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  1. I think that's my point. The assumption is that these are all lower grade examples, but in reality there are a lot of 9.8s possibly getting over looked.
  2. The first book is in the session 3 CGC Graded Late bronze, Copper, and Modern Age Comic Books. The one below it with the same grade is in the "assorted Comics and other Memorabilia" section. I get that they make agreements with people that they won't have books compete with each other and drive the price down, but this kind of thing makes it seem like if you don't buy that first one there isn't another one available at all. LOTS of 9.8 and other high grade CGC books in that section and it feels like they are ignored just because of the session 4 title. Any thoughts?
  3. He's just saying that the green stripe at the top is because at least one signature wasn't witnessed by a CGC witness. Otherwise, this would have been a completely yellow label. Still a sweet book, congrats!
  4. Ok, ok. That was enough to make me at least go do a double take. It went to @Norrin Radd Give a guy a heart attack why don't ya!
  5. You guys still at this? @Norrin Rad already has his raffle prize!
  6. I actually waited until Christmas morning to open my present from Secret Santa and could not have been happier! Thanks for these!!
  7. My #5 choice and #6 are still out there.... @thirdgreenham you are going to make my 8 year old son VERY happy..... I'll take Prize #37 Pokemon prize lot A (lots of packs and a boxed set)
  8. Well, believe it or not, it IS a blue pen.....
  9. on the piece of paper in front of me, and probably several others, yeah, plus each of the hidden messages from Sledder
  10. I got it a couple of years ago, and it does not disappoint. Glad it is off the board or I would think about doing it again!
  11. Well, I filled out the first 17 before accidentally hitting enter instead of using the mouse to move to the next one. I'll try and be on tomorrow at noon! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
  12. Yep, sitting at received since 11/19/19....
  13. This is going to be a hard one for me. I've felt very unfocused lately and other than a few nice original art pieces this year, I really haven't gone after anything specific per say. I think if anything 2020 will be a year of cataloging what I have, sending off books to slab, selling off approximately half of what I send off to have slabbed, and pick up one or two nice pieces of original art along the way.
  14. Ok, so let's go with this: Still in the box, and will most likely come with a few other odds and ends. Jim Lee statue of Batman. EDIT Domestic shipping only for this one... BUT I will offer a second raffle prize of a $40 USD paypal transfer for anyone OUTSIDE of DOMESTIC to put a little twist on things!
  15. Specifically looking for the Zombie tramp 38 variants, and a print from 1999 (I think) that Dave Stevens and William Stout did for Dragon Con. Interested in seeing what else besides them might be available. I've always considered this my favorite show so let me know what you have that is related to the show! Especially looking for a few of the badges as well from the early years.
  16. I'll be cutting it close. I should know for sure on Sunday! I'll have it in, but someone can for sure send me a message Monday morning if it hasn't posted before 10 am!
  17. I'm in, prize TBD. Gotta ship out these Santa gifts first!
  18. Sorry guys, I'm taking the no response as a no so I won't be able to help you guys out.
  19. It's gotten better, but if you want a big name media person it can still be a real hassle. I still remember a couple of those years working with you and your wife, hope all is well @Turtle!
  20. I've got probably 20 or 30 of these things but the problem with the copies I have gotten is somebody wrote the issue number in ink on the front.