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  1. E-Man Comics #1 1982 NM $2.00 Daredevil #198 1983 8.5 next person to buy something just needs to claim it
  2. Lot of 23 FF conditions range from VF to NM Asking $15 231, 254, 256, 257, 293, 294, 296, 299, 300, 307, 317, 329, 331, 332, 347, 348, 350, 352, 356, 358, 360, 371, 374 Lot of 10 Avengers All NM- or better Asking $10 322, 338, 341, 350, 360, 368, 401, 402 West Coast 75, 77 Y'all are killin' me!
  3. The Superman Family #202 1980 (if it's $5 also) The Superman Family #195 8.5 $5.00 The Superman Family #179 1976 8.5 $5.00 The Superman Family #181 1977 8.5 $5.00 The Superman Family #172 1975 8.5 $5.00
  4. WoW! So many great looking books.Kudos to all of you. Just finished replacing my raw run with this.
  5. Anywhere above 3.0 & I'm happy,which is what I bought it at and it is the last book to finish replacing my run.Now to dig them out and read them again
  6. Defects as seen. Spine is straight, spine splits to 25c at top and 1/2 " bottom.Cover firmly attached front & back.Pages are white.
  7. Possibly,I have only canceled one transaction but did not get a neg.
  8. It's a judgement call.The buyer I was referring to had 239 negs left for others and about a dozen as a seller before he quit selling.
  9. Enter the Ebay user ID and search for their feedback.Either received as a seller or left for others.Could have saved myself some hassle. There are other search modes but that's the only one I've used so far.
  10. Pretty much going through the same thing but over a piece of electronics.Buyer said it wouldn't work but he sent it back in pieces.I said I would not issue a refund and haven't heard back from buyer or ebay.Looked at their feed back and red for days.As a seller and left for others. Toolhaus is your friend and I wished I had used it. Ebay can freeze my account.I have zero dollars in there.Totally sick of their games. Good luck going forward.
  11. Cconan the Barbarian #5 1st series.BWS awesomeness Avengers # 82 Daredevil guest stars.One I've read many times followed closely by Avengers # 84 throwdown with Arkon.
  12. I kept getting emails from this site plugging their auctions and I just assumed it was from an Ebay seller I had purchased from.When I finally clicked on the link I found a complete selling site devoted to comics mainly but also to stamps and postcards.Something about it seems familiar but I can't put my finger on it.I am really tempted to start listing there,especially considering the 22% total fees ebay hit me with last month. Any info would be greatly appreciated.