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  1. Oh.Thought this was the Weasel you were talking about.This I could see being popular & getting hot.
  2. Great idea for a thread.Freas was truly a master.Very versatile.He did a lot of pb covers for the Laser SF line in the mid 1970's.
  3. I forgot to mention my HTD run including the early appearances ,His mag & first mini-series and the movie
  4. Planet Comics 1-73.Now that right there is mighty dang impressive.
  5. We're not worthy.We're not worthy.
  6. Toz

    Wanted to Buy

    Did you look in the books & magazines category? Seems like I have seen a lot of CBG & Market place mags but at too high prices.
  7. SIlver Surfer Vol.1 thru 3 Thor #126 till I gave up somewhere in 2010.Had JIM 83-125 but sold them off way too early Dreadstar,Fish Police,Epic Illustrated,Miracle Man All the Warlock apperances through Infinity Watch. Scout all titles (Tim Truman run) Crusaders (Jack Chic comic) Pacific Comics all titles. A lot of shorter runs under 15/20 issues Working on Teen Titans 1980's run,Airboy,Jon Sable,Fantastic Four #100-400,Spirit Hardcovers Dragon Riders of Pern novels (just had to throw that one in)
  8. Filler.Keep it till a better copy shows up.
  9. Action 584 Early TT app NM- 9.2 - $3.00Silver Surfer Ash Can Tough Find NM/NM- 9.4/9.2 - $9.50