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  1. I think this is my 150th Valentino series GOTG interior page (and hopefully one of the last!)-
  2. I thought he had a wonderful run on ASM in the early 80's.
  3. I've seen a silver age Flash page (from an issue around #128, don't remember exactly, but I think Flash was standing on an asteroid) that was laminated I think. IIRC, sold by a big name comic dealer to an acquaintance, without telling the buyer it was laminated. It was returned I believe.
  4. Flash #171 page 11 (1967) by Infantino/Greene:
  5. I think we're okay until we get into DVDA territory (IMO).
  6. Bleach would likely destroy the art, not sure why you'd even bring that up. I would, however, use a little fabric softener in there so the pages don't have static cling when you throw them in the dryer.
  7. I actually watch that show to motivate myself to trim and organize the 'ol collection (not that my place looks remotely like anything on that show).
  8. One of my goals is to see if I can have published OA purchases almost nonexistent in 2020. If I pick up anything I would hope it would either be a very key piece to me, or else something smaller that is relatively cheap. But these last couple years I've not only filled a lot of the holes in the collection I was looking to fill, but I want my time and money spent elsewhere. I would like to see maybe at least 6 or more commissions completed for my big GOTG fan project. The more the better. Art wise, that is my main focus.
  9. I don't think the asking price is what it is due to Levins- but rather the all-time classic "Cap Wolf" saga.
  10. I basically stayed on point this year so I'm very happy. I spent less $ on OA. I kept random purchases to a manageable (cheap) level. I filled the major hole in my collection, and lots of little holes. The only thing that didn't go my way are the commissions- I was hoping to get a few more done this year but they are very slow going.
  11. Oh it's on my CAF, the only page locked to non CAF members so kiddies dont see it
  12. Tim Vigil is one of the only artists I followed as a kid that still does top shelf work today. He has done some commissions for me, mainly of Grips (who he drew for Silverwolf). At this time I'm going on a huge GOTG commission project. I've offered Tim several of the covers, but he has no interest in doing those. The only way I was able to get Tim to do GOTG was if it was adult in nature, lol. So, I got what I got. Happy I got it but I would really love if he would do a couple of the regular covers.
  13. Someone just tried selling 3 Gene Colan pages in a lot (2 were from Night Force) for 10K on facebook. The 2 NF pages sold at HA in the last few months for not even $500 combined. I dont remember what his 3rd page in the lot was, but it wasnt memorable. He took the post down after he was gently criticized.