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  1. Great books at a great price, and packaged like a pro. I'm always excited when Bob posts a FS thread!
  2. take it, and I'll take the Combat Kelly freebie as well!
  3. That was my sale. I've always understood this to be Stan's 1st appearance as "a character in the Timely universe" as opposed to his cover appearance on BR8 dressed up as Black Rider.
  4. Paul Lynde as Batman Rip Taylor as Green Arrow Don Knotts as Superman Now make a live-action Dark Knight Returns, you cowards (He's not dead, but John Waters is the only acceptable person left to play the Joker.)
  5. Speed-scrolling through this page and had to back up for a better look here, because it looked like he was playing grab-a** with his comrade.
  6. 1st appearance of Moore's Law *edited explanation for the lingua franca
  7. Why do you think they're doing this? When they had an exclusive with Ebay, they made up for the small losses from returns on the sheer volume of transactions. Now that they're being cut out of a market that was probably 80% of their business, they need to lock down some of that revenue.
  8. It's not for lack of trying. I left him negative feedback, but he got Ebay to remove it. My feedback just said 'seller removed pages and later sold them separately', but it was positioned nicely right above the positive feedback for the text page sale.