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  1. Evan at 8.0 would it be worth grading?
  2. First time transaction with this seller & I must say I'm very impressed.Books were graded as stated,well packed & shipped super fast.Hats off to you!!!!
  3. I'll hazard a guess that the character is Strike from the old eclipse series.No clue as to the artist.
  4. That slab looks about the same size as the Monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey
  5. Don't know about Meijers but I have seen packs like this from Newkadia in discount stores.Great way to move commons.
  6. Luke Cage 3 VG $5 Luke Cage 12 F/VF $5 Luke Cage 14 VG $4
  7. He did some really cool book covers too,some exclusives for the SFBC if I remember rightly.Great artist with his own unique style.Didn't care much years ago but the older I got the better I liked him. Very sad news indeed.
  8. No problem here with UPS or USPS but FedEx is the bottom of the barrel. I hate getting anything sent by them.Left in wrong places,in the rain,back of old junk cars.A real shoot and that's not even taking the holidays into account.
  9. Just came in today.Don't remember seeing it before. Did anyone ever release this set?
  10. Maybe it was like rorschach's mask and changes to freak people out.
  11. The Mr.Monster cover is a reminder that Dave didn't have to have a babe in the image to be considered great art.I have always loved the expression on the kids faces.It is reminiscent of the original Rocketeer story. Course the Junglecover is pretty awesome too!
  12. Yep.You're hooked. I've had the disease since 1985.Don't wanna be cured.
  13. Thanks for posting this.It reminded me I didn't have the Alter Ego book so I rushed right over to Ebay & scored a nice copy for a good price and just got it in today. Happy Thanksgiving day all!
  14. Scored this a couple of weeks back from a show in Portland Or.
  15. Yes,it's very scarce.You had to order it and it was like five bucks each.I've only found 2 and one of them was a Hamster book.Most probably got destroyed in the flood that took out the Eclipse office.
  16. Checklist here:
  17. I always thought Adam did the girl and Dave did the rest.
  18. That's just cause there are no girls with skin showing but I'll not argue the point.
  19. Not real sure but it looks like it's from the 1980's comic Eagle from Crystal Comics. Neil Vokes?