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  1. Bill C

    Swamp Things #15 is it the published art?

    Didn't see the thread before now. Late to the party. Let me see if I have (at least some of) the bases covered for Mr Burkey's actions: 1) Overemotional, reacts without thinking. 2) Publishes his customers private info (including phone number). 3) Apologizes to the group initially- but not the person he blindly attacked. A person who wrote the most innocent of posts. 4) Once again goes on an irrational rant about this forum, but has no evidence to back up his claims (and just doesn't seem to comprehend that people on the comicart-L and other places can post under fake names and email addresses if desired). Add to all this the HA shilling fiasco and prior haphazard political rants on this board which aren't allowed. And let's be honest, the aggression towards these boards likely originated when you were exposed for unethical shilling, which some people- surprisingly enough- tend to frown upon. There is a history of unstable and unethical behavior which is made 100x worse by the nonstop (highly irrational and illogical) virtue signaling seen posted to Facebook regularly. BTW, if you were really so virtuous, you wouldn't have claimed you didn't think anything was wrong with shilling at HA. Funny how the "virtue signal" doesn't go off when it is you that is the problem. Maybe one of these days decide to stop posting garbage about real people doing good, and use that time to stop and reflect on your own actions, as there is clearly much to be improved on. In all seriousness, I've seen pictures posted of your beautiful home. You have it better than the majority of the people on the planet. There is no need to be so hateful and angry.
  2. Bill C

    This is why no one likes the Donnellys

    I was very tempted to pick up the cover to Flash #9 (1987 series) when it was just up for auction at I think CL. I knew they owned the cover though, and didn't pull the trigger as the possibility of stat tampering did bother me. Maybe a few years ago I would have gone for it anyway- but with passion for the hobby dwindling, it didn't make the cut.
  3. Bill C

    Cover / Page / Commission

    Jeff Nicholson (Ultra Klutz related work)- Cover (actually three in one): Page: Commission:
  4. I think what's dangerous is people citing someone is using hate speech, when in reality they are doing nothing of the sort. I see a lot of that daily. I think a lot of it comes down to people's POV, which may or may not be skewed. Most of the problems seem to come down to people being offended incredibly easily, and labeling anything they don't like as hate speech. I know most of my favorite creators are people I feel may not exactly exhibit high quality behaviors. Whatever. I separate the artist's work from their views. You mention EVS. I was never into his work (I was gone from new comics by 1995) so don't know too much about him. I have seen some of his videos and don't see any kind of out of control behavior. I have heard people claim he's losing $, but apparently he's crowdfunding a one shot comic and the $ that came in is absolutely insane.
  5. Really just one big gap. I know where most of the examples are, too. Just a matter of asking the Brinks truck to back up into his driveway.
  6. Bill C

    Keeping your collection private

    I collect a lot of whats considered generally lowbrow stuff so cant recall ever having any persistent offers from collectors. Only 2 weirdos who were really ignorant that I just cut ties with soon as I saw how they were. Nothing worth taking the 'ol collection down off CAF for. Lots of reasons to have art up or down from CAF, but ultimately it's a way for me to quickly look through most of my own collection.
  7. Bill C

    Keeping your collection private

    I've learned to never say never when it comes to black hole collections. I've seen things move that I figured by all accounts would never go anywhere.
  8. I'm blown away by some of the art and props offered. Impressive.
  9. Bill C

    Thoughts on art dealer Spencer Beck

    I heard he shot a man just to watch him die.
  10. Bill C

    Comiclink sale has started

    Their site really is third rate. I was watching an auction that I had a tracking bid on (nothing I really wanted)- the clock was live and went to zero without other bids. Then I refresh and see there was spirited bidding in the last minute. If I actually did want the piece, I wouldn't have known I was outbid.
  11. Yeah, I got this email the other day- not sure how I got on their list, but glad I am. I was excited by the Flash 129 splash, until I saw the minimum 26K bid. (plus I think 23% BP?)
  12. Bill C

    SA Infantino Flash Art

    No, I'm just the f o o l who told the wrong (?) person about them- who ended up buying them all, lol. My bad. I'll let him share pics if he wants, not my place to do so. Hey- do I get a finder's fee? At least a Tim Horton's coupon for a free medium hot chocolate?
  13. Bill C

    SA Infantino Flash Art

    Yes he will.