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  1. 2 Supes1 in next HA Neither is noteworthy but hey, Supes1 ! Nuff said.
  2. Action 15 OA ! You can put a SA run together practically overnight, just need to write a lot of checks.
  3. Yes, that's the book. Good eye Peter. Here's the HA listing: It would be great if @Matt G would remove 1 5.0 from the CGC census. The serial # 0145475001 is still valid. If you're going to CPR, then at least submit the former label for sake!
  4. With the link Peter provided, I was able to catch the Larson 38 listing as well.
  5. I run a search for both the 29 and 38 and so far come up empty for those 2 Much obliged for the link Peter
  6. Links to both books good Sir. Can’t seem to find the listings.
  7. pretty sure this copy is the below copy, except in a new holder/new serial ( grade bump, same PQ) More to come, enjoying dinner out / vacay
  8. Congrats Greg You now have a handful of them.
  9. Not sure if Hitler is pissed cause the heroes arrived or that he was interrupted. Now there's something you don't see on the History Channel.
  10. Bumping one of my favorite threads with my 25,000th post
  11. If you mean going blue I don't think either stands a chance as a candidate. One is trimmed and the other was re-glossed.