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  1. Congrats on the upgrade to 9.8. I knew you'd be busy in the last HA auction.
  2. I don't get why anyone would sell you the catalog instead of just give it away, so if you still need one look me up in about a week or so. Mine arrives Tuesday. If you cover shipping from Paris, it's yours.
  3. @Yellow Kid Why not download it ?
  5. I'm guessing you posted 2 of them on ComicLink just now ?
  6. There are 3 Universal copies being offered publicly atm
  7. Absolutely nothing wrong with a Conserved book. Send them ALL my way.
  8. Both comics valued at 1Mil I can't stop F laughing.
  9. They are super-restored IGB garbage recreations. Here's the Supes 1
  10. I recently had a funeral to attend to. This in itself should be cause for celebration.
  11. Book has been purchased. They now listed an Aventure 100 9.6 single highest