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  1. I used to stop at Mod Pro. Today if I have to own restored needs to be slight with no ct nor pcs added.
  2. I guess it really depends on the type of books that you are talking about because I certainly don't find this to be the case when it comes to in demand GA books and especially with books that don't come to market very often. For example, take a look at those restored Cap 3 books that sold at Heritage from 2018 through 2020 and each one of them sold for more than triple unrestored condition guide value. Take a look at virtually all of the restored Centaurs that sold during the big Jon Berk auction a few years ago and those restored books had no problems setting record prices. Not sure about the SA or more recent marketplace where it's relatively easy to find any of those books, but when it comes to expensive GA books, it seems that collectors don't have much problems paying up for even restored copies because they are just happy to get any affordable copy into their collection. slight and/or mod restored gold do just fine. it gets sketchy when you venture into extensive territory, and if CBCS extensive then even more so. I will never bid on this
  3. I think that's part of the lawsuit. That the books were considered high grade restoration by CGC and then later they changed their minds and stopped grading them, and by extension Heritage stopped selling them (since the co-chairman at Heritage owns part of CGC). If the market has been soured by CGC/Heritage saying things in the collecting community about IGB's work, without substantiated proof, it's going to be a long day in court for CGC. Especially if a jury can't tell the subtle differences between the work from IGB and CCS. When the first CBCS graded copies surfaced, sales were actually pretty healthy. ComicConnect had them listed in practically all their auctions. The Meyers were putting out a lot of material. Fast forward a couple years and prices have tanked. The copies that circulate seem to be the same ones over and over, with each new unsuspecting owner hoping to dump them soon after, even if that means at a loss.
  4. No matter how you look at it, the market has spoken. These things no longer sell (as they did when they first appeared) and when they do, sell for less each time.
  5. if you want it bad enough I'd try one last recommended shot
  6. Given recent IH181 sales, this is a very good offer. Good luck !
  7. $8,000 postpaid. thanks, the initial formatting was weird and price not visible
  8. Total of 37 graded copies on census ( and likely 1 or 2 more should be removed, haven't dedicated much time to tracking them down )
  9. you can also try Heritage make offer
  10. Reach out to Rob Reynolds and see if he cant reach out to winner and find out if willing to sell
  11. I am so very sorry to hear this RIP Bomber Bob
  12. Tec 28 Billy Wright trajectory May 2012 $38,837 HA Dec 2016 $64,000 CC Mar 2019 $72,000 CC Sept 2020 $80,000 CC