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  1. SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW MAJOR KEYS JUST ADDED! To start things off.....THE ORIGIN AND 1st APPEARANCE OF THE HULK! HUGE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE AND THE PRICE JUST KEEPS GOING UP AND UP FOR ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT COMICS OF ALL TIME! PRICE JUST LOWERED AGAIN BY HUNDREDS MORE FOR QUICK SALE! BARGAIN PRICED, FINAL REDUCTION BEFORE GOING TO ANOTHER VENUE AT MUCH CLOSER TO MARKET PRICES! Unrestored Blue Label Hulk #1! Looks closer to VG-, but has a small coupon out in an ad page only, so its a harsh 1.5 that shows like a VG- and yet the story is still 100% complete! I accept Paypal, money order, check (upon clearing) etc. FREE registered and insured shipping a $50 cost/value! 90 day 1.5 GPA is $7,450 and this book has been going up and up big time over the past year. Honestly, this exact book sold for nearly $7K about a year and a half ago with its own GPA line item as it was deemed to be worth more than average GPA due to the minor ad page only qualifying reason back when average 1.5 GPA was exactly $5.500 to show this book is worth far more than typical 1.5 GPA. Yes, I am offering this at the year and a half ago prices for this book even though CGC 1.5's have gone up about $2,000 over this same time = Getting this book for about $2K BELOW MARKET PRICE! REDUCED to Just $6,995 along with FREE registered/insured shipping ($50 cost to me) to facilitate a quick sale! PAYMENT TERMS OFFERED! With approx $2K down, I will work some time payments for someone that needs up to 120 days (give or take) to get your other books sold and raise some additional funds for this holy grail that you truly want!!! No returns on CGC books, No probation/hall of shame losers. First wins the prize. I have sold multiple blockbuster KEY/MAJOR Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page:
  2. off white to white pages make that an amazing candidate to get the spine roll removed and pressed and this one looks especially easy to fix/good candidate. I would not be surprised to see the grade bump up as high as 4.5 if done properly and no issues arise.
  3. Final Price drops, will be closing these out later today, so let me know now if you are interested.
  5. 1st Star Lord CGC 8.5 Perfect White pages, Even on close inspection I thought this book looked 9.2 to 9.4, but the book is obviously unpressed as when you hold it up to the light you can barely sees a couple non color breaking stress at the spine that should press nicely, otherwise I would think this has strong 9.2 to maybe even 9.4 potential. Average 8.5 90 Day GPA was $387 as of last night, just informed a low ball sale just dropped it down a notch. However, this is one of the nicest 8.5's you will find and has perfect White Pages at Below GPA with Free Shipping. FINAL PRICE DROP... Shipped for FREE to your doorstep in the USA at just $365 REDUCED TO $335 $325 via paypal or money order/check, no returns on CGC graded books. Canada/UK shipping a bit more, just ask. First wins the prize. I have a big Kudos page with far bigger sales than this. If you want to see it, just ask. JUST ADDED! Adventure Comics #247 CGC 1.5 appears light water contact at some time in the past. The cover looks to be in great condition otherwise, no tears, no missing pieces, structurally could be a solid mid grade. This book really needs a press and dry clean for a likely small grade bump. $775 $735 INCLUDES FREE USA SHIPPING!
  6. 7.0/7.5 now, 9.0 after a really good pressing.
  7. 3.5 for me, I was on the fence between 3.5/4.0, but the rust at centerfold staples is pretty bad.
  8. You caught them on a good day, I was worried they would keep it down due to the long tear, but it looks like the press gave you some extra eye appeal, so they bumped you up.
  9. There is an impact ding at the spine and one other spine tick. The main impact appears pressable, if so you probably have a 9.4 outside shot at 9.6, but as is no better than 9.2 to 9.0.
  10. 2nd Ant Man as a true costumed Super Hero, TTA 27 is more of a horror story that later morphed into a superhero story after they took a vote from fans. Hulk 180 will always be the 1st appearance of the Wolverine to me also, not 181. LOL
  11. Paypal or money order/checks are great, First at $875 takes the prize. Most recent GPA sale was $895 so not only am I cheaper with perfect White pages, but also offering FREE USA SHIPPING! Canada will have to pay a reasonable amount more to ship, if UK PM me. I have massive perfect feedback on major keys here on the boards, if you want the link, just ask.
  12. Why? What is the Wolvie buzz I am missing? That's a 50% premium over GPA!
  13. Need coverless or other entry level price range rags/poor copies. Will pay at or Above fair going market price, let me know what you got and how much $ you need. Much appreciated! P.S. If you see one for auction or sale somewhere, that would be awesome to let me know. Thanks!
  14. Flat $10 USPS shipping. Paypal, money order or check all good. No return on CGC graded books. 1st wins, or first take by PM also. Years of high dollar book kudos CHECK OUT MY KUDOS PAGE: Adventure Comics #247 1st Legion of Super Heroes CGC 1.5 due to some light water contact and color fading (it really needs a press!), the cover paper is intact and in great condition, paper looks like a solid VG+ structurally, not sure but press and just straight color touch resto might make this book look really nice with just a slight/moderate designation? Comicconnect had an auction about a month or so ago and a restored/trimmed 2.0 that looked way worse than this sold for over $1,100, so I think this book has been trending up a lot lately. $750 Marvel Preview #4 CGC 8.5 WHITE PAGES, 1ST STAR LORD! $320 Marvel Preview #7 CGC 5.5 WHITE PAGES, 1ST ROCKET RACCOON! $175 These prices are very fair for highly desired CGC graded keys with nearly perfect to perfect White pages, I can maybe work in a reasonable multi book discount etc, but please no low ball offers. If you are in the market for a Tales to Astonish #27 Intro & Origin Ant Man that has just slight resto in the beautiful VF grade range for about $3K, PM me and we can work something out.
  15. No returns on CGC books, paypal or check/money order great, Flat $8 USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING (Below Cost!) First wins, PM also OK if it beats out any other takers. I have years of perfect kudos on many high dollar books, just ask me if you need to see. X-Force #2 CGC NM/MT 9.8 White Pages, 2nd Ever Deadpool! $64 Was that a great/funny movie or what! Watchmen #1, CGC NM 9.2 White Pages $69 Watchmen #1 CGC VF 7.5 White Pages (looks like a 9.2 except for one minor spine ding) $48
  16. 1st WW is truly a grail and your price is getting close to target, if you had the 1st wrap, I bet it would be sold by now! I imagine most people probably want either a complete copy or would rather pay 4x more for a lower range complete restored copy with cover? Someone out there might have an incomplete copy and just need some interior pages and would jump all over this, but that market that you are appealing to most for a copy like this is obviously much smaller. GLWTS!
  17. Yes, cleaning gets purple label, or perhaps semi purple/blue conserved label if nothing else but support is done. Cover is not brittle, a cleaning will do wonders for it and help preserve it for much longer to boot! The turnaround times and costs at the big 2 (Matt and Susan), make that prohibitive, so that is why I was looking for another option here on the boards. Feel free to PM me if anyone has the talent or contacts to help out. Thanks!
  18. That is for dry cleaning dirt and other similar rub marks. Something you can do much better with a quality soft eraser. This is a whole different kind of cleaning that involves a chemical bath to make tanned whites look truly white again. That is something bread will never do! If wonder bread could truly make tan paper white again, they would have to call it MAGIC bread!