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  1. Interesting thoughts on Kirby- what do people think of the 44.4K price tag on the Kirby/Sinnott self portrait? It's a great piece but does that seem high? (I don't follow his market close)
  2. The two page origin recap from Strange Tales #101 was the best piece(s) of the auction IMO. Just amazing.
  3. Time flies! As we recently completed half the year, I looked back on my 2020 goals- As far as published art, I wanted to keep the purchases down to a minimum, unless the piece was fairly key to me or it was too cheap to pass up. For the most part I'm on track there, no complaints. I did get a SA Flash piece I really wanted (so now I basically have a SA example with all three of Cinfa's main inkers on that book). That was the big get so far. As far as commissions- this is where my luck has failed. I was hoping to have several commissions in by this time but thing are moving at a slower pace than usual, unfortunately. The one main guy I've worked with for a few years has been slipping into the shadows. It's a big project so I was (am) hoping to keep it moving.
  4. Something similar happened to me, but at a much lower extreme, thank goodness. The cover to GOTG #6 (1990) originally had a clear overlay that had the title logo and the corner box art attached on (as one stat). That stat has some stickiness to it, so a previous owner (who shall go unnamed) threw out the overlay and placed the stat on the cover. Sucks that it was altered, but it is the original stat and it is very easily taken off without risk any time I want. I could get a new clear overlay for it if I wanted (never thought of it before now actually) and put the stat back on there. So overall I got off light. The cover was originally sent in by Valentino to Marvel with an additional sketch showing an effect he wanted for the art (IIRC). Unfortunately I don't have that sketch. Wasn't an actual part of the cover, but still...
  5. Had a fantastic dealing with someone on the comic art staff at HA yesterday. Great service. Looking forward to taking some $ and throwing it in Heritage's general direction (once again).
  6. Whew. Looking at that picture, I thought for a second I actually saw a plastic straw among all those heroin needles strewn about the pavement. That would have been very unsettling. Carry on.
  8. You ain't just whistlin' dixie. I put a few of my earliest pieces in cheap frames and they got warped. No more frames for uncle Billy.
  9. Obviously you're confused, your reading comprehension skills are poor.
  10. I agree with most everything except the extreme rarity part. I must have 7 or so scans of Everett Subby head shots on my computer somewhere. Not easy to find maybe, but they exist in somewhat larger supply. Didn't one sell on the boards a couple years ago?
  11. I'd guess, but am not certain. I own a few books worth of color guides, but I bought them straight from the colorist. They're only worth a small fraction of the price that the original art itself would go for. From what I know, the art was usually zeroxed/printed out on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper. The colorist would use watercolors, which account for the waviness of some of those pages. The codes on the sheets are guides so the color separators know what colors to use. The colorist colors the actual pages for a visual representation of what the finished product will look like. I have a bunch of examples on my CAF page.
  12. the four pages in the original post all look like color guides to me.
  13. Unfortunately, that means less than nothing. I have come across total scammers a couple times in the last couple years on ebay. I tried leaving appropriate feedback and it was deleted, so they're still at 100%.
  14. Totally agree. You would have to lock up 40K and be comfortable not seeing immediate profit. I'm guessing it would take a couple to few years to find buyers on some of the pages.