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  1. Feb 2020 auction already has 2 Superman1 and 1 Batman1 listed. Lovely 3.5 !
  2. Thank you William. Relieved. Tell him we miss him. Cheers, Peter
  3. Peter I think you want 1 No, not me. Cap doesn't do it for me.
  4. That very same book sold in its original holder (old label) for $10, 350 on July 4, 2002 via Heritage. With its current sale (same serial number, 2nd generation label) at $107,000, the realized gain is a whopping 933.82%. I tried. Someone tried harder.
  5. Indeed. +1 Big 3 auction reviews always had much to say.
  6. He hasn't logged on to the boards since Sept 23. Hope everything is alright with him. Has anyone heard from him lately ? Thank you.
  7. Agreed. It did also have the label notes, but presented much nicer. A strong result given a 5.0 with no notes went for 95,600 last May on HA bottom right corner
  8. MF 73 CGC 8.0 78K
  9. CC Hulk 1 7.5 nice copy 54K
  10. This conversation sucks. I'm out. Will visit this thread when the Heritage AF15 sells.
  11. Well, he's a dealer. And a very respected one. And has been one for decades. Dealer. You know. The kind that hold inventory, have shops, set up at shows, etc. Oh right, you wouldn't. And I've been on the boards for 10 yrs. Enough time to have read enough stories about you from people that DO in fact know you.
  12. The TAGG comes from a highly respected boardie and dealer about YOU. And so true.
  13. I didn't ask for your message, didn't read it and couldn't give 2 sh*ts about it either.
  14. Single you out ? Maybe I'll bump the thread where most EVERYONE piled on you, so much so you sent a lame DM to pretty much everyone that posted in that thread.
  15. I used to own a Thor 126 9.6 with WP. Not an easy book to find.