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  1. No contest. Bats1 5.5 with rusted staple outperformed Cap 1 7.0
  2. The PristineComics high grade Captain America Comics issues didn't even make half their asking prices on ebay.
  3. Bats 1 5.5 with rusted staple 210k w/bp Cap 1 7.0 228k w/bp Bats1 clearly trumps Cap1
  4. what in the F !!?? It's at 51K Great looking 1.8 but 51K !!!???
  5. In General I posted a couple weeks back that it would sell for 4-5M ( no reserve at the time was placed )
  6. serial on the 9.0 grade is no longer valid
  7. indeed, examples of cover nothing to do with story.
  8. Did Melisandre somehow know Arya was going to end up killing the Night King, with all that talk about shutting brown eyes, green eyes and blue eyes ( this one she looks long at her ) talk.
  9. I think Cap 1 will come up on top.