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    The New Mutants

    The New Mutants As it was with collecting comic books, it was the New Mutants that drew me into the grading community. I was new and naive. I did not get the small intricacies between a 9.8 and a 9.6. I didn’t realize what a trimmed cover was or how you could tell if a book was restored, But over the years I have learned that as much as I have learned there is still so much more to absorb. I met Bagofleas through the registry, as I did others, but it was the New Mutants set that I desired to have a complete run of. It wasn’t as complete as it is now. There was only one slot for a Marvel Graphic Novel. The point system was not high…only 25 for a 9.8 in most of the books. I looked over what was the number one set and decided I wanted to be there. Eventually I made it…and lost it again. I reclaimed the spot, but never during a time when the awards were to be handed out again. Money got tighter and the desire and ability to get the whole set in a 9.8 changed to getting the whole set in a 9.8 signed and then wained. Eventually to find happiness again my collecting goals changed. I still wanted the best New Mutants set, but I wasn’t actively seeking the books I needed…and then when I found them, a lack of grade or lack of money stopped me. As I worked on two custom sets earlier this year, I decided to check back to my favorite set and noticed I was no longer number one, but neither was bagofleas…a new upstart has taken over the number one spot although it was obscured I knew he completed what I hoped to one day do…and I knew he had what I was searching for…that vaunted copy of New Mutants 58 in a 9.8. Twice this set has received notable honors. Once by myself in 2012 for the Best Copper Age set. Once by Bagofleas in 2014 for the The Best Presentation and I can only hope that 2020 the underrated under-pointed New Mutants (1983) set will once again belong to a top rated set contender…NashVegas13. If I ever had a crown for this set, I hand it off to you. Well Done…Well done!
  2. Tnerb

    Having Fun Again...

    Having Fun Again Or In the Pursuit of Happiness One of my first goals collecting CGC graded comic books was to get a full set of New Mutants in a 9.8. By the way, the set is still highly undervalued in the points area. They even added the additional prints of the Marvel Graphic Novel, also undervalued. When CGC first added the Custom sets I immediately added a few…and then left them there. As we all have some extra time I started to spring clean by deleting extra sets and comic books I no longer have. The two sets I still have under the custom category are for my Birthday books and my point five collection. With the new registry set award coming closer I decided I would work on one of my sets. As much as I would love to win again for my New Mutants set…I am having more fun with my custom set. I currently have fifty logged and loaded. For each one of them I plan on having a small synopsis written out for them, including photographs of the front and back covers. I just finished photographing all the front and rear covers…or in some instance rear back pages since the back cover was missing. I had to look twice on one book with another because one book’s (Hawkman #1) back page matched the others rear cover (Green Lantern #21). Collecting these .5’s give me the chance to go after comic books I would never normally go after or even give me cheaper alternatives to books I other wise couldn’t afford. I hope you give the set a look, especially when I am done with it. Thanks for Reading Tnerb
  3. I did have one of these at one point, maybe I should save up for this one...
  4. It depends on how many they have to enter. At past on-site conventions I remember it taking anywhere between a week or two.
  5. Tnerb

    My White Whale

    It’s the only one I need in a 9.8 out of the original registry set.
  6. The box has been open and the cat was dead. I can’t say I’m surprised. I expected a 9.6 to be the highest grade out of the two that I submitted and I’m ok with that. I just have to continue the search. I did hope that I would finally attain that 9.8, but it wasn’t meant to be. I have about six conventions scheduled over the next three months so I’ll be back into the boxes again searching. I even stopped being picky. I just buy them now to have them. The other invoice I turned over was for a copy of Eerie #39. The top of the magazine showed areas I knew that could be pressed out and CCS delivered. It was some of the spine stress I knew would keep the book grading above a 9.4. Not to mention the front of the cover where the black seems to have been starting to rub. Every time I read “Introducing Dax the Warrior...” I immediately think of Iron Man 55 where Drax the Destroyer was introduced. I know... two totally different entities. But why this issue? What made me jump outside the realm of comic books and into magazines? Well, that answer is simple. The publishing date for this was April of 72 and is listed as one of the hundred plus books that I am searching for to complete what I dubbed my Birthday Books. And even as I try to complete a 9.8 set of New Mutants, this book is above the 9.2 limit I have set for myself to try to attain. Suffice to say I am happy. Thanks for Reading Tnerb PS. If I remember correctly the magazine was purchased at Keystone Comic Con from Basement Comics.
  7. Tnerb

    My White Whale

    I’m sitting here contemplating whether to open the box I just received from Fed-Ex. Last year I submitted two copies of New Mutants 58 to run the gauntlet. This gauntlet of course went through the process of pressing and then grading. I only chose two copies to submit out of some thirty odd assortment of the same issue. I did this with the hope I could finally achieve every single issue in a 9.8 between 1 and 100. This has not been easy. The box in question currently sits on my table and I’m reminded of Schrödinger’s cat. I was tempted to look at my grades once I noticed that they were graded and shipped. I refrained with the help of a small support group telling me not to look... and I do like to look. I don’t think I’ll refrain again. At the moment I believe I have two 9.8 copies of issue 58 sitting in there waiting for the fresh air to release them. I also believe that once I open it, they will suddenly find themselves a much lower grade. Currently, the highest grade I own is my own personal copy (9.6 SS) I purchased when the book just came out. The last I checked the census, there were two copies graded a 9.8. One other package is also on the way back, a magazine from April of 1972. I also had CCS press this before CGC graded it. I’m hoping that after the press this one will be a 9.4... of course I didn’t count the pages so it very well might be a .5. I am debating to open the package I have now and find out what my grades are or leave it in the box until the magazine is delivered tomorrow and allow the cat to live a little bit longer???? Thank for Reading Tnerb
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    Feeling Blind

    My first Journal was simple. I had a through an dI wrote. Now, thoughts have been few and far between. My life opened and upended again. I am almost exactly where I started and better off for it. However, my collecting has changed, and I don't necessarily mean by grading company. Marvel lost me on all titles but two and that might change to one. I have been visiting more comic conventions in the hope to lose myself into my hobby. Ive been listening to inspirational messages and trying to create my own. My father died over a year ago and I lost the one person I ready everything to. I still read it to him, but now I get no answer. My last CGC book arrived in the Mail a measly 7.5, and I am ok with that. the cover is awesome and it is signed. Actually my last CGC book that arrived was sent to me by a friend that is currently over seas which means I will be missing him at Baltimore. That as I write I realize I have no reason to write a journal, or rather no direction to write a journal. I am just trying out this new format. I am hoping I like it, because if I don't I most likely will fade away again. My goals are still the same, to own a complete set of New Mutants in a 9.8 or better, something CGC made harder after adding a few second, third, and fourth prints. Not to mention 5th and 6th. Then there are the BIRTHDAY books. At first I limited myself to 45. Forty five was doable. 45 was clean...45 is not longer the amount I need. Now will Dell, Charlton, Archie, and a few others, I need over a 100. some of these I am buying just to have. Others I hope will eventually be graded, but nothing less that a 9.2. do you realize how difficult it is to find some of these in the first place... and then there is original artwork. Yes, this bug bit me. However I am trying to really limit myself to what I get. I currently own nine pages from New Mutants 15. Two are framed, the other seven need to be still, and two of those I only just got in the last month. Now if anyone could please help me with learning the new journals, I would appreciate that. Image is from Buz Hasson who will be at the Baltimore Comic Con. I recommend seeing him for a commission.