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  1. Last known location of the book? Adding the 1st full picture of the book to stolencomic.com entry would be good too.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/tB8BA3ntzWvD3QVo9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/7vvyHijMjT8fXQrn9 finally got issues graded
  3. Did not get around to getting some of my blanks colored however I did get some paper pieces done and still have some in progress. Always ran into an issue with if the blank would hold inks well or if it would take colors in the early blanks. Also with graded sketchcovers you have to crack them out each time with paper you just scan in the piece to the next artist or mail it Example of a paper piece pencils by David Finch, inks by Mark Morales, & colors by Rachelle Rosenberg. Took a couple of years to get done but the end result is good.
  4. Clarification The option for refund was offered after waiting for over a year for the op to happen that did not materialize. The refund was slated to occur in 30 days and then delayed and then a partial payment offered which has yet to show up. At this point I do not know who has the money the artist or the facilitator. Tempted to email the artist direct but they probably have no clue of the situation. Patiently waiting for the refund so I guess in 30 days I make the nomination for probation list if no movement is seen.
  5. Facilitator refunds Just a question to ask but how long should one wait for a full refund from a facilitator for an item that never materializes? This would be after the facilitator states he cannot get the item done and offers a refund. I ask since the goal post keeps shifting 30 days going on a couple of months now or with offers of partial payment that never materialize. Shouldn't the funds sent into a facilitator for an item be put in escrow?
  6. Or you can do both depends on if you want to crack a universal to get signature series
  7. One standard cover to add to Phantom cover already on order
  8. one Phantom variant please with wait list on Standard as primary choice.