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  1. Not really. They are just TOO damn easy to find.
  2. I have, on recent occasion, posted scans of CBCS books. I have not been approached because of it nor to my knowledge the posts have been deleted. Or maybe the mods didn't catch those posts, which I doubt. This wasn't always so and I received a strike or two in the past.
  3. Totally agree. I see no real discussions anywhere. Just a lot of people posting their stuff with the "ooooh" and "aaahh" and "how much ?" comments that quickly follow.
  4. do you have the link please or tell me the name of the thread ? much appreciated.
  5. Holy cow, that AC1 looks amazing ! If it is unrestored it can certainly measure up to Hariri's copies.
  6. first came the 1.0 then the 1.5, the cert# to the 1.0 is no longer valid as it was most likely handed in when re-graded.
  7. I find the GA section most active right around BIG 3 Auction starts ... and ends.
  8. if the 27 7.0 underperforms, I'd say not for a LONG while...
  9. What kind of ebay buying history does he have ? Stuff a 17yr old would buy or stuff someone MUCH older would buy ?
  10. IF it is real, way cool. But most likely some ebay low-baller passing off as a teenager without money trying to get you to sympathize and sell for way less than you otherwise would. A quick zoom call with a little Q&A would clear things up.