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  1. These books all appear to have come from different submissions so who knows how many restored books sipped through the cracks like this. I agree Wpic fail. Regardless of these resto books slipping through the cracks I was not a fan of these labels to begin with.
  2. I hate these labels! I want the info about the comic on the front not the back.
  3. Does anyone have any Earl Norem Masters of the Universe paintings? I’ve only ever recall seeing one in a charity auction many years ago. Norem’s He-Man art is some of the earliest art I can remember since my brother was older and had some of the He-Man story books that years later I realized Earl had painted.
  4. Gene who are you kidding? Who ever can afford this art will not truly appreciate the mastery of each line. There is no hope an average Joe who will truly appreciate each stroke lands this piece.
  5. Long before this cover appeared I mentioned the story importance of Batman 251 to Gene and others. It is a very significant book. Everyone knows the Joker (and especially Batman) and has been exposed to him from Romero to Nicholson to Ledger. The same can’t be said of Green Lantern (or Green Arrow for that matter...sorry WB) I read the Green Lantern Adams stuff probably 15-20 years ago and they didn’t age particularly well back then. The hyperdermic needle is about the only memorable thing from that storyline for me. I was born 10 years after Batman 251 came out but knowing the history of the Joker and reading the early stories you can see why it is so important in the history of the Joker mythos. Unlike most of the big Batman rogues Joker never disappeared for many years at a time and that is likely why he was never designated a first silver age appearance as Overstreet did with many other like Catwoman, Riddler, and Penguin. However, Batman 251 brings Joker back to what he originally was in the early stories a killer. Forget the menace the Joker projects on the cover, he actually kills someone the story for the first time in about 30 years! That was the good bye to the camp version that had been around for 30 years in the comics and not simply the Romero Joker seen on TV.
  6. There is one person who favorites stuff of mine but if I click their name and go to their gallery it doesn’t even exist. This has been going on for years. They actually do appear legit however as I recently saw them pop up in a Facebook group and they previously emailed me about pieces they have. Kind of a pet peeve of mine when you dont’t post ANY of your artwork. There are multiple people who do this in the little niche area I collect and then I get messages complaining nothing coming to market in a long seems to me this tactic is helping suppress the market and not motivate people to let go of stuff they otherwise might because it’s just not going to be worth it. I also had a few unsolicited offers from people regarding Star Wars pieces that were clearly marked NFS. People must have found them on google searches and messaged me. One guy said he went onto CAF and made an account so he could message me about the art and then carried on in a CAF message asking about it being for sale, the price, and stating it would be a rare opportunity to own such a WAS NOT for sale and he never made one damn offer to entice me. Those pieces have since been removed for the time being.
  7. He didn’t have the artists art I wanted to see at NYCC 2017. Womp womp.
  8. I think my favorite thing on the Website is the “We Now accept Credit Cards” yet in the placing an order section of the website there is a whole diatribe paragraph about why credit cards are not accepted and on the that same page above this paragraph there is two sentences stating credit cards now accepted.
  9. What the hell man?! You guys didn’t migrate this post into the right section!!!! I bumped this from 2006 after it came up on in a Google search right away!!
  10. Bump... Looking for a Thor 200 in CGC 9.4 to 9.6 with ow-w or white pages and pretty good quality production (nicely centered, no stray ink, etc) And what the hell is with Thor 205 even all these years later I just don’t see it above 9.2. Looking for this one in CGC 9.4-9.6 ow-w to white pages. This one I am not as strict with the quality of production unless it’s really poorly wrapped/centered or has crazy distributor over spray.
  11. I’m also confused on the timeline. I get various reasons for waiting to ship things but it sounds like well over a year but probably closer to a year and a half went by without it being ever shipped before Norm unfortunately passed away.