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  2. Looks about right to me, although my list would have 2nd appearance of Superman/Batman slightly higher up Action 10 and 13 are just 3rd and 4th cover appearances.
  3. @COMICLINK Or try Jon or Douglas (both are board members I think and both great guys) Information/Mailing Address A request coming from the grandson of Joe Simon, pretty sure they'll help out.
  4. Maybe reach out to ComicLink to see if they can convince the winning bidder to flip.
  5. weird bid, but at least now you know not to include cents in your bid ( don't think that is accepted with ComicConnect or Heritage either )
  6. ComicLink listens. Same started happening with bc scans. Listening is the first step to becoming better. So kudos to them.
  7. Tec38 7.5 description now mentions: (none of which have hit the market at auction in the last decade) Better.
  8. So if I consigned my entire Batman collection could I have Vinny wear a dress?
  10. So I’m probably reaching here lol, but it’s distinctly possible they mean by auction. Not saying I believe that, but it’s possible haha. "hit the market" to me means become publicly available for purchase, regardless if at auction or fixed price format.
  11. CGC cert# is STILL valid Needs to be removed from census @Matt G