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  1. And this is why I made my initial comment. I could smell your intent with your first post, and this confirms it. You just wanted to inject your cut-and-paste politics into a conversation. This is just one of your bullet points. I'm sure with a small amount of effort (which I am not at all willing to do), I could find the Reddit post you copied your entire comment from. This isn't your informed opinion on the merits of visiting Dubai, it's just you skimming from whatever swamp you visit and dumping the results here. And this is the last post I'll make about this, as I'm sure extended discussion is going to get this thread locked. Anyway, thanks to the OP for the original post. It was interesting to read about a situation most of us would not likely experience firsthand.
  2. I never said he wasn't allowed to share an opinion. I simply pointed out that his "opinion" in this instance was worthless. Just because you can do a thing does not mean you should do a thing. To quote Henry Miller: "We do not talk, we bludgeon one another with facts and theories gleaned from cursory readings of newspapers, magazines and digests."
  3. That's wonderful. If you think riding without a helmet is a bad idea, you should not ride without a helmet. And if I asked you "Hey, newshane, should I ride without a helmet?", you would be free to say "I think riding without a helmet is a bad idea." What you've done is walked up to people riding motorcycles without helmets and stated "Riding without helmets is a bad idea!". And they say to you, "Do you ride without a helmet?" And your response is, "Actually, I've never ridden a motorcycle, I'm a tricycle man myself. But I read all these articles on the internet that say it's a bad idea!" And you think those guys on their motorcycles should give weight or credence to your opinion. ETA: I thought NoMan's original post was interesting. I've never been to Dubai, and strangely enough, didn't think the thread needed my opinion on the merits of visiting Dubai. YMMV.
  4. Is this an unused cover, repurposed for the Mexican market? It looks familiar because it uses the same color scheme and design elements as Marvel Tales 156. It also uses the same (translated) text.
  5. You had your answer to #2 back in October 2017, courtesy of Ken Aldred, on page 1 of this thread: The X-Men logo
  6. I saw your explanation after I posted This book is missing the 1st wrap, and has a piece out of page 2. You're looking at what CGC considers page 2, which is the 3rd story page.
  7. I don't think that's how CGC counts pages. They call this page from Cap 1 page 5. If you count sides, this page is actually page 9. But this is only the 5th page if you count physical sheets. Based on that, the slab in the OP shows page 3.
  8. OK, I went back to my cache in Firefox to see if I could pull up the page, and it turns out the page I was looking at was malformed. So this is the Wrightson page I was looking at, but if you click on the links for the cheaper versions (like under hardcover), it shows you non-Wrightson versions.of the novel, which I hadn't noticed this morning.
  9. Looks like it's gone now, there were two low priced copies this morning when I posted. I had no idea it was so pricey, or I would have bought both of them! One was $1.99, the other was $5.99 with free shipping, I think. And FWIW, @Artboy99 the book's been reprinted. I bought the softcover in the early 90s, mine looks like this: But the Amazon listing has this photo:
  10. I'd recommend finding a copy of Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein. It's his greatest work. You can get a paperback copy on amazon for two bucks. Keep an eye out for Berni Wrightson: A Look Back; it's long out of print and sells for crazy money, but it's a wonderful sampling of his 70s output.
  11. Strange Tales 100 inside back cover: All Male He Man ad, Dept MA-28 back cover: If You Know Just 20 People, Dept D-134