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  1. cap taking a hit cause several (maybe too many) universal copies in mid to higher grade copies have recently been offered
  2. not just the caps, the tecs too except tec 29 ... regardless of the crappy (literal) cover and tec 38
  3. The 5.0 was a very nice copy. Blame corona. That damn Mexican beer.
  4. For a little under 40k, a buyer could have taken down 2 of the first 3 supes covers. Nice restored copies of Action 7 and 10
  5. AF 5.5 @ 36.5k
  6. you sure ?
  7. @woowoo is this your copy Harold ?
  8. Yet only the cap1s. No other books seem to have budged in bids at either CL or HA. Interesting.
  9. Indeed. Guessing things will pick up in the remaining 2 days. Nothing wrong with that
  10. the video game console is now down to 360K w/BP WTF !? Why can't early Tec auctions work that way
  11. what the They're consenting adults. Whatever happened to that "out of context" thread ? This one's a winner.