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  1. I forwarded that link to around 10 people, because well, it’s funny haha
  2. Picked this copy up in trade, did a mild search, didn’t see much info on it. Most of the other qualifying copies were unwitnessed signed copies.
  3. Finally snagged this book, a little beat but it’s such a damn good cover, who cares. Until I’m able to upgrade it, or ever, I’ll enjoy its presence
  4. Yeah, its a pretty good size, I’m sure one day I’m gonna bump into that pointing finger. But for the meantime, I’ll enjoy Soundwaves company
  5. I love the original Murphy did for SA 52, so when I saw this, well...
  6. I wondered the same thing. But it’s one of my favorite Mary covers, and because it is a Church, even has the code, well those staples don’t bother me too much. I slightly thought about “popping” them out, but I’ll just live with it. Ironically I have 3 Church books, 2 of them have extra staples.
  7. My votes #3, I wouldn’t mind having a nice big label of Church Pedigree on this book. Good question, will the label change regardless of being qualified?
  8. A little different but hey it’s still original drawings. Cowboy Bebop genga of Spike in motion, framed up