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  1. 36 minutes ago, Chicago Boy said:

    Bad experiences with Vince at Metro and CC  dating back to 2011.  

     The first time he offered to purchase a book from me over the phone via a picture   When he received it he said he didn’t look closely enough at the picture and was turning it down  he already had it in his possession and I was out shopping and handeling so he offered to buy it at a reduced price

    The second time I sold a book to him there were no issues with getting the agreed upon price but when I sold the book it was slabbed and when it went up for sale it had been cracked out if it’s slab and given a higher grade on their site  

    My third and final time was the worst of all  I’ll just leave it at that   


    Sorry to hear this.

  2. I set my search on ebay for Detective Comics Golden Age (1938-55) but everyday I find myself having to sift through dozens of modern/bronze and even silver ( don't mind those as much ) age Detective Comics in that search.

    Really frustrating. :frustrated:

    Can I improve my search (and if so how ?) because people are just too stupid or not bothered to properly categorize their books ?

    Thank you.



  3. 5 hours ago, Sweet Lou 14 said:

    This same copy has been up on eBay for over a year, at $100K as opposed to the $108K price tag on ComicLink:

    It was purchased from Bob Storms for under $70K in March 2018, and immediately listed at a 50% uptick.  This is a classic example of the practice of overpricing books in the hopes that a sufficiently motivated buyer will go nuts and set a new level for the market.  Books like this sit for months, or even years, if need be.

    Wow ! Good to know.

    A book like this I would only buy at auction. 70-75K sounds about right for a 9.0 copy in 2019 but I don't follow the SA market all that much anymore.

    I will keep the book under watch out of curiosity.

  4. 4 hours ago, gunsmokin said:
    4 hours ago, goldenacase said:

    I pulled the trigger when this book came up on World Wide last night thought it presented quite well with White Pages and the price seemed quite reasonable .


    So, YOU were the guy. Saw it this morning and mourned its sale. Congrats! It’s a beauty.

    So, YOU were the guy. Saw it today and thought sweet pickup. Congrats! Indeed, very nice copy.