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  1. Hello, Interested in purchasing a Byrne / Austin X-men page. Kitty or Nightcrawler on the page would be a bonus. If I don't know you, references needed. Thanks for anything you can do to help. Steve
  2. I 100% vouch for thethedew on this. I won't say exactly what happened with my transactions with him but they every single one of them came out way happier than I had expected. Steve
  3. Signed by Swan, Anderson & Schwartz. Low Start price. Thanks for looking.... Steve
  4. Bump..... Would pay good amount for right page and I'm a doll to deal with.
  5. Both of these are absolutely stunning. Would love to see that Black Widow in person.
  6. I had a buyer that was so extremely rude and disrespectful to me that I would never sell that person the page he wanted for any amount. If I ever did sell it, it would be under the condition that the new buyer would never sell to said "ill-mannered" person.
  7. This will be my last post on this and the page will be going "off sale"very soon. Thank you for all the inquiries and have a good Sunday. Was: 2500 Now: 2250 - very short time. Steve (I'm losing money here) Davich
  8. More than likely ending the sale by the weekend. I appreciate you looking and your inquiries. Steve
  9. Thanks! Steve
  10. Sorry man, I know how it is to really have your heart set on something and have it fall through. Don't worry though, there is always something around the corner to take it's place.
  11. As far as I know, no. Wizard World has been a ghost town for art dealers in the last couple years. You may find some art at some of the booths but I think dealers will be slim. C2E2 is better - Albert, Anthony, Cadence and Scott Eder are always there. Bechara hasn't been by in couple years though, he always has stuff I like.