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  1. Wow ! Good to know. A book like this I would only buy at auction. 70-75K sounds about right for a 9.0 copy in 2019 but I don't follow the SA market all that much anymore. I will keep the book under watch out of curiosity.
  2. sweet 9.0 just listed on ComicLink If ever I go back to SA, this one would be the first book I'd buy and in same grade.
  3. So, YOU were the guy. Saw it this morning and mourned its sale. Congrats! It’s a beauty. So, YOU were the guy. Saw it today and thought sweet pickup. Congrats! Indeed, very nice copy.
  4. I just realized there are 7 or 8 Superman #1 copies available on ebay
  5. I know the high grade early Captain America Comics on Heritage belong to Pristine Comics. He had them listed on ebay for a while. He dubbed them the Wartime Find collection.
  6. and that about sums it up for ComicConnect. Heritage looks to have a far better lineup. Some terrific stuff posted thus far.
  7. Why don't you upgrade EVERYTHING else to 5.5 including the AF15 and ASM 1
  8. Giving Adam’s sale thread a Still a bunch of great books available. The more he sells the more Batman books he can fetch, the more in debt I can get
  9. Really? Not that many graded per year after all then.
  10. Going to auction on ComicLink ( and the 8.0 Universal is still up for grabs ). ComicLink sold a 4.0 Universal in their last auction. * ComicConnect has this one going to auction ( has been auctioned before ) and these 2 with fixed listings
  11. Wow there are already 125 CGC graded copies in total. Lots of 38s to go around.
  12. My copy a few years ago
  13. Send me a PM if interested. Spine reinforcement and tear seals only. No color touch, cleaning etc ... Time payments available as always.
  14. I hear ya on this brother ! Because I know own 3 preRobins in 5.0-5.5 grades, looking to downgrade my 30 8.0 to 5.0-5.5 grade. No straight up trades though
  15. If you're looking for a 34 (very nice looking for grade)
  16. Thanks ! Wouldn't be surprised if those pages belonged to @Wayne-Tec