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  1. Final reduction $40 shipped. I'll leave it up through this evening amd if not sold I'll close thread.Thanks for looking !
  2. Rules: No Hall of Shame people or on probation. First I'll take it in any form wins. if we agree on a price via PM you still need to "Take it " for official time stamp. Paypal MO or good check if I've delt with you before. $60 including shipping.Book & Jacket are in NM/M condition.2015 so digital edition is expired and print not included.BOOK ONLY! Forgot.Returns accepted up to 14 days.
  3. The B&W looks much much better that the color.The inks are too heavy and cover up neal's lines.
  4. Seems like I remember reading somewhere that the ERB estate wanted the numbering kept the same .Possibly to keep their customer base loyal to the title. That was a long time ago and I didn't follow Tarzan comics that closely.More into the novels and I was a Marvel Zombie.
  5. .Wasn't paying attention.Too many windows open.Brain gas. Please move to grading & restoration issues .
  6. Each defect is on a different book.One has a popped staple and the other has pages missing.Not going the qualified route but the actual blue label grade. Assume they are both 9.0/9.2 otherwise.How much would the defects drop them?
  7. The biggest I ever finished was JIM/Thor.I had everything up to around 2010 when I sold off the JIM.I still have the Thor through Vol.2 but don't care to do any newer stuff. I have a full run of Captain Marvel including MSH 2 issues & a few crossovers.Smaller runs include Warlock,Dreadstar,Fish Police,Starslayer,Scout (Tim Truman),Rocketeer,original apperances,Epic Illustrated,Howard the Duck,Silver Surfer Vol.1-3 and assorted small 5 to 10 issue runs. Working on the Teen Titans from the 1980's,Jon Sable,Master of Kung Fu(just need a few odd issues in the middle),Deadly Hands of Kung Fu,Avengers starting at the .15c mark to maybe 300,FF #100 up,Warlord,just a few, The Spirit Archives. I also completed a Run of Pacific Comics,all the floppies & mags plus some of the catalogs & coming attraction stuff they put out.I would like to add the portfolios but a couple bring big bucks when you can find them. I started to do a Tower run but lost interest after maybe 10 issues. If and when I finish some of these up I would like to start on a couple of themes.Marvel blue sky covers and the .25c Giants from Marvel 1971.
  8. Cerebus #1 was printed in 1977 TMNT in 1984 and Albedo in 1985.By then collectors were thinking more about condition than previously and that contributed to the higher number of TMNT and Albedo than Cerebus.This was about the time I started bagging and boarding all my books and realizing that higher grade ment more money.