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  1. Glad to see a plan come together. Cheers.
  2. here's an ASM300 9.6 at a decent price
  3. Would it bug you if one or both were genuinely signed by Elvis?
  4. Some unbelievable Detectives: Tec 43 9.4 single highest Tec 59 9.6 single highest Tec 63 9.2 single highest Tec 65 9.0 single highest Tec 79 9.2 single highest
  5. So you think there are less than 100 of each book that survived ? Haven't checked the CGC census numbers for both books but guessing still about 30% (or thereabouts) of surviving copies yet to be graded.
  6. All-Star 8 CGC 9.4 - $936,223 on eBay on 8/27/17 CA 1 CGC 9.4 - $915,000 on Heritage on 8/12/19 (two years later and only 2.5 months ago, yet no trumping yet) and all the other grades ? also, if there was only 1 CA 1 in 9.4 (as there is for AS8 and highest grade at that) I'm sure auction would have ended up higher.
  7. Umm ... no ( or maybe only for the brief period when WW speculation was at an all time HIGH ) Since then, CA 1 went back to trumping AS8
  8. Bidding opens in a few days. The HA Nov 2019 auction will be EPIC.
  9. a poll would have been the way to go ... also, option 3 for me
  10. @Brittany M. wouldn't it be easier to start a poll ? option 3 for me, hands down.
  11. These are books up greggy's alley
  12. We have confirmed that we were a victim of a malware attack.