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  1. Not at all. Last August's ComicConnect auction.
  2. Well, after having learned this week of a boardie that picked up both an Action 1 and Tec 27 in one shot , I was hoping to congratulate a second.
  3. This is the Pedigree copy sold 10+ yrs ago
  4. Curiously enough, I was looking over your book yesterday on ComicConnect. Thanks for taking down the listing there. Can't have the book listed here and elsewhere as per Board rules. Very tempting.
  5. then this (12/2018) -> not at auction
  6. you certainly meant gift grade
  7. Anyone know where we can view all 80 ( !!! ) covers ?
  8. His account must have been compromised.
  9. There are boardies that have kept the same avatar over the years: @BlowUpTheMoon @seanfingh @FlyingDonut @joeypost are a few.
  10. Nope. And I'm sure I asked him at least a couple times to go back to Frank.