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  1. I felt the same. Even these boards didn't have a thread on this auction for a while, when normally a thread would have popped up weeks earlier. In addition, some of the stuff I was watching was ending (before the live portion of the auction) at a much lower % of the hammer than what I felt was the usual. But people came out swinging.
  2. Yeah, Strange Tales 101 and 114 aren't good markers for the list you're doing here, as those are obviously key books. It's kind of like the Flash 137 panel page that went for 13.2K yesterday. That's an insane price for a SA Flash panel page- maybe a record? But once again, that is a key issue, and not only that, a key page in the story- one which sees the JSA reforming in the silver age. So I wouldn't use that one to prove A-list Flash Cinfa pages should be in the 5-10K range or over. There were a couple other SA Cinfa Flash pages at HA yesterday, very arguably in the A-list area for
  3. The GL 8 panel page seems to have gone really high, although it is a really solid example. I love it
  4. Tim seems fairly accessible on facebook, you could always ask him about it. BTW, there is a nice (PG rated) batman and catwoman by Vigil I think at HA now.
  5. Yeah, that was the big selling point IMO. If you can't afford a Cinfa Flash SA cover...
  6. Honestly I kind of block that run out of my thoughts, lol. Was looking for other people's opinions. The Flash 177 cover sold I think at HA, that might be a price point for the run, depending how long ago it sold. The cover prior, 182, has been on ebay for a while at 20K OBO IIRC. I think the covers were 11 x 17 by this point, too. Many panel pages from this run have been going for a couple or few hundred bucks for years. It's not a super desirable run. I wouldn't have been suprised at a couple K higher though.
  7. Crisis #6 splash at 31.2K, I thought that was of note.
  8. Well, maybe technically not a Marvel cover, but I would say many collectors consider it Marvel. It was promoted in the Marvel comics and we grew up with it, not knowing the difference. In addition, I dont know that prelim is the best description in this case. i mean this is Romita pencils and inks, finished. I understand then there is a painted version, but it is by the same artist, and when I think of prelim I don't think of something as clean/polished as this.
  9. From my perspective, one of the biggest changes in the hobby over the time I've been in it (which is closer to maybe 12, not 20 years- at least not "full time") is that it seems people are a bit more open and less secretive with data points. Now of course I could be wrong, as over that time I went from having no contacts to making a large amount of contacts, so that may be a bias. But it does still seem people are more willing to cheerfully help out- even those we compete against (on a friendly level) for art.