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  1. And here's apparently the only graded copy. Any insight into this book would be appreciated!
  2. Green label Qualified or I think you can ask for them to treat it as a deficiency and mark it down and give you a blue label, but it would drop it probably at least a full grade.
  3. So I got grades on a couple of books today and from what I see there are no other copies of Love Romances 82 on the census. I read this that said there are a couple of stories not attributed, but that are Matt Baker. Anyone have any information on this one? Just seems odd to be a Baker and not have any on the census. Thanks!
  4. Unless they do. If it is stapled on the inside those things are typically included. If it is a loose item separate from the comic then it is not part of the comic, poly-bagged or not. Are your clothes part of your suitcase or do they have a better use somewhere else?
  5. Gotta admit that one has me curious as well. Typically you see "name written on cover" or something like that if it's actually on the book itself and yeah, I would have thought green label, but like was mentioned before it's not unheard of for them to downgrade a book that in this case might have been a 9.6 or even 9.8 to a 9.0 for a defect such as a name written on cover.
  6. Looking to get one book signed by George Takei so looking for someone already planning on getting books done at this show. Anybody know who's going?
  7. That's actually what I'm most intrigued about, the casting. You are potentially setting people up to be the next ScarJo, Chris Evans, and so on with possibilities of long term contracts. Do you go "known" faces or does someone new step in and grab the limelight?
  8. This might be one where you need to call and ask and then if you do decide to send the book in you send a note with the book detailing the discussion and who you had it with so CGC can do what they said they would do with little to no confusion on anyone's part. Based on the description, I'm thinking there might be a green label involved since the card is adhered to the comic in some way, but that's why I say call.
  9. Based on all these posts I think I would like to open a business where I stop by people's houses and pick up their books before they take off on trips and drive the books to the destination while the owner flies.
  10. Back to square one on this and running out of time obviously. Kevlar's witness won't be attending after all so still looking!