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  1. Fast payment on ASM 1! Thanks!
  2. Closing this late tonight to either sock away or move to a different venue perhaps, so if you have any interest on some really beautiful Holy Grail Major pieces of history at what I think are extremely fair/low prices, start the PM process before you go to bed.
  3. If also have beautifully restored "A/B" quality Mod to Mod/Ex for Fantastic Four #3 6.0 range for just $499 or Brave and Bold 28 6.0 range for just $1,595 (at the low price of an ugly torn up rag of a copy) let me know. (please ignore the camera flash, they looks better in person) I will send these off for grading shortly, but was curious if there was any interest here to snag a great deal on these first. ( I might have an unrestored copy of each of these in 1.5 to 1.8 range condition available also, inquire within, if that is what you prefer)
  5. Cool, thanks! If that is your own copy, any chance you could take a bit larger of a close up of the top 1/3 portion and e-mail it to me so it does not get compressed smaller?
  6. Looking for a coverless ASM 1, or better yet if you have a hacked up copy, just the pin up page with a full page of spidey's masked face on it. We can work out a fair price or trade for an abundance of keys or semi keys I have laying around.
  7. Still begs the question how much it cost to get that book worked on and pressed? I might send her a book or two down the road if its not too crazy expensive.
  8. I have a remainder copy (missing top strip) and my resto guy is having a really hard time locating the ad to the inside front cover to be able to recreate it. Does anyone have access to or can make me a picture of their inside cover ad to Batman #6? It would be a big help! Thanks!
  9. If I look at my screen from a couple inches away I can see a lower right corner crease and upper right corner wear, so its no 8.0. I would need much larger pictures, but I would guess 5.0 to 6.5 range best case scenario, but can't give you a better range without a better scan.
  10. I would bet 1.8, but you are for sure in the 1.5 to 2.0 range depending on the grader having a good day or not. That is some nice improvement. How much did she charge for the dry clean and press?
  11. Marvel Graphic Novel #4 CGC 7.0 WHITE PAGES (looks at least VF to me) 1st New Mutants with big New Movie coming up! $96 GPA with prior year sale of a whopping $190 in this grade! Should go well up when the new movie trailers spread the word worldwide. Offered at a LOW $78 ABOUT $20 BELOW GPA PLUS FREE $15 USPS Boxed Shipping is like $35 or 35% BELOW MARKET PRICES ON A HOT MOVIE COMIC!
  12. I take paypal, venmo, cashiers check etc. First or accepted deal in PM gets the prize. FREE REGISTERED INSURED SHIPPING! Hey, I know these books are on the wish list of everyone and their dog, but finances are not often readily available at the very moment a great deal like these comes up, so with at least 20% down, I can offer up to 6 months payment terms for you to have plenty of time to sell some other books or to save up to get in some funds to help you with your dream grail purchase! ALL STAR COMICS #8 CGC FN 6.0 A-5, and it shows like a champ! The 3rd most important book in the history of the DC Universe and just as scarce to find as the big two! Unlike a hacked up trimmed copy that came from a bound volume that went for way below market, this one has never been trimmed, just color touch, pieces added, tear seals, reinforced, although I know for fact staples were Not replaced. Prestigious "A" quality work and if you know CGC, that is extremely hard to achieve unless you work for them at CCS! The cover work is only moderate, a sizable corner chunk of 1 page that cut into the art a bit was replaced so that is why it got extensive overall, making this a very attractive copy to own in . To hold it in your hands is amazing, it shows almost as nice any ultra high grade beauty, almost newstand quality presenting cover! I sold a lowly B-5 4.0 here on the boards almost 2 years ago for $17,500. This is twice the book that one was and there is a new Wonder Woman movie coming out that looks amazing with a ton of buzz that should make this book just as hot again and for anyone following prices of Batman TEC 27 and Action 1, this book still has a long way to go price wise to match its historical significance! One time offer of $15,750 payment terms OK, or it will be salted away at least until the next movie hits and it will not be nearly this cheap! FREE REGISTERED INSURED SHIPPING! (about a $100 value!) AF #15 CGC 5.0 and this looks as nice as any VF I have seen, presents amazingly well! Was a complete and solid lower Good range prior to professional restoration and this copy is presented on that professionals web site as one of his finer works. It probably should have had a tad less color touch to keep the work at moderate, but he wanted to make it show as absolutely as high grade as possible. A similar 5.0 with extensive (p) sold for $14,500 this past year and this shows like a real high grade beauty and would probably be worth more than my LOW asking price before I even paid for the restoration work! Offered at Just $10,900 with FREE INSURED REGISTERED SHIPPING! Detective Comics #225 CGC 7.0 1st Martian Manhunter made very popular from the Supergirl TV series and long history as a member of the Justice League! Just back from CGC brand new slab, only slight 1 resto noted. Resto was done by Matt Nelson from CGC but from years ago, so its high quality pro "A" work, hard to even detect. They goofed up with some new resto guy or something and would not respond to my e-mail about it getting listed at C1 by mistake instead of A/B quality work, but regardless its a VF presenting TEC 225 1st Martian Manhunter with just slight pro work by Matt Nelson from CCS (but done before he started there) Last sale of a 6.0 with more extensive B2 work and TRIMMED (worth way lower) just sold for $2,800! Book is hard to find, there is No 7.0 with any resto to compare to for GPA (book is fairly scarce), but this is worth way way more than that trimmed far lower grade 6.0 book with more resto work done! BARGAIN PRICED, I am only asking $2,950 With Free Insured Shipping! 100% confidence from my long history of selling MAJOR KEYS here on the boards, my kudos page....