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  1. Your conclusion is very perceptive. I honestly think these books would NOT have caught on, even if there had been a loving relationship between the Meyers and CGC/CCS.
  2. can't make out her name ? looks like she signed the photo with her feet.
  3. Only 1 dude posted the after the UFO !? Everyone must be stuck on those goddam nails.
  4. There are nails.....? There's something else ... ?
  5. +1 In full agreement with you here. From my own personal point of view, once you get into adding things such as a married cover or pieces added, you've crossed well beyond the restoration threshold line. +2 C'mon CGC. Seriously !? Married bc "Conserved" What's next ? Trim ?
  6. The 5.5 will probably have the spine roll corrected ? (very small pic), sold as a 6.0 making the current buyer even more happy.
  7. Sorry to hear about this A collector's worst nightmare.
  8. Asking was 75k on CL right? Seemed aggressive when I saw it but apparently not. On both CC and CL but doubt sale price was asking price. Maybe if he had left it alone as a 3.5
  9. The Meyers. Husband and wife duo that do pro restoration work. But go waaaay overboard. Restoration on steroids. More like recreation than restoration. CGC at one time refused to grade their garbage work, so CBCS welcomed them with open arms. They got into a legal battle with CGC. There is a thread about it in Comics General. Their stuff is easy to spot. Super high grade restored GA and SA, CBCS graded, label notes usually indicate: Extensive [fill in the blank] Example: before and after After: Before: Et voila.
  10. This request was not yet carried out. @RegistryAdministrator @Gemma Please acknowledge the request with a like. Thank you CGC registry admins.
  11. structurally it looks like a 3.5, visually it looks like a PoS
  12. @Bat34 To this day I still miss my copy I sold to you although I have no regrets as I know it found a good home.