later. I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who “sold” it the first two times on eBay was the consigner with PWCC.
  13. The Hawkeye that sold for $909 from Probstein is now up for auction with PWCC...serial numbers match.
  14. Will be interesting to see where graded card prices wind up 6-12 months from now. Some very big drops already and plenty of others revealed on eBay completed sales.
  15. Are they really cold or just fewer sales because there aren’t as many copies in existence? I check every now and then those Tec books and some other GA keys had a nice up tick especially over the last 5-6 years. I wish I had kept my Tec’s longer but sold them in college. I had 40, 66, 69, 71, 168 along with a bunch of other Joker covers all in 6.5 to 8.5 except the 40 was a 5.0. 😢 I did see Comicconnect a 58 and 66 recently.