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  1. Sorry guys, I'm taking the no response as a no so I won't be able to help you guys out.
  2. It's gotten better, but if you want a big name media person it can still be a real hassle. I still remember a couple of those years working with you and your wife, hope all is well @Turtle!
  3. I've got probably 20 or 30 of these things but the problem with the copies I have gotten is somebody wrote the issue number in ink on the front.
  4. Fetish and Dragon Con are two of his favorites. He might not be at a table much but I bet he's there.
  5. It will eventually, but at the moment a lot of people are in no rush to sell them off. Trickle a few here and there out and the demand will remain as well as the price.
  6. Don't go for Perez on Thursday. Artist alley won't even be open until Friday around noon.
  7. Guys, I reached out to Spencer regarding this. Let him get back from Terrificon and respond to the email and hopefully we will know one way or another next week.
  8. So you are saying we would like you when you are angry.... because our books come out better!
  9. Yep, I noticed the times all changed basically the day I should have seen my books shipped on a value order from 4/3/19. Still at scheduled for grading....
  10. I haven't talked to the powers that be about this year. I didn't do it last year because I had too much on my plate with working the convention.
  11. A lot of people use safe deposit boxes, others refit gun safes, and others just store them. The right answer will lie somewhere in how often you want to see them versus how secure do they need to be for you to be comfortable. As for insurance, several ways to go with that. You can get a rider on your homeowner's insurance which is a bit pricey, and there are a few insurance brokers that specialize in comics. This discussion comes up often. Here's another thread where it was discussed...
  12. I just found out yesterday that my daughter's volleyball team might be going to Nationals at Disney next year and apparently it's around the same time. Might break my streak of nearly a decade!
  13. I think George will secretly still make appearances at DragonCon for years to come. He, just might not be on the guest list. He loves the show.