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  1. Hope it was quicksilver (Richard) that picked it up. He is looking for a copy.
  2. Happy with mine. Owning multiples of any preRobin should not be allowed.
  3. Someone make a purchase on one of the Tec 35s. Bunky has them quite fairly priced also it is unnatural for someone to own so many copies.
  4. you were fighting back the chuckles when talking about CVA
  5. can I just stay focused on cat-woman ?
  6. Concur. From only a 20 min video you can see the following GA books: Marvel Comics 1 - Heritage Action Comics 1(R), 13 - ComicConnect Detective Comics 29, 30, 31(R), 35(R), 36, 38(R) Batman 1 - Heritage Superman 1 - Metro/ComicConnect Sensation Comics 1 - Heritage Captain America Comics 1 - Heritage early More Fun Spectre etc ... SA books: pretty much multiples of every key were in the video. No AF15s though.
  7. Nothing comparable to American comic conventions, especially for the books (the only thing I'm truly interested in)
  8. No (never even been to NY) but I certainly appreciate his videos. He covered SDCC 2019 as well. For someone who lives in Paris, I am quite grateful for his videos. It is as close as I'll get to being there I guess.
  9. I think I saw one for every day of the month in that video.
  10. I'm willing to wager there are many more in private collections in such high grade.
  11. condition you're looking for: low grade, mid grade, high grade restored or not prices willing to pay etc
  12. Is that filter81 with Nerdy Girl ?