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  1. one word: unbelievable OA, GA and SA offerings. Just WOW !
  2. Gotham Kid

  3. Gotham Kid

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    I'm guessing you posted 2 of them on ComicLink just now ?
  4. cause he has a customer willing to pay more
  5. +1 Looking forward to your other offerings.
  6. Gotham Kid

    Detective 38 CGC just listed on CLINK

    There are 3 Universal copies being offered publicly atm
  7. for anyone interested ...
  8. Gotham Kid

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    Absolutely nothing wrong with a Conserved book. Send them ALL my way.
  9. Gotham Kid

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1 Both comics valued at 1Mil I can't stop F laughing.
  10. Gotham Kid

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    They are super-restored IGB garbage recreations. Here's the Supes 1
  11. Gotham Kid

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    manipulate and flip
  12. Gotham Kid

    Ask Gator

    I recently had a funeral to attend to. This in itself should be cause for celebration.
  13. Gotham Kid

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    Book has been purchased. They now listed an Aventure 100 9.6 single highest
  14. Gotham Kid

    Batman #1 Club

    pretty sure wasn't too long ago a 7.0 would fetch 110-120K
  15. Gotham Kid

    Books from 1939 are 80 years old.

    some of the best of 1939