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  1. Now isn’t that a name associated with some controversy? Guess not anymore.
  2. 8.0 is single highest grade for 31 and should fetch 250-300 no problem. Tec 33 9.0 should also fetch 300K no problem.
  3. uh no. Tec 31 5.0 is about a 140-150K book. A single highest graded 8.0 would fetch so very easily 250K++ Tec 33 9.2 fetched 341K last year. "30,32,34,35,36 and 37 are about a combined 150 K in value." -> The single highest graded Tec 37 9.0 would fetch close to 120-130K alone. The only one you got about right was the 28
  4. 1.5MIL the Detective 27 7.5 alone is roughly worth. 4MIL was offered for the lone 9.2 copy and turned down. The Allentown 27 supposedly a 9.6 would likely fetch 10MIL
  5. Dave Anderson ( the Dentist ) owns the best Batman books in existence (the Mile Highs and the Allentown 27). None are graded. Eric Roberts ( not the actor ) owns the best Batman books that are graded, except for Detective 27 which is graded 7.5 At the time he put his set together, most of the below books were graded highest. Most still continue to be. Detective Comics 27 7.5 Detective Comics 28 9.0 Detective Comics 29 9.6 Detective Comics 30 8.5 Detective Comics 31 8.0 Detective Comics 32 7.5 Detective Comics 33 9.0 Detective Comics 34 9.2 Detective Comics 35 8.5 Detective Comics 36 8.5 Detective Comics 37 9.0 Detective Comics 38 9.0
  6. This guy has the #1 set by quantity not quality. Not to downplay his collection but he doesn't own a single preRobin, Batman 1 or Detective 38, nor any high grade key issues ( Detective 58, 62, 66, 69, 71, 73, 140, 168) His books don't even come close to the best of the best. Some collections would blow his registry collection out of the water all the way to the moon.
  7. Conserved ?
  8. Yup. 4 books ... out of 400+ He likely took the earliest Batmans with him.
  9. you have a lot of buying ahead of you
  10. No. He registered the books once but subsequently removed them from the registry.
  11. Don't they assign points on some basis? I don't really understand how it works, but I've seen people grousing about the points not properly reflecting scarcity or grade or something. Points are assigned to books generally on a value/scarcity/importance scale. A lot of books are incorrectly reflected in the registry point wise, so people ask for updates. Constant update requests to garbage like the Walking Dead I will never understand though. All in all the registry is fun. Brilliant marketing strategy by CGC. If the owner of the Detective 27 9.2 were to register that single book, that book alone would dwarf the total amount of registry points the theft victim has accumulated. Actually he would probably rank in the top 10 positions overall with just 1 book. Doug Schmell ranked #1 overall for several years with his super high grade SA, until a boardie briefly registered his books that completely destroyed Schmell's ranking. This to say that there are people out the there with killer collections that if they registered would certainly outshine the likes of the guy who's collection was stolen. "#1 registry sets" -- all very relative.
  12. Still, HA clearly has the advantage over the other 2 for this round.
  13. Although there is no denying he has nice books, he ranks #1 by quantity, not quality in both GA Detective and Batman registries.
  14. Hmm ... if any number of big shots ( Eric Roberts et al ) were to re-register their books ( like they did in the past ), they would blow his registry sets out of the water all the way to the moon.
  15. If you own a private plane why on earth would you need to break into storage lockers and steal stuff !?
  16. one word: unbelievable OA, GA and SA offerings. Just WOW !