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  1. I haven't tried bidding under this new format, so I don't know if I'd find that an improvement. I personally find it easier to at least navigate and search- but I wasn't used to the old system.
  2. Looks like it may have been mold that was somewhat cleaned? At any rate, I really never look at comicconnect and am blown away at the new website format. Definitely an improvement over the one they had forever, designed in 1995.
  3. Hmm. Marc Hansen on Ralph Snart. I've been able to dig up some cool and very hard to obtain 80's-early 90's independent type stuff, but the whereabouts of this art always remained a mystery.
  4. On the topic of the November HA and Jim Lee...
  5. Looking for a couple examples of Cap and Diamondback mainly. Preferably by Ron Lim from #366-386, or Kieron Dwyer from #350-367. Would rather do a cash deal- but might be willing to incorporate a trade if need be, if it's the right deal.
  6. Some of the prices on things I've been watching seem pretty fair and reasonable, certainly not what I'd consider real strong or record breaking. Silver age Anderson Hawkman #1 page with Hawkman and Hawkgirl in action for 6.6K. Bronze age Anderson Strange Adventures #222 Adam Strange cover (to a new story) for 10.8K. Kirby Strange Tales #101 page 4 (with Johnny) for 3.6K? I know there's no action, but it's Kirby, 1962, Marvel, first issue, twice up, with an FF member.
  7. I'm actually shocked at the Strange Tales #101 splash going for what seems so low (?). I know the Torch series was never really on fire (ahem) but that''s still an early key, great hero splash.
  8. Hmm, I'll have to check it out. Although I imagine there is a lot of stuff from National Lampoon magazine that would be interesting to see pulished today.
  9. No idea. I read about all the games going on, so I do question it.
  10. Spencer is great. Done many deals with him. I'm actually having a little trouble continuing communication with Steve Donnelly, for some reason.
  11. I sent him my credit card info yesterday. Was that bad? He seemed honest, said I could make some money if I help him out.
  12. Ron Lim- Marvel version of War of the Worlds:
  13. Commission of a sorceress: Tim Vigil pencils / Joe Rubinstein inks (and some additional pencils on backgrounds). Safe for work.
  14. Interesting thoughts on Kirby- what do people think of the 44.4K price tag on the Kirby/Sinnott self portrait? It's a great piece but does that seem high? (I don't follow his market close)
  15. The two page origin recap from Strange Tales #101 was the best piece(s) of the auction IMO. Just amazing.