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  1. Should I see if the restoration can be removed? Personally I wouldn't. I would auction it off and hope for the best. But don't get your hopes up too high. IGB + CBCS = pass. Sorry for being blunt.
  2. Here's a IGB Superman1 9.4 0 offers.
  3. Here's an IGB Superman1 Superman 1 trumps Archie1 any day, every day. And the current bid isn't anywhere close to what ComicLink is telling you'd get for your Archie1
  4. IGB? The Meyers. Husband and wife duo that are pro comic book restorers but they go overboard. Restoration on steroids. They've produced Superman1 and Batman1 in 9.6 and many others, Marvel super keys in 9.8 etc.
  5. CBCS or CGC graded ? If you can link scans that would be awesome Can't tell you much on the Archie1. Don't really follow that market but guessing would sell for the whereabouts of a 2.0 Universal copy.
  6. There's another Hulk1 7.5 ending soon on ComicConnect. Here's another one upcoming on Heritage Popular grade lately.
  7. so nice ! looks like a 9.0+ Congrats on the 3 pickups. Didn't know you dabbled in Silver
  8. 2019 wasn't a very eventful year for me, but I was really happy to upgrade my copy of Detective 35 CGC 6.5 MP (R) to a CGC Universal 5.5. With only 1 copy in 8.5 (has never surfaced), 1 in 7.5 and 1 in 6.5 out of a Total of 45 copies, it was the best I could ever hope to get. Happy Holidays to you John and to all CGC board members !
  9. IGB book. It just looks so fake ! Label might as well read "Extensive amounts of everything"
  10. For God sake control yourself man. Yeah ! Take in some exercise
  11. Tec 168 is one of or perhaps even the issue (in the 27-200 run) with highest number of graded copies.
  12. sure, but the price point for a Bat 1 has most people out of that game so the next best thing that are miles cheaper are Joker covers and the Tec 168 Origin... Although that won't stop collectors from trying, even if that means restored. The 'cool' factor lies in Batman 1.