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  1. It was the shop to hang out at, we had a small fun crew there. Some ugly stuff went on there IMO, but it is what it is. I remember sitting on the floor after closing and reading the entire EC library there for the first time (in the large slipcase reprints) while people would play cards and whatnot. It was the main place for back issues, although pre internet his prices were high as he had somewhat of a monopoly.
  2. Yeah- Fantasy World was Norm's place. Norm Sinski IIRC. He was on Hertel Ave from I think maybe the late 70's. He moved a block down Hertel and that's where his store was for a while. His dad Norm Sr was next door, and had a toy shop. I stopped going there around 1990-1991. His store was around for a bit past then. I was out of touch with him after that but I heard he would deal some out of his home. He sets up at local shows nowadays last I saw.
  3. If you're going to make the post, it might be good to contribute first
  4. While there were some deals to be had this weekend- overall I'd say judging by the latest auction, the sky won't be falling anytime immediate. some very aggressive and impressive prices (not even looking at the Frazetta).
  5. Yeah, I was the underbidder on the piece I wanted. I think the winner and I did hit a new record price for pieces of like kind however (by maybe 150%?)
  6. Good buys IMO on the two Atomic Knights panel pages and the Captain Comet Who's Who
  7. If one of the Showcase 60 winners is breaking up their chapter, feel free to let me know...
  8. Hawkman #4 second story (11 pages): 26.4K. So the Zatanna bump for the first story was crudely (as there were 2 extra pages) 100K. The Captain Comet splash from Strange Adventures #28 reached a healthy (as rare as examples are) 13.2K. As much as I love those stories (and want an example), I'm surprised it went so high. The stuff may be considered highbrow, but for an aging population.
  9. I noticed that getting some strong action yesterday
  10. The MIS #87 cover went for about what I figured (I felt it would go a little less).
  11. The Hawkman #4 Zatanna story at 126K seems insane. That's an average of $9,692 per page. It's got a lot going for it though. I think the other story from this issue is up for sale, it'll be interesting to see what the Zatanna bump was. Ditto my shock at the aggression on the two Cap 109 pages.
  12. If you could do it consistently. Oh, I see what you did there