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  1. I think you're on to something about being more selective in responses. There were times when I wanted to respond to this thread but had the sense you were micromanaging it. You wanted to thread to go somewhere - but I'm still not sure where. Did you actually want to listen to others or did you just want to vent?
  2. I had to try it too. 5% discount for a book I've been keeping an eye on for months. What a fun and innovative little tool. Thanks!
  3. First time purchase and it was amazing. Great communication, fantastic packaging, and exactly what I was looking for. I hope to do another deal soon!
  4. I'll add the following to my pile. Avengers 149 - 7.0 $5 Avengers 150 - 5.0 $3 Avengers 157 - 7.0 $3 Avengers 159 - 8.0 $5 Avengers 190 - 9.0 $4 Daredevil 187 - 9.4 $5
  5. Anyone else using comic book inspired face masks while braving the grocery store? How fancy are you getting?
  6. woohoo! Happy Easter! First time in a long time I got to sit with my immediate family on Easter morning (as clergy, I'm usually busy but everything was pre-recorded this year). I'll take the little joys in this really weird time.