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  1. Bill C

    Comiclink sale has started

    price discovery
  2. Bill C

    Odd Interaction with Art Rep

    This one is hanging out there, very tempting- but I'm gonna leave it alone, lol.
  3. To address the question in the thread title: what you do (in my opinion of course) is step back and take stock- appreciate what you have, realize you met your goals, know that it's an addiction and will never end if you don't put your foot down, then semi retire from OA collecting and focus on a cheaper hobby.
  4. lol- we can go even farther than that. There is content and then there is execution. Content wise, this would have to be an "A" level page. As you can read in some of the posts, the execution itself may not be considered "A" level by some.
  5. Bill C

    SA Infantino Flash Art

    Right here, eagerly awaiting a response to my PM Thanks for thinking of me BTW
  6. If you have any Valentino GOTG, feel free to PM me
  7. Bill C


    I don't know that an angel loses their wings every time a book is broken up- but they certainly have some abdominal cramping and heartburn.
  8. Bill C

    Sal Buscema Commission

    I agree
  9. Bill C

    2018 Collecting Goals

    1) I believe I got 4 out of 6 of these commissions so far. I think I get on his nerves at times and my stuff gets pushed back a bit in the queue every now and then, heh. 2) I got five of them so far, three of which were by Valentino so that was a very unexpected surprise. 3) Yep, done. This was Jeff Nicholson- the published stuff was from Ultra Klutz (including the cover to the first appearance) and the commission was Speed (a spoof on the Flash, and what led me to his work). 4) Okay it looks like I went a little off the deep end here buying random pages from a favorite book. 5) For the most part, this has been on track. I'm happy with how the year has shaped up art wise so far.
  10. Bill C

    I think I was scammed over a commission

    DC artist from the 80's that burned you on a commission? If his first name is Pat, you might as well out him as everyone knows about him.
  11. Bill C

    Best way to store OA?

    Thanks for that btw. Sounds too snug for twice up art (at least in the mylars I have). But most of my stuff is 11 x 17 in 13 x 19 ports.
  12. Bill C

    Best way to store OA?

    I like it.
  13. I don't venture over here to the movie/TV section much anymore but some of you posting in this thread the last couple days (and the days after Solo came out) are brainwashed hardcore. On one hand it's really sad, but on the other I guess it's more entertaining than the recent SW movies, lol.
  14. Some Jim Valentino Guardians of the Galaxy commissions I've been picking up lately: 1) Avengers #4 cover homage 2) Marvel Age #88 cover homage 3) Paragon / HER single figure piece