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  1. I continue to thin out my collection so check this out. Classic pre-hero story telling drama as only Kirby and Lee could do it as a patient pleads with his doctor for help with the dreams that conjour up a nightmarish monster, glimpsed in the last panel. Each panel beautifully composed by Jack Kirby and inked by Ayers .Large art,very clean and in great shape for this 69 year old page. $2400 includes shipping .Paypal from my site charlesdavidviera.com (scroll down to COMIC ART)
  2. Back in the late seventies Jack Kirby did a strip based on the Disney movie, "The Black Hole " that was nationally syndicated. In the nineties I picked up the complete series of published color newspaper strips from a guy on ebay. I have since parted with that collection but did have the foresight to photograph and save copies of these pages as they were too big for my scanner. I did loan these out to the Kirby Museum at one point and there is a french copy of this series rumored to be available but as best of my knowledge this is the only place on the web where you can view the entire 26 installments I have made these available to board members in the past and I am doing that again . You can view the entire series at my website click here: https://www.charlesdavidviera.com/thumbnail_list.php?mgd_id=210204 or go to charlesdavidviera.com (scroll down to "Disney's Black Hole").I apologize for the poor production quality as ,again , these are not scanned but photographed.
  3. I'm seeing some great art here so I figured I'd chime in.I've been collecting for a while but teaching painting my entire life (Pratt,Parsons even a short stint at the Kubert School) and I'm semi-retired now. Here's a painting that I did ("Heroes of the Western World" 36 x 48 inches ) where I re-purposed a couple of Kirby images and some Elvgren women . You can see more stuff if you have an interest at charlesdavidviera.com
  4. Joe Sinnott passed away this morning.In my opinion, other than kirby, he was just as responsible for creating the "Marvel Look" of the sixties and seventies as any artist. I had the pleasure of meeting him once .He will be missed.....
  5. The dumbest thing I ever did was with my first silver age Kirby piece.It had all of these notes penciled around the boarders and since they were not effecting the art I ERASED THEM ! (a little history gone )
  6. Missed it live but just viewed the you tube and it was GREAT !!!
  7. Any one that is taking this virus seriously ,which should be every body,is in a dilemma like myself.On one hand there is nothing that makes me happier than a new art piece and I could really use that feeling it right now.I even enjoy the anticipation of receiving it in the mail. On the other hand I feel like I should hold on to my cash .because of the uncertain future of things. Hard decision because there are several pages out there that I had my eye on recently and they have been snatched up by other collectors .
  8. My art collecting has slowed during the last year and I haven't dealt with any dealers lately except for in person at Cons(no tax). I understand that the auction houses have all started taxing their sales but recently I tried a new internet dealer and found that they were automatically adding sales tax to the purchase . My question is: Is that the norm now for internet purchases from a dealer to charge tax?
  9. Excellent,Excellent,Excellent!!! The old site (never updated)was basically useless.I was one of the lucky ones,located in the north east , that got to deal with Bechara (good guy) frequently at Cons but for those that couldn't view his portfolios in person because of location challenges, this is good news. All the best to my friend Bechara M.
  10. Hi All, When was the last time you saw a Kirby “New Gods” full page splash page offered for sale? That’s right,you haven’t! I’m offering up that and a beautifully detailed Kirby Black Panther page plus a “Fourth World “ Mr. Miracle page (with Barda ) on tonight’s Comiclink Featured Auction so check them out. ALL AT NO RESERVE ! https://www.comiclink.com/Auctions/allsub.asp?Focused=1&id=1398&Artist=JACK KIRBY
  11. The site looks great. Very easy to use.........Will you be running one of your occasional sales to coincide with the new site? (I've got my eye on something)
  12. Thanks for your response...You are right about artists being able to draw hands (maybe he didn't feel like drawing hands that day).. It seems that the jury is still out on this so I think I'll let it pass. Thanks to All!
  13. When ever I've made a trade ,I try to choose something from the dealer that I already think is being offered at a good price (a bargain). That way if I give up a little too much on my end at least I feel I made up for it by getting a page that was under valued also.
  14. Hi All, I'm usually very cautious about sketches but this one caught my eye on ebay. What do you folks think? It looks like Big Johns scribble technique but I'm a little suspicious about the character on the lower left and the fact that it is not on art board. What do you think?(Here's the listing:) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hulk-Sabertooth-Hand-Sketch-Signed-art-by-John-Buscema-RIP-Pencils-8-5X11/264444017854?hash=item3d92177cbe:g:xogAA
  15. Anthony Snyder is a short ride over the Bridge in NJ .(Uber $20) He has tons of stuff.