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  1. Gotham Kid

    Sparkle City Action 1 on ebay!!!!

    0.5 incomplete with resto vs 6.5 universal, let's keep that in mind
  2. You should be able to register the book now
  3. Gotham Kid

    Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    Love 'em !
  4. Gotham Kid


    7.5 @ 131K 9.6 SP @ 86K
  5. Gotham Kid

    [CLOSED] Closed

    seen that 28 before, twice even.
  6. Gotham Kid

    CBCS is Very Unprofessional and a RIP OFF!!!

    I'm just surprised/relieved to see there's no filter anymore when you type CBCS. Folks can stop using Voldemort/Voldy or whatever which was really stupid.
  7. Marlon. Visit your site weekly. Easy to navigate and well presented.
  8. Gotham Kid


    Completely agree. Sales of restored and universal copies in varying grades far outweigh points attributed. Wish I owned any one of those books.
  9. Gotham Kid

    PGM Tec 28

  10. Gotham Kid

    Anyone own a CGC 10?

    I know a dealer that sold at least one of the Iron Man 1 9.9's, but I'm not sure if he got them from the OO, or bought them already slabbed and was reselling them. They all initially belonged to Darren Adams of Pristine Comics ( the Action Comics 1 9.0 guy). All the books found their way to an auction block (some several times) thereafter.
  11. Gotham Kid

    Anyone own a CGC 10?

    Nick Fury 1 9.9 Iron Man 1 9.9 ( 2 copies ) Captain America 100 9.9 ( 2 copies ) Iron Man and Sub-mariner 9.9 All belonged to same owner.