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  1. This is happening right now! North Texas Comic Book Show Next stop will be Apple Con March 11th and 12th!
  2. "Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving" this holiday season with X-Ray Vision Invisible Comic Boards! Sturdier, Reusable and Last Forever!
  3. Slab-Pro's Invisible Comic Boards vs flimsy paperboards. Tell us which you prefer with this Marvel Comics Web of Spider-Man 81 Comic Books.
  4. Had an awesome weekend at Great American Las Vegas Comic Con. Our Invisible Comic Boards were a success!!
  5. Slab-Pro's NEW Invisible Comic Boards for your ungraded Comic Books! ORDER NOW! $9.95/10pk ✓ Reveals both sides of your comic! ✓ Sturdier! ✓ Lasts forever! ✓ Reusable! ✓ Acid paper boards yellow. Invisible Comic Boards stay crystal clear! ✓ Back of comic will not stick to board!
  6. The power to see through the board with the industry's first Invisible Comic Back Board! Now you can View, Inspect, Protect and Enjoy both sides of your comic book! Our comic back boards are made from acid free archival quality plastics with ultra rigid 40 mil thickness. Provides ultimate protection front and back. Eliminate the need to remove comics from mylars and avoid damage! Hassle-free! Available in 2 sizes. Modern Age 6.75" x 10.50" and Silver Age 7.00" x 10.50". 10 pack $9.95 Sample 3 pack $5.95 (Includes free shipping!) PM me with any questions! Happy Monday!