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  1. Bill C

    Black Hole Collections

    You would definitely be incorrect at 10x FMV. I know that for myself. I have one piece in particular I'm thinking of, but I'm sure there are others. And I am not wealthy. Of course if you add a zero and make it 100x, I would sell without hesitation. But the claim was at 10x.
  2. Bill C

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    ...maybe CL's Fall 2018 Featured auction should be labeled "Flipper's Delight".
  3. Bill C

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    Now that you mention it, there was a twice up SA Cinfa Flash panel page (from #132) with no main/known characters- went for less than $500! Didn't think I'd see those prices again on any pages.
  4. Bill C

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    The Kid Flash page from #135 would have been extremely tempting if he had been wearing the new costume he was to receive later that very issue.
  5. Bill C

    COMICLINK Fall Featured Auction

    Interesting results on the Cinfa SA Flash pages- The pages from 119 and 135 seemed like healthy current values. But that page with Flash (in costume and in action) from 112 (as far as I know, the earliest SA Flash issue to be on the market) only hitting like 2.4K seems like a really good buy. Same with the later page from 132 with Flash in costume in a few panels. Not even 2K for that one. Seemed like for a while full panel pages with Flash in costume (even poorly rendered) would see 3K or so as the floor.
  6. Bill C

    2018 Collecting Goals

    Congrats on (re)obtaining the piece!
  7. You are the man. I don't care what Howard says.
  8. Are there any sites that catalogue penciled on arrival dates on books? I'm trying to find how close Marvel Presents #12 and Thor annual #6 were in their releases. GCD lists Thor annual #6 as at least a couple months earlier but I'm pretty sure by reading interviews with the creators that that wasn't likely the case.
  9. Bill C

    2019 Collecting Goals Thread

    Hmm. 2019 OA Goals: As far as published stuff- I want my focus to remain very narrow. If it's not the right Valentino GOTG or What If piece, a silver age Flash --script, the right SA Cinfa Flash page, or a nice Milgrom Marvel Presents: GOTG page, then I'm hoping to avoid picking up much anything. I could be tempted by something else like a SA Doom Patrol page, a SA Green Lantern page, or a Murphy Anderson Captain Comet piece, but hopefully it'll be a rare occasion. Commissions are my main focus. I'd love 6 more pieces by the main artist I work with. There are two other artists that I'd love to get more pieces from, but those opportunities are rare.
  10. First appearance of Krugarr (the 31st century Sorcerer Supreme) from Valentino/Montano's Guardians of the Galaxy annual #1 (1991): Didn't even realize I had this. He was the one guy (from the first team era) that was done somewhat visually faithfully in the movie.
  11. Bill C

    November HA OA auction

    I dont know that I ever heard of it either, and I love EC comics. I probably read all the horror, sci fi, and crime books in their line (among others), but didn't get into the new direction books.
  12. Bill C

    2018 Collecting Goals

    Been a little over 3 months since I updated my status on this thread- in that time I think I picked up two cool commissions, but that's it. Spending a minimum, which is the goal. I have a couple more commissions in the pipeline that may come through before the end of the year, along with maybe 4-5 panel pages. Nothing crazy.