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  1. Hi Mollie, looking at Detective 30 registry point allocation and sales data, I think a correct adjustment across all grades would be of X 2.5. There are only 36 Universal copies on the census and while GPA sales are few and far between, the 2.5 multiplier would be correct for both Restored and Universal in most grades (based on additional sales data not reported officially) Thank you. ps GoT Final Season sooooooon !!!!
  2. As a reference (sold 4 months ago)
  3. Thanks. Do you know of another around? Not in low grade Universal. Will keep my eye out for you.
  4. Just how often is this exercise to be conducted? I can recall several (very) recent threads exactly like it.
  5. The 28 2.5 restored copy (extensive with married pages ) closed at almost 7K
  6. I'm focused on upgrading the restored copies. The Tec 28 8.5 would have been nice. I was under-bidder in the extended time format. Congrats to whomever won it for 72. As someone mentioned in the Cap1 thread, I was going up against someone with bigger balls. Seeing as how I likely won't have another shot at a Universal 28 this year, will focus on getting a nice 36.
  7. AA16 CVR only
  8. Action 13 2.5 24K Brittle hurt hammer.
  9. Action 7 2.5 87K
  11. Any recent trimmed Hulk 1s sold?