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  1. Hey- was there ever any update on Adams being willing to.. ahem... "authenticate" the cover at auction? Or is he still seemingly not sure it's the real deal?
  2. So... what do you figure the cover goes for?
  3. Looks like it was swiped from an early 40's image.. and the paper looks brand new. But... the seller has 100% positive feedback. So I'd say go for it.
  4. I've definitely gotten several commissions that were either really bad or just had some eyesore areas to them. The wonders of digital, however, allow me to have them tweaked (sometimes very extensively) to have them turn out much more to my liking. So I'm okay with them in the end.
  5. With juice that's around 480K? I'd say that's a good guess. Probably a good chance it goes higher rather than lower than that (just my wild guess).
  6. You posted in the original art section- if the piece is in color and looks mass produced, you will have more eyeballs on your thread in the "comics general" section. Is it black and white? Can you see pencil lines under the inks?
  7. lol, you seem upset? If you had read and comprehended what I wrote, you would see I am not "entitled"- for example, I would be happy with something not a 9.6. It is not a fact that he made a mistake. It's a possibility. And if you read what I wrote, it is clear why he is not rationally willing to resolve this. I have not wasted time on this thread at all. I am doing what people in this community do- share and warn others. I am sorry you think those here are a waste, but by posting this I am releasing any annoyance I have and notifying others at the same time. And I'm getting feedback on the grade. And hopefully the seller learns something, as he knows of the thread and can see people's grade estimates. If I bottled stuff up inside, I'd probably act like I see you do- which yes, would indeed be a waste (BTW, with your 42,000 plus posts- I'd say you know about time wasting)
  8. I knew they could disappear after a period of time, or if the person leaving the negative did something out of line (prior threats of leaving the seller a negative, etc) but I only found out recently that negatives can get removed for absolutely frivolous reasons, depending on who at ebay handles the call. And like I said earlier, we all know certain microtrimmers that have 100% feedback. So, feedback isn't as solid an indicator as one would hope.
  9. If you look at the 10 negatives, I believe 9 of them were from one guy. So there were two bad transactions, although it seemed like 10. I understand you get all kinds on ebay, and some will leave negatives no matter what you do. So if someone has a small % of negatives, it's not necessarily the end of the world to me. As far as the stock photo- I usually don't buy from sellers using stock photos, but the grade was given as 9.6 and the price was cheap (13 bucks shipped, despite what the listing says). So if I would have gotten a decent 9.0, cool. But what he sent was clearly not within the realm of reason.
  10. Thank you, that's exactly the way I see it (when the worth of the book is obviously so extremely low).
  11. I buy from ebay knowing ahead of time I will let a lot slide. I ordered a 9.6 (obviously a different version of the comic was pictured in the ad)- if the comic wasn't a 9.6, but maybe a 9.2- or even a well presenting 9.0- I would have kept my mouth shut, been content, and gave excellent feedback. But garbage like this is big waste of my time.
  12. I received this book from an ebay seller named "gobiascomics". I ordered a GOTG #1 in 9.6 condition. I received the book pictured, lol. He said it was a mistake in the listing- as the copy in the listing was obviously a different copy- but he swears he is an experienced grader and that the book I received is an 8.0. He is quite adamant about his grading skills, to say the least. Suffice to say the book goes back.
  13. The seller is "gobiascomics". I bought a GOTG #1 advertised in 9.6 grade. I received the comic pictured here- the comic mix up was probably legit (?). The one from the ad didn't have the UPC code, this one does. But I have to repack and waste time shipping back because he wants this copy- which he thinks is an 8.0- back. The screw up was on him, and because the comic is literally worthless I wondered if we could just send my refund and not waste my valuable time sending back a comic that goes in the quarter bin. There was never an offer from him to send out the actual 9.6 copy he allegedly has. He wants his book and seems to think I'm trying to scam him, as he is convinced this is apparently valuable and high grade. He'll definitely get his book back of course, but I guess the quarter value is worth losing a customer. In this discussion, the difference of grade came up. I was obviously the one who, inspecting it in hand, felt it was about a 2.5. He seems offended that I felt his grading is insane. Some of his quotes: "That should’ve been listed as an 8.0" "I’ve been grading comics professionally for 10+ years. My feedback speaks for itself. I totally messed up the listing. Not the grading." (I explained to him 100% positive feedback on ebay means nothing when you can find comic microtrimmers and people selling original art forgeries that have 100% positive feedback also). "I stand by my grading. I’m not a f****ng rookie" "...if you’re saying this is a 2.5 then it’s because it was damaged during shipping. I know what an 8.0 looks like" (does this LOOK like the damage came from shipping? The overall extreme wear around the edges, etc? Did it get damaged in shipping when someone threw the package in a washing machine on the way here? BTW- I took pictures of the packaging- it was not damaged by USPS. He is trying to shift blame). So just be aware that when you buy from him, what most people on the linked grading thread think is a 3.0 - 5.0 on it's best day is an 8.0 to him. And that's if you get the actual book you ordered. And if something goes wrong- well, it was likely the fault of USPS.