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  1. This auction is already insane to me. Dozens of great silver age DC pages, from a whole slew of titles. A Miracleman cover for the highbrow among you, also. Tons of great things, and I dont think its gonna stop.
  2. All I know is I look forward to developments in this thread over the next year or so.
  3. Flash #125 page 1 splash (from 1961) by Infantino and Giella:
  4. Man, a lot of strong silver age DC sales. This stuff may be considered the red headed stepchild compared to Marvel, but apparently DC has been drinking it's milk and doing lots of push-ups behind closed doors.
  5. wow, I just got a lot more excited watching this auction.
  6. Hold on, I've got an empty pot around here somewhere.
  7. The cover and the SW splash are both very nice, and definitely had a lot of ground to cover
  8. While I'm not going for anything this time around, today's event holds the most sentimental pieces, lots of great stuff. Out of all the stuff I'm personally watching, the Doom page from FF #10 seems to have the most ground to cover in the upcoming live portion of the auction. The one piece I was really tempted by was the Willingham Elementals (apparently on the inside back cover of JM annual #1- but IIRC also the cover to the unpublished Texas Comics Elementals #1, and still used as a promo poster)- but so many of those covers are done on boards so large they're not so easy for me to
  9. There's a truckload more Lobo in the next signature HA. Maybe preorder a case of smelling salts?
  10. Thanks for the insight on the buy, and congratulations by the way. It has to be one of the better splashes from the run- with both main and both supporting characters in well rendered full body shots. I only have a couple of Murphy pieces, I love him also- I wouldn't mind getting a couple more myself before I hang the gloves up.
  11. Infantino/Anderson MIS 90 splash at 33.6K (with BP). It really is an A+ level example but was surprised it went this high. I knew a few years ago the Donnellys got the MIS 75 splash (another A+) at a song, but this newest price seems very healthy. Glad to see a SA Infantino splash get some decent love.
  12. Personally I don't like to put more than 18 pieces in any gallery room, as the pieces on page 2 will likely get ignored many times. My gallery rooms are generally broken up by creator and/or title, so I do have a few rooms with only one piece. That said, I do like to load them up (up to 18) if possible. I definitely keep premium member status so I can organize all pieces chronologically for my own viewing pleasure.
  13. That's the death of Warlock page. Pretty key to the story IMO. I doubt there will be any real decrease in price due to Starlin layouts only.
  14. Oh definitely, I was just being goofy
  15. I paid a lot for my Sterinko, but it's mine now: