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  1. He's still reading the thread. I noticed he reacted to your earlier post with a thank you. I saw the original posts to be about the restoration. It then grew, through his responses, into his constant desire to deflect blame onto others. To me, it grew into a deeper conversation about the trust between buyers and sellers. I felt he moved the goal posts on this topic - and it ended up in a place he was comfortable with. He could share all those bits in a reply without all the other blaming - and that would be a proper apology.
  2. ah ha! But your quote of me remained. I was curious if it would disappear. I didn't hide/remove any of my posts so my guess is a mod was involved as well.
  3. This is not the argument I see in this thread. The issue, to me at least, is your auction listings. When I scrolled to descriptions, I see two images that I can click on to "enlarge." Even on my desktop, both enlarged images are so small that the labels cannot be fully read. There's also the fact that the description box is empty except for boiler plate about scratches on the case (none if not listed). I get a sense that the boiler plate could be changed easily but wasn't. Looking at your auction listing, on my phone and on my laptop, I'm seeing a seller making a choice to not include all the information available to them. As a high volume seller, I could excuse something slipping through the cracks during the rush to list something. However, I've read a lot of this thread and I don't think that's the case. I don't appreciate the blaming of others - the buyers, CGC, etc. I don't really appreciate the argument about restoration (what it is and what it isn't) because that's not the argument here. The argument is that, as a seller, you have the opportunity to create a positive experience for your buyers. Part of that process is providing al the information you can. Based on your responses to this thread, the lack of information in the listing seems intentional. Regardless of the value of the book, I find this kind of behavior unsettling. I'll make a plan to avoid purchasing from you in the future - either online or when the local conventions open up again.
  4. I'm looking forward to another night missing out on the things in this thread.
  5. I no nothing about this series but as a pastor with an old punk jacket in my closet, I had to get it. Shoutout to Bedrock City Comics for great packaging and service.