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  1. that highest offer was placed since day 1 one offer on it, no more.
  2. This one being offered as well. Nice !
  3. there's a nicer 7.0 that was listed this evening on the exchange ( asking price not so nice )
  4. The restored 5.0 copy (shoddy work) only managed 10K
  5. Why not ? It worked for the other guy. Throw in a good whine et voilà, 9.6.
  6. What many don't realize is that grades above 7.0 are VERY tough to come by. There is the lone 9.4 (Billy Wright pedigree) and then the next grade is 8.0 !
  7. Anyone else willing to comment on the backstory of these two specific examples?...Any information regarding their "grade" would be appreciated [before I place another less than informed bid...] Most likely graded by Steve and West, the original person that started up CGC along with its long time GA grader. Decades of grading experience as opposed to the relative newbies at CGC in comparison, so you should be good to go with the grades. That is, of course unless you think all of the slabbed books graded by CGC during the first 15 years or thereabouts of their existence are invalid and needs to all be regraded. The 36 used to be mine. I won it on Heritage 3 yrs ago. I sent it to CCS to be subsequently graded by CGC. Matt Nelson strongly suspected a married back cover so it never was. CBCS had it as "Conserved", he didn't think so. Needless to say got rid of the book. It has exchanged hands at least twice since then. Now it is back on the auction block. If CGC would grade that Tec 38 a 3.0 I would be VERY disappointed.
  8. Previously CGC7.0 OW-W # 0162887001 good catch ! love this hobby.
  9. nice newly graded 8.0 copy listed at GregReeceComics Love the date stamp. Highly doubt the asking price will be met though.
  10. Reminds me of Doug Schmell’s MO to get his books to 9.8 grade
  11. sounds a bit like a cry-baby ? when it worked in his favor all is good but when not bwahah no fair.
  12. Census will have 2 in 9.4 likely on Tuesday (I think it is) when census is updated.
  13. yup, along with some other killer high grade early Caps