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  1. Missing: Classics Illustrated 3,14,17,20,21,33,34,40,41,43,53,58,65,66,73,74,78,81,84,86,90,94,95 108,114,116,117,126,129,145,159,160,161,163,164,166-169
  2. That's all fine and dandy except if he's been into MMA (or other) all his life and kicks your and your friend's teeth in. And that's if your lucky. If you're unlucky he might just pull out a 9mm and empty it out. Let the police handle it. That's what they're there for. Someone mentioned not to threaten them with taking it to the local news. Good advice. Imply a possible scenario in case of non-action. Also, take it up with a superior at the police station. As others have said, attribute a monetary value to the theft.
  3. 15c covers preferably. Don't care for HRN numbers. RAW in Fine or better. Bought a collection off a boardie (many thanks !) but am missing issues. Will not mind upgrades either. Take it to PM. Thanks.
  4. I bought a collection for my daughter to read. Missing a few issues to have a complete collection. Looking mainly for 15c copies, don't care for HRN numbers. Fine or better condition books wanted.
  6. Why? only thing I can think of is Mile High vs Pristine, which of the two when it comes to prices.
  7. Totally agree. They are each practically worthless now so no place to go but up.
  8. Lower the price on your Captain America Comics 3 CGC 6.5 or your Action Comics 15 4.0 and see them replenished.
  9. look-ee dat ! phone numbers, email ...
  10. Jeff, PM 4GEMWORKS He most likely wouldn't mind an upgrade or two ...