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  1. Actually, the swords were lit so spectators could see what was going on otherwise we wouldn't have seen sh-t
  2. 8-12k point in most grades continues to be accurate. 36 and 37 aren't 8-12k point books, not for the time being anyhow.
  3. What a truly awesome worldwide phenomenon. One would think they're watching a world cup final.
  4. That is a perfect 9.6. Not all 9.6s are created equal.
  5. While beautiful in its simplicity, the lack of huge knockers brings it down a tad. Grade: D-
  6. For 165M I'd buy the highest graded copies of every GA and SA key book. And I'd be so very much happier than owning that painting.
  7. should hit around 3.4 million...this could bootstrap up other Fritz pieces...might be a good time to buy from collectors who are not yet aware a record price is on the horizon My guess if 4M+
  8. for this round, HA trumps CC and CL imo
  9. I'll take small amount of glue over small amount of color touch (in a CGC Universal label) any day of the week, and twice on weekends. And I think CGC only tolerates for GA books.
  10. agree but a few years from now that asking price will be its fmv
  11. ct to cover, blue label
  12. Love it when Bedrock posts books from his collection. Some I had not yet seen.
  13. will come back to this thread in a couple hours when Richard stops posting ...