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  1. Obviously a stupid thief who doesn't even want to wait it out until things cool. Stole the books one day, drove to another state the next to try sell them off. I give him a week before he gets caught.
  2. Bob Kane kept them all so we'll never know.
  3. HA 5.0 and nicer copy imo
  4. I suspect it won't even hit 40K The superior Dedini 4.5 copy didn't even hit that.
  5. ComicLink Cap 1 6.0 has pending sale of 175K
  6. Too late for that. Offer has likely expired.
  7. Don't see Tec 139 offered all that often.
  8. I can't find the pics to Nick Fury1 and Silver Surfer 1 both in 9.8 I sold the entire collection ( or at least most of them) to a friend. These are some of them ...