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  1. I disagree. It’s not the original fans who were causing outages at 3 am est of disney plus or who are busy posting mashups of the Agatha song all over tiktok and social media. The characters last because new creators rework them for a new audience - which is what comics have done for decades. I know plenty of people who are not comic books fans who are digging this show - and it has pushed them to watch some MCU movies for the first time. They’re creating a new audience that’s going to help keep these characters around for a long time.
  2. No - this is much worse than that. One of the old (and on-going) antisemitic theories about the Jewish community is centered around Jews being greedy, wealthy, and the ones who control the world. The distortion of the Star of David also brings to mind antisemitic drawings that distort the so-called stereotypical facial features for people who are Jewish. Antisemitism doesn't need to be intentional to be antisemitic. This is an image playing with themes that have been used for centuries to commit atrocities against the Jewish community. I'm glad Marvel is doing something about this - but it sho
  3. +1! Your health is important and I’ll hold you both in prayer. Peace and healing!