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  1. Where do you live, your the reason I can’t find cereal! Just kidding haha. Of course she’s gonna flip, we’re spending tons on cards haha, you just have to explain to her, it’s just fun
  2. Great stuff toybot, I’ve considered picking up some of those Lunar Pikachu packs, not sure why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
  3. Very nice, I have both those Team Rocket theme decks still sealed. Probably my favorite of all the decks, looks wise
  4. Figured I’d bump up this thread, the whole TCG section just seems to be questions or someone pissed about something. I just wanna see some other folks cards. Here’s some Neo Genesis cards. If you played the old school Gameboy Gold/Silver games, your familiar with these 3. And my only original shining pair, and only gold star. Wish I could add more to those, but man the prices are nuts right now
  5. Some of mine, with Sabrina's Gengar being my favorite. It’s a banned card, because of the graveyard. But the English version you can still somewhat see the crosses.
  6. Congrats beautiful card. I do love the Japanese cards. In my opinion they are much nicer than the English versions.
  7. Yeah any given pack could be the one. But luck isn’t always on my side, I can’t count how many boosters, tins, random boxes I’ve opened of Burning Shadows trying to get that Char. In the end, it was a random tin I found at Walgreens haha. Same with Champions Path, I have a Master Set in a binder, but I’m pretty sure I could make 3 more with all the extra bulk I have from that set. The Rainbow Pika from Vivid Voltage was rather brutal as well. But the chase is what makes it fun.
  8. Finally found some Shining Fates today, Target had a limit of 2, which is good. Grabbed a ETB and a tin. And just that quick the hunts over for me with SF. Managed to pull both cards I really wanted, Shiny Char and Ditto. Spending all my money on Hidden Fates again, with some GPK. Even though I pulled the HF Char, I just love the set
  9. Nah, it’s for my viewing pleasure, well at the moment haha
  10. Picked up a 1st Edition Lugia today, graded by some other company, but pretty happy to add it to the collection. Seems the grades a bit harsh, card looks way better than the grade of a 7, but hey it made it a bit more affordable. Regardless looks great with the others
  11. I take that back, I have found some ETB’s. But I’m not paying 150-200 for a box. To be honest, from what I’ve seen, I’m not a huge fan of Shining Fates, minus a few cards. Guess I’m still spoiled from Hidden Fates. Butttt that being said, since I have all the other modern Zard’s, need to pull that one too
  12. Very nice, I can’t find any Shining Fates. Even if I do, I think I used up all my monthly “luck” on the new GPK Food Fight set.
  13. Finally found one of these in the wild, pretty happy with it.
  14. I guess it’s close enough for this section, got bored and put together a PG Gundam, was rather pleased with the end result