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  1. Is there a list of dealers that will be there posted any where?
  2. Checking their sites I see that Albert Moy, Bechara and Anthony Snyder are attending .That's good enough for me. ......I'm there! (but I still would like to know what other dealers will be setting up)
  3. The NJ Comic Art Con is 4 days away and there doesn't seem to be much of a buzz. Is anybody going ? Has anybody seen a list of dealers?
  4. I saw the exhibition when it came to the NY area and have the book .These are all good artists but I'm not so sure about Art Spiegelman, Gary Panter, Chris Ware who seem to be the darlings of the "I don't read comics but I find these artists interesting" pseudo intellectual gang.Don't get me wrong ,Maus was a classic and probably reserves Spiegelman's spot,but Chris Ware, whose work I love, just hasn't produced enough work and Panter who works in a variety of genres (loved his Pee-Wee playhouse designs) would be a definite no. His comic art drawing skills are minimal and strikes me as a low budget Crumb.
  5. Listening to to commentary from members it seems that there are a number of issues with Spencer's site which I have also experienced first hand . I have heard that he is a great, honest, guy and I'm sure he is but the truth is that his site IS a mess with broken links ,many pages with out images and a huge number of pages that are not available. This is not a "extraordinarily professional" approach and the attitude that is projected that he is very busy and that his time is so much more important than yours is not helping. Having said that ,you can get some really great buys of comtemporary artwork if you want to put up with all of this . My suggestion: Catch him at a convention when he usually comes with his available stock ,
  6. "Since the recent events"? I'm sorry ,I've been out of the loop for a few month's can some one bring me up to date? Is the Kirby family going after the art again?
  7. I picked up this FF Kirby/Sinnott large art at $4000 and I think I got a great deal. True no main characters ,but lots of action ,detail and Kirby machinery from a prime period. I had been considering a similar page from that book from a dealer that had it listed at $8500.I had a couple of kirby pages listed with reserve (for what I paid three years ago) that didn't sell. Is it just me or is the middle range Kirby market finally going down ?
  8. Dillin reminds me of Mike Sekowsky. At the time,when drawing JLA, both received a lot of criticism but later ,partially due to nostalgia,became more popular. Both were definite pros
  9. The Society of Illustrators on 63rd St. in NYC (https://www.societyillustrators.org ) has three great exhibitions currently on display and they will be up during the New York Comic Con next weekend so if you are in NY take a look. The main attraction is the "Art of the Avengers "which features original art from just about everybody who ever drew a Marvel comic .( Great covers and splashes).Also on view is "Tales from the Crypt" which features all the great EC Artists like Wood, Jack Davis etc. (again more great covers and splashes). "Funny Ladies of the New Yorker " is as the title suggests female cartoonists from that magazine. (very funny).With this great art toss in a historic building , great dining room and bar and you won't be disappointed . Here's some pics: That Colan page is not in the show ,snuck in there by accident /can't figure out how to delete it !
  10. DEALER ROSTER: Hans Kosenkranius, Will Gabri-El, Bechara Maalouf, Frank Giella, Mike Burkey, Anthony Snyder, Hakes, Nathan Rose, Dan Pottick, Jim Warden, ComicLink, Rich Donnelly, Albert Moy, Brad Savage, Robert Dennis, Scott Eder and Chuck Costa.
  11. That's great! Are you sure about Becharas and Hans as I see nothing about attending on their sites ?... I guess Mike Burkey is going to sit this one out....... (Geez, I wish Joe would post a list so I wouldn't have to ask all of these annoying questions)
  12. I see Anthony has listed that he will attend,,,,
  13. Has anybody seen a list of the dealers that will be attending this weekends NJ Comic Art Con ?
  14. It's taken me a while and a few financial losses to come to the conclusion that the "No Reserve" system really just works best for the auction house . The standard line from the auction house is that buyers shy away from lots with reserves which is, in my opinion, not true if it's something they really want. The "No Reserve" gaurantees the auction house will get something for there efforts even if the seller takes a financial bath.With a "Reserve" the auction house risks nothing. I don't know why it took me so long to figure that out.
  15. I spoke with Doug from Comiclink a couple of weeks ago and my understanding was that(shipping to) New York buyers will NOT be taxed as CLINK doesn't have offices in NY . At least that is for the time being (no guarantees for the future),but that does include the upcoming Feature Auction at Clink .That's good for me!