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  1. high grade (1 of 2 but this one has better PQ) Action 23 going to auction
  2. Highest graded Action 23 Just tons of great stuff ! vs the 27 items CC currently has listed.
  3. Some interesting MMC added to the next auction also a Suspense 3 5.0 (R)
  4. With 27 books in the next auction, can't wait for the catalog page.
  5. Hi Bobby, welcome to the CGC Chat Boards. Good luck with the sale of your books.
  6. Change to "First Appearance of Lex Luthor in Action Comics
  7. Earlier this year I bought a 40K book. It is by no means a "key" imo. Just a book that has low census numbers.
  8. Detective Comics 29 5.0 18,500 points 5.0 sale on Heritage 2018 - $95600 A different 5.0 copy : sale on ComicConnect 2019 - $107,000 3.5 11,100 points 3.5 sold for $64,500 in 2018 Thanks Matt. I must say you are by far the most reactive Registry Admin to date. Cheers !