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  1. The Allentown Detective 29 is a CGC 9.6 Pretty sure there is a scan/pic of the 27
  2. Maybe followed by his Allentown Tec 27? Was just about to bring up the AT Tec 27. It would give the Church Action 1 a run for its money for most valuable comic book in the hobby I think. I would lean towards the Tec 27 AC1 9.2/9.4 vs Tec 27 9.6/9.8 I'll pick the Allentown Tec 27 as most valuable comic.
  3. What if the white page book has moderate marvel chipping, and the OW page book doesn't? what if subby1938 or sc22 or whatever the last name he was going by comes back ? I won't be able to take the torment.
  4. Richard is easy to work with. @bedrockcomics
  5. pros: that's one hell of a nice looking 0.5 notwithstanding missing bc cons: brittle pages Likely would have gone higher if not for the PQ imo Maybe high bidder was gunning for the fc only
  6. There are quite a few SME on the boards. If you've been around long enough, you'll know who to ask.
  7. and it is such a fair fight. Only 2 points separating both books.
  8. I'd probably put Fishler's name up there as well (ComicConnect). And yes he is a board member but almost never posts.
  9. Always enjoyed your posts. Best wishes for a full recovery. Go easy mate.
  10. Richard Evans also comes to mind. @bedrockcomics
  11. Mind you, jbcomicbox would be another name to add to list, not The name.
  12. Excellent, thanks. I know this sounds dumb, what if I dont use Instagram lol? Any other way to get in touch with him? Guessing him ?
  13. I'm convinced comcav has a take button on his keyboard.