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  1. You don't watch a torrent, you watch the downloaded file that was fetched via your torrent client, which in all likelihood is an avi or mp4 file (opened with media player, vlc or whatever)
  2. There's a piece out back cover. Hence grade How much for the piece?
  3. Can you explain more what you mean? You placed a bid on a book and let's say your Max bid was $100. The book sells for $95 and you win it. Are you implying that the books are being jacked up to just about your maximum bids by him? Yes IIRC, when I won a copy of Iron Man and Sub-Mariner 1 CGC 9.8, the bid somehow jumped to exactly my max bid just before it ended.
  4. Doug was in an awful hurry . Usually the results are left up for about 10 days before being taken down. They lasted 1-2 days this time around. But hey, the Canarsie books are already popping up on ComicLink and ebay for those that didn't get a chance
  5. You're a long-standing boardie. Do you really want to risk being placed on the PL/HOS over some "advice" given to you by some board member ?
  6. Downloaded the pilot episode. The good: the girl (very cute). The bad: everything else.
  8. Huh? What "advice" and from whom ? Crappy play on the part of the buyer and his "advisors". Just so happens Ankur needs to pay off a very BIG book so it's understandable that he'll want quick sales. This whole situation is a crock of mess ! Buyer needs to follow through with his purchase.
  9. The 29 was a 6.0 MP/EP so likely a 1.0 blue before resto. It closed at 11k. Inline with a ppp of a 1.0 blue. The 31 went for cheap.
  11. Unfortunately, I accidentally reported your azz ... again. Please keep trying.
  12. You want impressive you take a look at Golden Age Guy who ranks 7th with ONLY 256 books