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  1. 1st appearance of Moore's Law *edited explanation for the lingua franca
  2. Why do you think they're doing this? When they had an exclusive with Ebay, they made up for the small losses from returns on the sheer volume of transactions. Now that they're being cut out of a market that was probably 80% of their business, they need to lock down some of that revenue.
  3. It's not for lack of trying. I left him negative feedback, but he got Ebay to remove it. My feedback just said 'seller removed pages and later sold them separately', but it was positioned nicely right above the positive feedback for the text page sale.
  4. That is correct . If you can force yourself to read the illiterate scrawl he posted trying to appeal the ruling, you'll see he claims the pages were present when he shipped it to me, and what he sold was another set of pages he had. He also shows a photocopy of the pages he made. But like with the rest of the book, he doesn't understand that there are unique markings on the pages that make it easy to tell that the pages he had in his first auction, the pages he later sold, the photocopy he made, and even the new auction for the pages he sold (by the buyer) all have the same markings because they're all the same pages. It looks like he sold the mangled scraps last night for $100. It's kind of a shame, because it was originally a fairly complete book (it was missing a total of 20 pages out of 68, but it had two complete Cap stories, the text story, and a complete Tuk story.) In the end, he might get $300 total for the whole mess. The buyer who bought the text pages relisted it for starting bid $200, BIN $400.
  5. Yeah, Ebay essentially told me the same thing. I asked what would happen if the book was returned to me if the seller didn't pick it up within the POs timeframe, and they told me I should make a good-faith effort to return it to the seller, but I was under no obligation to pay for the return, and I would need to work out reimbursement for the return postage with him. In my case, the seller picked up the book the next morning after I was auto-refunded.
  6. I did force a return on the book and was successful. To be honest, I felt a little guilty, because the seller did say 'no returns' and I agreed to it. Ultimately, I returned the book because he listed the text story in both the description and auction when he knew those specific pages weren't there. I made that point to ebay, telling them it was the main reason I bought the book, and I suspect that's why they sided with me. I was also angry because the book had all those missing pages 2 weeks earlier. I knew when I received the book it was the same one as the previous sale, because there were several unique markings and paper defects that were present in both books. His counter argument to ebay was that the text pages were present when he mailed me the book, and since one of the pages was detached (because he ripped out the other half of the wrap), I damaged it. And of course, during the week-long period where the seller and I were supposed to work it out between us, he sold the two page text story and one of the missing splashes. It's astonishing how stupid/brazen the seller was. I shipped the book back to him with ebay's label (which required a signature), so he figured he'd avoid having to give me a refund by not accepting the book. It sat at the PO for two days before I called ebay and explained the situation; I got a refund within 15 minutes. The seller posted this auction because he was having problems filing an appeal. Look upon this work of greatness: Anyway, it was all moderately amusing dealing with a complete lunatic. And the seller has relisted the book today-- now missing even MORE pages. He seems to be dropping the price every hour, he started it at $200, currently at $120.
  7. Seller states no returns. I purchased it based on this auction, which showed more photos: I asked the seller why the auction says staples are present, when it looks like the top one is missing, and the page looked different in the auction for this book 2 weeks earlier. He tells me it's another, different, copy of the book he has (), and it's not the book from the previous auction. Aside from the obvious missing first 3 wraps, after purchase, I discover the book is also missing two splash pages, 2 ad pages and the 2-page text story. Centerfold is also missing, but it was also missing in the previous auction, so I was expecting that. If it were you, would you force a return? (Hat tip: RockMyAmadeus)
  8. RICK! Save everyone the trouble, take the entire batch of $10 books you were going to sell today, put 'em in Robot's pile, and tell him how much he owes you. Maybe give him some sort of bulk discount. You don't have to post the stuff, Robot's F5 key gets to cool down, and the rest of us don't have to spend the night sad about all the books we missed...
  9. Still looking, disregard prices offered and grade requested. If you have the book, I'll pay your price!
  10. I watched a few of his books over a year ago. He has a weird pricing structure. There are three different price levels that books cycle through (low, medium, high). When listings used to expire after 30 days, the same book would get relisted at the next level in the sequence. So if you saw a book for $20, you'd have to wait to figure out where it was in the cycle. It might turn out that $20 is the low, and the next time it relists, it might be $40. And when it doesn't sell at $40, it will relist at $60. After $60, it relists at $20 again. Now that listings are GTC, I don't know how it works anymore. But I used the knowledge of the cycle to get books at the cheapest he'd list them.
  11. Ziggy Pig 1 (reprints Krazy Komics 017) Ziggy Pig 7 (also reprints Krazy Komics 017) I'm looking for the IW Ziggy Pig 8, if anyone has one!
  12. Krazy Krow 1 (reprints Krazy Krow 003) Krazy Krow 2 (reprints Krazy Krow 001) Krazy Krow 7 (reprints Krazy Krow 002)