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  1. Both were listed at 30K but I am sure they'd take 25K By the looks of things, if they expect to sell then they better come down even lower.
  2. I can hook you up with a Universal copy of Archie 1 CGC 3.0 if you're ever interested. Not me but I know a seller that should have a couple copies.
  3. All in good humor mate. On a serious note, your Bats1 and Supes1 would do well, especially since they aren't extensively restored. I have said all I have to say on the Archie1
  4. @OP between Metro/ComicConnect and ComicLink I think you'd fare better with ComicConnect for the Superman1 and Batman1.
  5. Everything ELVIS is good for public consumption. So to hell with keeping your post spoiled
  6. Good luck with your auctions Leroy. No Batman books to choose from but there are numerous books in your pic a lot of collectors go gaga over.
  7. worth more than the Bats1, Supes1 and Archie1 we're discussing.
  8. Paid 20k for it. Would think higher than that. Be very happy if you break even.
  9. Yes, indeed. There was a time that CGC refused grading IGB garbage.
  10. I'd leave as is. Also, if you are thinking of selling your books, try here first. No 10% commission. Don't sell the Archie1 here though. Only CGC books.
  11. Your Superman1 and Batman1 will fare much better. Are they also Ext restored or Slight/Mod ?
  12. Should I see if the restoration can be removed? Personally I wouldn't. I would auction it off and hope for the best. But don't get your hopes up too high. IGB + CBCS = pass. Sorry for being blunt.