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  1. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Was looking at that copy and asked a bunch of questions. Wasn't too comfortable buying the book by looking at his past feedbacks (video games, video game consoles, fitbit, etc.). No history of him selling any comics at all. Also asked for any references from any major dealers or collectors, he ignored that part of my question. Book sold for $20k from what he messaged me and mentioned it came from a dealer. All I know. Still looking for a copy Seller first listed the book raw. 25K BIN price. Didn't sell so he wisen up and had it slabbed.
  2. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    How can I look up the sale price of this Tec 33 ?
  3. Green Lantern #1 (GL1) 1941
  4. DR.X's Christmas Contest 2017 is in Motion!!!

    1876.52 I win. Game over.
  5. Looks like IGB are back at it

    The Link 2.5 would sold for more if it wasn't the tape and not a true 2.5 in this current CGC standard. An Action 1 CGC 2.5 in good paper (no brittle) will command over 500k+. Agree on both points.
  6. Looks like IGB are back at it

    Wouldn't an unrestored 2.5 run around that much now. The ComicLink Tec 27 2.5 went for 380K so I'd have to say an AC1 2.5 would go for roughly same amount or more.
  7. Looks like IGB are back at it

    Looks like someone is willing to give 345K for it.
  8. The Amazing Spider-Man #667

    Wow, this book in 9.8 is a 5 figure book !?
  9. ComicConnect Nov auction

    Nah. Just saw Tec 27 25K reserve. Mind block.
  10. ComicConnect Nov auction

    wrap it up Harold
  11. Green Lantern #1 (GL1) 1941

    ComicConnect also has just auctioned off a really nice 3.5 I think the grade was.
  12. Looks like IGB are back at it

    Any sales (over the last year or perhaps two) of an Action 1 in the mid grades with Mod to Ext resto ? That's the one they likely used judging by most/all the books they worked on.