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  1. Superboy #68 1st Bizarro complete, flat, attached, typical wear for mid range, I would say about 5.0. $1285 most recent 5.0 census sale. $825 shipped. Adventure Comics #260 Origin and 1st Silver Age Aquaman reboot, Higher Grade CGC 7.0, GPA range $950 most recent to $1,100 average back a ways. $925 shipped.
  2. Superman #100 Gd/Gd- Anniversary issue, attached and complete affordable lower range copy. $360 Overstreet Good Guide. $175 shipped. Detective Comics #226 SOLD 2nd appearance and Origin of the JLA founding member, The Martian Manhunter (from the Supergirl TV series), I have been told it is far more scarce than the #225 1st appearance. Attached, complete, well read with some light stains on the back cover, affordable lower grade G/VG 3.0 to 2.5 range. It has been some time since I have seen one of these offered at Under $200 for complete and attached copy.
  3. Star Spangled 76 Golden Age Robin story. VG/VG+ rounded lower corner, piece of tape on spine. $70 shipped. Rare, only 1 offered in the past couple years on census.
  4. Batman #23 SOLD, 1.0 Classic Joker Cover. You can see the scan's missing edge pieces, cover is split, BUT very nice supple pages and a decent back cover, pages look like it came from a much nicer mid grade book! Good resto project or very Affordable complete lower grade copy. Wonder Woman #23 $285 shipped. CGC VF-Sl(A) Strict Old Label Goodness. Wonder Woman Childhood story, these early WW are scarce. Slight A, small tear seal to top spine, small ct. Wow, this one looks amazing, the cover looks darn near NM- 9.2/9.0 range, I think had someone with skill color touched the tear seal so you could not have seen it, (very small job) this should have gotten at least VF/NM IMO. What I can say is that this book has hardly been touched with just very minor work and the vast majority of this book had many VF/NM qualities even before that work.
  5. Batman #17 CGC .5 War Cover! US Bomber plains, American Eagle, Buy War Bonds! Missing page 17, Cheapest copy on census since 2015 was $295. SOLD Batman #25 CGC 5.0 small glue at spine only comment (looks very small). Presents well. 1st Joker/Luthor team up, I remember reading this was the 1st Villain team up in the history of comics. SOLD
  6. All American Comics #20 1940 CGC 2.5 Blue Label, 2nd Atom, 1st Red Tornado (1st Superheroin in the history of comics, yes this hero started as a female and pre dates Wonder Woman!) RARE, only 2 copies total with only 1 unrestored copy has sold in the past several years per GPA! SOLD All American Comics #25 CGC 5.0 Slight (P), small color touch, pieces added (very tiny), spine split seal, reinforced. A total of 4 copies have sold in the past several years, 1 amateur restored and 3 unrestored, absolutely non there were professionally restored and this one is very slight, probably started in lower VG- range. A VG sold for $2K, 1.8 sold for $900. SOLD All American Comics #26 Origin & 1st Sargon the Sorcerer, 2nd Dr. Mid-Nite I believe. Low grade entry level copy, beat but mostly complete, tape, somewhere around 1.0 range. Only 3 copies appearing on census since 2015. The lowest a 1.5 for $280. $225 shipped
  7. First wins, but PM welcome also if not beat out by the i'll take it. FREE USPS Shipping to USA, actual shipping costs to Canada. Paypal is great, money orders are even better and I will pass on 2% fee savings. Books I will be listing tonight one by one. All American #20 1st Female Superheroin, #25 1st Dr. Mid Nite, #26, Batman #25 1st Luthor/Joker villain team up in comics ever, Wonder Woman #23, Superman 100, Superboy 68 1st Ever Bizarro, TTA #44 1st Wasp! Adventure Comics 260 1st S.A. Aquaman, Star Spangled #76 (G.A. Robin), Detective #226 Origin & 2nd Martian Manhunter, Brave & Bold #30 3rd JLA and Justice League America #1! May consider short time payments on books approaching or above the $1K range to help someone out needing a little time to save up for their dream holy grail comic, just PM me. Satisfaction Guarantee for any reason except change of heart/blowing your budget on other auctions etc. CHECK OUT MY KUDOS PAGE:
  8. Did that ff 52 get slammed a full grade for that very tiny corner chip? It sure looks nice (better than) grade otherwise!!!
  9. You could soak the pages in solution, but I have heard it only helps slightly and probably would get you the purple label or at least the conservation label. Don't know what the pages look like (would assume not so great and that they dragged the grade down to 1.0), but the cover sure looks great for a 1.0! Congrats!
  10. Fast and super safe/well protected shipping on Daredevil #1 and JIM #83! Trusted seller!
  11. Looking for affordable mid grades to higher grades (not super high grades) Most JLA books should be affordable even in high grade as they are in the later range of the series (non keys), so high grade is fine, but not looking to pay premiums of guide like for NM books etc. If all you have is a lower grade thats probably ok if not completely a rag as I am looking to fill holes at a reasonable and fair price. I am missing issues 46, 51-61,63,67-70, 72-75,77,79,82,83,87,89,91,94-99,201,103,104,118,121,136,141,143,148,153,151,158,162,184,187-`190, 192, 195, `96, 203, 205, 206, 208, 212, 215, 217,219,222,230,231,233,237,239-242,248,250,253,254,256,258-259. Many of these can be found on ebay for a fraction of guide, but 1 off issues x shipping 1 or 2 at a time is not economical. As these are commons, I would hope to work out a good deal a bit below guide. I Don't really want just a couple issues, I am looking for volume (several to many or more) to help make shipping worth it. If you know a good dealer I should send this list to, please feel free to give me a good recommendation. Thanks!
  12. 75,77,79,82,83,87,89,91,99,102,103,104,121,136,141 plus the 3 I had already spoken for above. Thx
  13. Hmm, I have two restored copies of both of those books you are looking for that might work? Both CGC 5.0's I think, but look far far nicer. They were both exactly in that grade range you were looking for before I paid good money for the resto.
  14. Ill take 73,74,94, I will get some more later tonight when I get home to check which other holes I have remaining in my run. Can you ship using media mail to save some $?