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  1. should hit around 3.4 million...this could bootstrap up other Fritz pieces...might be a good time to buy from collectors who are not yet aware a record price is on the horizon My guess if 4M+
  2. for this round, HA trumps CC and CL imo
  3. I'll take small amount of glue over small amount of color touch (in a CGC Universal label) any day of the week, and twice on weekends. And I think CGC only tolerates for GA books.
  4. agree but a few years from now that asking price will be its fmv
  5. ct to cover, blue label
  6. Love it when Bedrock posts books from his collection. Some I had not yet seen.
  7. will come back to this thread in a couple hours when Richard stops posting ...
  8. first time to market
  9. I think the MyComicShop copy would have a fair price @25 but 5 yrs from now that book will likely fetch double.
  13. Rick is "The Man" ....!!! Thanks Rick!  Nice pickup. Very nice early Action.