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  1. Taking offers on the other 2 books, just shoot me a PM
  2. Jungle 20 sold to the fine gentlemen, thanks Patrick
  3. Sale rules as follows: No Prob members or HOS Payment by PayPal No returns on slabbed books, unless damaged and we can work something out. First take it in the post wins over PM negotiations. Price includes shipping with Priority mail to the USA. Sorry no Canadian and Int'l buyers. I hate saying that but sometimes it’s a pain. I’ve purchased a few things over the years on here, I’m sure BanjerD can attest for me, if not I’ll send him a nasty text. PM for any other questions, thank you CGC 4.0 Lawbreakers Suspense Stories 12. $600
  4. Man I love that RPG cover, I sadly attempted to try to take it off your hands years ago. This man has one of the most amazing TMNT collections out there, if not the best
  5. I remember seeing this on eBay years ago, regret not pulling the trigger. I’m the opposite. I love his early work, not so much the current style.
  6. I’m bringing all my comics to goodwill tomorrow and going to start collecting rocks
  7. I’ve been having this Swampy page for awhile now, I love that bottom panel. Need to get another one day. Also picked up a nice(to me at least) Doom page. I’ll most likely never own a Kirby or Byrne Doom, so I’m happy with a Perlin
  8. My Third Church pedi of one of my favorite covers. And the second Church I have with....extra staples. I mean the staples right on the spine, so I guess whoever added them, did it carefully...but very happy to have this. Thank you Julio
  9. Got this one in today. Love this cover, plus being a Church copy is just extra icing. Cool watch also, I don’t think it has ever been worn. Still works too
  10. Thanks for sharing this. To actually see the pencil/inks, just gorgeous. If they actually created an Artist Edition type book from this run, I’d be all over it. To me, Bissette/Totleben were just on another level
  11. I used to own a Season of Mists Jones Lucifer page, I ended up making a deal with the boogie men of art dealers. I love Sandman, but I just loved Moore/Totleben/Bissette Swampy a bit more. But I still have this awesome Bookmark drawn/colored Merv by Marc Hempel, best way to reread Sandman haha
  12. Recent pickup, man the colors on this book really pop, another beautiful Cole cover