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  1. I question how well you can truly determine any surface issues if something is in another companies slab...
  2. Doesn’t sound like they will be grading Marvel cards. Graded Marvel cards would be probably be a long shot to take off. The stuff released today is so niche and there are only a handful of people paying big money for the cards released today. The 90’s stuff is fairly plentiful with the later run stuff a bit rarer but I agent seen too many people be all that interested in grading them. I have a lot of Marvel Trading card art and a few PSA graded 92 Masterpieces and I just don’t really see the graded Marvel cards really taking off if it hasn’t done so by now.
  3. Beckett is number 1 for MTG which is likely why CGC is going the subgrade route. PSA is number 1 for vintage sports.
  4. When I was at Metro a few years ago Fishler was telling a few of us about when he got the cover to Tec 28. He said he went to purchase some comics and the Tec 28 Cover came up during the process and Bats or not that’s a real early one so he better get it. He placed the cover in the closet of his hotel room...and then checked out without taking it. He remembered it just in time and was able to run back in get it out of the closet. Wouldn’t be surprised if that got trashed had he not made it back in time.
  5. Would be a whole lot cooler if it featured the Brotherhood instead of a team that was forced into reprints in well under a decade.
  6. Yet no one seems to care and prices remain strong. It’s kind of unbelievable. BUT it will just take a few trimmed or rebacked cards to show up in a CGC case that will negate any impact they would have and it’s likely to happen. Both BGS and PSA have had issues. PSA domnates vintage sports cards and high grade Magic card collector’s prefer BGS with their quad grades which CGC apparently isn’t going with. They’ll get some submission but I doubt they will get much a market share.
  7. Yeah, from the stuff I saw I wouldn’t even touch a PSA 2 1952 Mantle I have seen one’s around hat grade proven to have been worked on with before and after photos sitting in regular old PSA slabs in the after state.
  8. Sorry. I think some of the confusion with Don Rosa books may also have to do with the fact that the books were always a point of contention on the boards going back 15 years. There were many on the boards that felt the books should get a collection designation and not pedigree. See the below thread to see what a hot button topic it was.
  9. This is a joke. It looks like CGC just designated this a Pedigree because the books were going on Heritage. $$$. They even say “File” on label. It kind of looks like a cross between Stan Lee File Copies and Don Rosa Collection books neither of which CGC designated as Pedigrees. The Lee file copies were not in the greatest shape but probably had more important keys as most Rosa’s I’ve seen were high grade bronze. The earlier Anderson book keys are absolute dogs in terms of condition. The Bronze books are much nicer but these books should never have been given an actual Pedigree label. It’s border line insulting. They’ve actually removed Pedigree designations in the past i.e. Diamond Run. I mean come on these keys are not in great shape because...they are not a true Pedigree. They should have been noted as Murphy Anderson File copies and given a blue label.
  10. Instead of Woodstock Charlton Heston probably watched Bloodshot...
  11. 12 years later hanging paintings a few weeks ago my fiancé goes “You have a lot of Jusko’s.”
  12. I can definitely see this happening if one person working there gets sick and especially if someone there tests positive. My fiancé talked to her friend who’s husband is an EMT in New Jersey. Multiple EMT’s he works with have tested positive for Covid-19. One has passed away from it at the age of 33. Another one who is 23 is currently in the ICU.
  13. I haven’t seen articles about actual tickets being issued yet but even in upstate NY they aren’t around anymore. On the news they were going into the parks and removing the hops from basketball courts to prevent people who keep showing up to play. Tickets stated to be issued in Saratoga where your horse naturally won for repeat lack of social distancing. Albany County exec to threatens to fine restaurants 10K for those still serving people in house and contact the liquor authority.