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  1. This coupon was wildly_fanciful_statement. I had the offer in my account this week, and tried to use it today. I noticed I no longer saw it in my messages, and when I entered the code at checkout today (on 3/25), I got a message "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."
  2. This is a great thread to which I have nothing helpful to contribute. But for me, the Fawcett Flash Comics #1 ashcan is the best book in the thread. That thing is just... perfection.
  3. I was in the same boat. I ignored the 12/31 deadline, then the 1/26 deadline, and got a final warning that it had to be done by 2/1. I skipped that, too. I can edit my existing auctions, but I tried to list a new one yesterday and was denied. You would think you'd be denied when you start an auction listing, but no... they let you fill everything out, and when you submit, you get a note at the top of the page telling you NO LISTINGS FOR YOU.
  4. I messed up the reply, but this is for Big Boy 15 Edit: for clarification, I am flying the flag for BOTH 13 and 15, please
  5. A perfect order! Great book, bombproof packing, and Bob must've slipped the postman a few extra bucks because it made it from one coast to the other in 4 days!
  6. Looking for these Timely / Atlas books... Greatly prefer unslabbed, but would consider mid-grade (and below) slabs Willing to pay your price! Animated Funny Tunes #16 Gay Comics #20 Love Tales #51 Thanks!
  7. Yeah, totally illogical for this guy to think to think that CGC made a grading mistake. Makes much more sense that the book he personally bought off the stands in 1988 was color-touched by someone in the distribution line before he bought it.
  8. Ebay's only interest in postage was when they were getting screwed out of their cut back when they only took a percentage of the final sale price (such as sellers doing BINs for 1 cent with $150 postage). Now that they take a cut of whatever you charge for postage, they no longer care.
  10. ALL of those seller's books are color printouts of existing scans. There are even some of this books that are printouts of microfiche scans (like his Red Raven #1). His Strange Tales 89 is a print of my scan of that comic I did back in 2007.
  11. Looks like it's a legitimate 2-6, with a coverless #1 with a repro cover?