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  1. true but in order of importance 33 trumps 31
  2. first real baddie vs first gun use in comics gonna agree
  3. no. 33 origin story, 31 cool cover cool story.
  4. agree. classic batman pose. just as cool is his pose in Tec 44
  5. Sorry Matt. Gonna disagree on this one. Inasmuch as a dark moody Batman was what started it all, I don't think it could have carried on forever in story telling. A sidekick would have bound to be necessary.
  6. Are all the books in your sig line unrestored ? Terrific looking Superman 1. I could only wish.
  7. You all got it wrong. It's Purple Label of Delight (that you didn't have to sell your kidney to buy it)
  8. right after I buy one, not before It already has though
  9. So if you have a copy in the 5.0 range and want to sell, let me know. Thank you.
  10. If it’s the 5.5 no mc it’s a very nice copy !
  11. I have a Detective 35 coming up for sale. PM if interested.
  12. This 's for me ! Could have bought a restored 8.5 years ago.