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  1. Fantastic stuff gentlemen, and ladies if your into this kinda stuff. I need to go buy something
  2. Love this thread cause I see books and never knew existed, off to find a cannonball comics 1
  3. Magazine rack I picked up from my friends shop, runs not complete but I think it turned out ok
  4. Damn you know that buyer was quickly pressing buy it now and paying as fast as they can. Some folks just don’t do the research, I bought a early Garth Ennis Hellblazer page for 40 bucks, wasn’t even sure if I’ll get it, but a risk worth taking.
  5. Which issue of Another World? I’d like to read that story, very interesting haha
  6. And this lovely insane(story wise) book. Nabbed it off the bay, if this book had an extreme cover like some of the panel pages, it would be a bit pricier, well in my opinion, crazy stuff haha. I don’t believe it was used in SOTI, but damn
  7. You guys been posting up some great stuff up lately. And to keep the thread going, one of my favorites. Been having it awhile now. I remember at first glance, damn that guys taking a slug point blank to the dome, but look a little closer and notice the background with the mirror......granted the guy has an NBA player wingspan...great underrated cover, well to me at least
  8. Gourgeous book Jayman,that has to be out on display to enjoy daily
  9. Pretty excited to pick this one up, granted the covers detached, still has great eye appeal
  10. Maybe it’s the first now documented 10 minutes later cover after flying through a cloud of radiation? whoops 1 minute later or whatever, you get my drift
  11. Couple recent grabs, finally got my hands on that dirty rat cover, the other one is ok I guess