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    GPA Issues

    Yeah, lost service for a week, finally cleared cache, reset password on home computer (for the 50th time) and got it to work briefly only to have it fail at work and on phone, even after doing the same and resetting password again did nothing helped. This SUCKS! I have heard from many that they are now done with GPA, I think I have joined them. This has to be one of the worst epic fails I have ever seen of a good company do to destroy so much goodwill they had built up by changing their main product into something that does not work well and even when it does work is greatly hated by the vast majority of their customers. They need to hire a business consultant next time and kill the stupid idea BEFORE they ruin their company and chase their good customers away next time! They should write this epic fail up for all college business students so they can learn from these horrible mistakes so they will never repeat them in their business when they get to that point!
  2. Now offering a complete Brave and Bold #28 Key 1st appearance/origin the Justice League of America, the 1st and greatest Superhero team of the Silver Age. I will say its squarely in the Fr/Gd 1.5 range since its complete and front cover has good color and shows decently well for that grade. Obviously as a 1.5 it has significant wear and tear, chipping etc. some light water damage mostly towards the top corner, bit of tape stains on the back, but the book is all there, pages are in decent condition "for grade" and the front cover has good color and presents nicer than some 1.5's I see. ONLY $999 CHEAPEST Complete B&B 28 Anywhere Near this nice!!! GREEN LANTERN #40 CGC VF 8.0 Just $399! A real beauty with excellent OW/White page quality and amazing eye appeal. 1st Crisis, Origin the Guardians of the Galaxy and 2nd Golden Age Green Lantern, The Crisis is a huge current ongoing story line in the entire CW superhero family of TV series and presents some of biggest changes and background details to the DC Universe over the last 40 years.
  3. TC33

    GPA Issues

    No GPA service for a week! I can't log on, I tried to reset my password, nothing comes back on email to reset it, I have left messages with GPA with no response. From the look of the change over, it looks horrible and not user friendly like it was. I hope whichever GPA employee had the genius idea to completely change a good thing, destroy the quality of their service and make it so many of us can't even log on and use it anymore gets fired and someone remaining with intelligence rolls back the changes and restores their service to how it was when it was good and actually worked! I will be looking for alternative sources or competitors unless I get some action done soon.
  4. No restoration was done. The cover is a copy and just for show, so it will never be anything other than a coverless .5 with a photocopy cover just for show, the coverless copy is what was graded and remains unrestored. In you line of thinking, the color copy would be graded a restored 6.0 etc., but they don't do that unless the cover is original with restoration added to it and no significant photocopy restoration is allowed or it remains a poor or coverless .5.
  5. Already have a solid copy of that one. Thanks
  6. Another big Key, time payments available. Action Comics 252 $639 Key 1st appearance/origin of Supergirl! GD- range condition, complete, nice page quality, attached, heavy wear and tear you expect in a lower grade, but its all there and shows decent for grade making it a nice affordable copy. My price is offered at hundreds below similar copies I see for sale and auction around the internet.
  7. Strange Adventures 190 is being held. Just waiting for the buyers when he logs back on. And for anyone else that asks, YES, I am happy to hold a book for a couple weeks for anyone to get your next paycheck/sell a couple books of your own first etc. I will also take up to 2 months payment plans for anyone purchasing a book over $200, so don't sweat getting your dream books and getting all your Christmas shopping done!
  8. This is the actual scan of the 2.5 I am selling with near perfect page quality. Still greatly priced and almost as nice as my personal copy. So AnkurJ, you are still a go on this one, right? Hey, a good press and a little color touch might get you an Sl/Mod app VF range on this one, you can't say that about most 2.5's!
  9. Oops, I posted the scan of the book I am keeping, not the undercopy I am selling. I will try to get the correct scan up later, but its still a beauty of a 2.5! LOL
  10. Awesome books, many look far better than the label grade (that's especially what I look for in my books). Get yourself the Christmas present you REALLY want!
  11. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #18, CGC 6.5 FN+ (Looks VF, needs a slight press!) $225 1st Guardians of the Galaxy (another blockbuster movie already announced!)MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #18, CGC 7.5 VF- $299MISTER MIRACLE #1, CGC 9.2 NM- $375 Key figure in the upcoming DC New Gods movies! SHOWCASE #17, CGC 2.5 GD+ $299 1st Adam Strange (Krypton Series)STRANGE ADVENTURES #190, CGC 9.4 NM $399 1st Animal man, how long until this awesome character gets his due in movies or TV?BLUE BEETLE #2, CGC 7.0 FVF $59NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, CGC 6.0 FN $89AVENGERS #5, CGC 4.0 VG $115 Hey this is the 2nd Ever S.A. Captain Amercia, right? Nobody gives this books its due IMO, way undervalued for significance!MS. MARVEL #1, CGC 9.2 NM- $135 1st Solo comic featuring Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel in her own comic!FIRESTORM #1, CGC 9.4 NM $75 1st Firestorm, Key JLA member!MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #13, CGC 6.5 FN+ $299 1st Carol Danvers the New Captain Marvel!
  12. JIM 83 1966 GRR, bargain priced, grab it now. More great books coming later tonight, so check back!
  13. HOLY GRAIL JUST BARELY ADDED........ ALL STAR COMICS #8 $13,950 KEY 1ST WONDER WOMAN! CGC 6.0 (P) AND LOOKS MUCH NICER! RARE "A" QUALITY WORK! NO TRIMMING WHICH SEEMS TO CUT THE VALUE IN 1/2 ON THIS BOOK! I SOLD AN EXTENSIVE 4.0 WITH B WORK ON THE BOARDS FOR $17.5K AFTER HER LAST MOVIE. 1ST MAJOR FEMALE SUPERHERO EVER AND 1ST APPEARANCE OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST 3 CHARACTERS IN DC COMICS HISTORY WITH A TON OF UPWARD POTENTIAL AS IT IS MORE SCARCE AND CURRENTLY GOING FOR A FRACTION OF THE OTHER TWO 1ST APPEARANCES! I CANT WAIT FOR THE UPCOMING BIG MOVIE! SOLD! Batman #47 GD/GD+ Key 1st Detailed Origin Batman! $599 Its lower grade, but nice pages and good looking cover, I have a scan of a CGC golden age book that got Gd+ with a missing corner piece at least as large as this one, so I think my grade range is fair given the rest of the book is complete and shows well for grade otherwise. Batman #47 Fr/Gd 1.0/1.5. $449 Book is complete, slight fading, plenty of expected wear, detached cover, split in spine below bottom staple, I have seen 1.5's present worse than this. Lowest Price I have seen a complete copy offered anywhere by a long shot. Literally giving these two Batman #47s away! Go check anywhere else online... ebay/mycomicshop etc and you will see anything similar starting at many hundreds more! Avengers #4 CGC 4.0 ow/White Pages 1964 UK variant, extremely scarce in comparison to the regular US version released at the same time. $725, well below GPA. Looks Fn/VF with just a small corner chip on front cover only. I have still seen far worse books with chips that size get at least CGC 5.5, so this might be worth a resub! Fantastic Four #3 CGC 4.0 Excellent OW/White Page quality, well attached, no marvel chipping, presents nicer than most VG books. $699 Wonder Woman #98 1958 $745 CGC 2.5 nice OW Pages, This could be a FN+ if not for the piece out of the edge, book presents amazing well (flash line is from a glare, not a defect)! 1st new and detailed origin of Wonder Woman, new creative team, this is known as the true silver age start of Wonder Woman, often the most desired issue of the series after #1. Journey Into Mystery #83 1966 GRR CGC 8.5 with special CGC Thor label! $249 (I have seen 9.2's that don't look nearly this sharp/nice!) X-Men #12 Origin & 1st Juggernaut (Deadpool Movie) CGC 4.0 nice OW pages! $299 Grendel #1 1983 Comico NM 9.4 White Pages $220 Last GPA sale in this grade was $300! New Teen Titans 1980 CGC NM/MT 9.8 1st ongoing series with the modern TT group including cyborg, raven, starfire etc. 40 years old! $220 Omega Men #3 CGC NM/MT 9.8 1st Lobo $185 They are still shopping this as a live action series to the CW and DC Universe streaming service and a DC movie has been announced with unspecified release date.
  14. FINAL 24 HOURS OF SALE, 5% TAKEN OFF ALL REMAINING COMICS. First wins the prize, but I also accept PM. No returns on CGC books, raw books are can be returned without question, I accept paypal, venmo or money order/check. I have been selling huge mega keys on the boards for years. USPS boxed Shipping is a flat $10 no matter how many books you buy. I will throw in free signature confirmation for purchases above $250. All purchases above $200 are also given payment terms up to 2 months (with a 10% or more deposit) to help you out with your Christmas shopping needs or to get your next paycheck first etc. If you are looking for something specific not listed here, there is a decent chance I have a copy, so shoot me a PM. My Kudos Page.....
  15. Will pay strong going GPA price for complete coverless copies even though you likely have raw/ungraded copies I will pay you as if it had been pro graded, helpful if the centerfold is attached and not ragged like the only reasonable one I have found online already.
  16. Fast payment on ASM 1! Thanks!
  17. Closing this late tonight to either sock away or move to a different venue perhaps, so if you have any interest on some really beautiful Holy Grail Major pieces of history at what I think are extremely fair/low prices, start the PM process before you go to bed.