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  1. SOLD! Hulk 181 VF Scan. P.S. that is a tiny dog hair resting on the top of the slab in the back of the comic, NOT anything wrong with the comic itself!
  2. SOLD! NM CGC 9.2 STAR TREK #4 RARE SIGNATURE SERIES FEATURING WILLIAM SHATNER, WALTER KOENIG & JULIE NEWMAR! ONE OF A KIND! You don't often find all 3 of those legendary signatures together especially on a rare NM condition photo cover beauty! Offered at just $585, ONLY $525 well below what this same book in 6.0 grade with less signatures recently sold for and WAY BELOW similar issue range signed Star Trek books with these multiple Key signatures! Yes, a lowly 6.0 signed copy Without Julie Newmar's signature sold for $550 this past year and this is offered for LESS MONEY IN NM 9.2 with the additional signature from the hottest female actress of the 60s and 70s! (tight body suit Catwoman from 60s Batman and a love interest of Kirk in Star Trek!)
  3. Flash 106 Sold! Flash 139 still offered at WELL BELOW the lowest GPA sale from this whole year (and trending up fast). Great press, dry clean grade bump candidate!
  4. Paypal, Venmo, Money Orders accepted, no returns on CGC graded books, raw books gladly taken back, full satisfaction guarantee! USPS Priority Boxed Shipping with Signature confirmation a flat $14.50. 1st Take gets it, PM also welcome. SOLD Flash 106 CGC VF+ 8.5 2nd ever Flash book in the series and the 1st Gorilla Grodd & Pied Piper (two long time arch nemesis), Scarce, especially in High Grade! Hard to notice micro trim on the top and bottom cover only. The rest of the book is close to newstand fresh, so it was obviously highly unnecessary, regardless the book before would have undoubtedly still been somewhere in the VF range and everything you see is still 100% original, no color touch, no pieces added, no tear seals, Nothing! GPA on a lower 8.0 was $4,250 and a 9.0 was $14,006 with this 8.5 grade coming right in the middle ($9,250 average price) with no comparable 8.5 sales within the past 2 years price tracking. Because of the micro trim I am offering it at 1/10th of the average regular GPA value at just $925 and just barely above the most recent lowly 4.5 sale of $865! Prices are trending up! Good luck ever finding a nicer presenting copy, they don't exist, especially not for anywhere near this price! ALL PRICES BELOW HAVE BEEN LOWERED! Flash #139 SOLD 1st Zoom/Reverse Flash, the best arch enemy on a TV series in recent memory, this character is highly popular! 2018 GPA of $481 and 4 of the last 5 sales this year have ranged between $475 and $485! Offered Below GPA, offered here at just $430, This one structurally presents nicer than most 5.0's, but it is obvious this one was not pressed and as it could use a press and back cover dry clean with good grade bump potential. Hulk 181 CGC 7.5, $3,550 SOLD! just back from CGC grading, UNDERGRADED, Buy the book, not the label! If anyone can find another 7.5 that looks anywhere near this nice, I will be extremely shocked! Sharp, bright and glossy with only very minimal wear! I really don't think anyone would be shocked to see this exact same book in an 8.5 CGC case it compares nicely with many other 8.5 range books I own and have seen. Hulk 181 CGC 5.5 $2,295 And about the nicest 5.5 you will find anywhere structure wise, very little wear, lays flat, tight staples! GPA ranges between $2,350 past 90 day to $2,364 the prior 12 months. This book was already Sold once, but back on the market due to non paying buyer! It only shows a little wear around upper staple, colors are a bit dull, but not all that bad. No corner creases, no tears, no chipping, structurally looks 7.0, must have gotten hit excessively hard for the slightly dull/faded cover? Back cover and pages (OW to White) in excellent shape and could pass for 8.0, with the front cover not all that far behind IMO! Batman #47 CGC 4.5 1st detailed Origin of the Batman! green label, cfo. Book shows extremely well, looks much nicer that most 4.5 golden age I have seen. Scarce Batman Key, market prices have gone up significantly over the past year. Only $685 BELOW WHAT I PAID and the GPA prices have gone up significantly since I bought this! I have sold many Major Key and Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page:
  5. Affordably priced opening Bids! Check out some nice Keys and a great Star Trek #4 NM CGC Autograph by Shatner, Koenig and Julie Newmar!!
  6. Yes, you can request green label in this instance to make sure, I believe they would normally go green label on something like this if you leave it up to them? However, I know you can for sure request blue if you want the technical grade with a blue label for personal preference.
  7. I have seen it many times, this is the main reason the green label exists. It is far more common to do this kind of defect green label so people know what grade the book appears except for that one minor defect that makes it "qualified". This is the main purpose of green labels as it makes the book far more appealing than just slapping it into a blue label at FN etc and making people wonder why a NM looking was put into a FN label and wonder what the grade would have come out as without that minor defect that may or may not be a big deal to many people.
  8. Paypal, Venmo, Money Orders accepted, no returns on CGC graded books. Shipping flat $12.50 for priority USPS. 1st Take gets it, PM also welcome. X-Men 101 CGC 9.2 green for lower staple popped, you can't even tell by looking at it close! 1st Phoenix from upcoming X-Men movie! $299, Now Only $285 a lower grade 9.0 qualified for a detached staple sold for $338 recently and unqualified will set you back for over $700! Superman 123 CGC 3.5 Presents very nice for grade! 1st Supergirl try out pre dates Action 252! $309 Now $295, Well Below GPA I have sold many Major Key and Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page:
  9. CHECK OUT ALL THESE MAJOR HOLY GRAIL KEYS AT AUCTION STARTING AT A LOW OPENING BID PRICE! Click on this link specifically if you are interested in my Fantastic Four #2 Blue Label 4.5
  10. Paypal or money order/cashiers check, USA Priority & Signature Confirmation $15, If Canada or other, PM me for options at actual cost. No returns on CGC books. 1st wins the prize and trumps PM that has not yet posted to a final acceptance on the thread. I have sold many Major Key and Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page: Batman #47 CGC VG+ (and to me it looks far nicer than that by typical CGC golden age standards), qualified only due to cfo. $725 Entry level price that presents extremely well Showcase #22 CGC VF+ 1st Green Lantern, only slight color touch and trimmed! Realistically, hard to imagine this near perfect beauty being anything below FN/VF before that very light work was done. $2,950 Fantastic Four #49 CGC FN+ 1st Galactus, 2nd Silver Surfer. I have compared this to closely to several others in this same grade I have seen sell and this presents nicer than any of the others I have seen. $650
  11. Only minutes to hours remain on the auctions! Check them out! Let me know if you have any questions, need any extra scans or anything. Thanks for looking!
  12. Many Major Keys! All slabbed comics with some good deals to be had, all ending soon this weekend! Please check them out!
  13. Some of these ending in the next few hours, check out these slabbed major keys!
  14. All these grail Keys and many many more all listed for auction by me right now at ebay starting at fair prices, take a look at the link! Thanks for looking!
  15. Check out my many Key comics ending soon! Thanks for looking!
  16. Last bump, I know the auction house that has set multiple records on this book this past year at well over double my asking price for non conserved, (does not show up in the GPA, but I believe I saw it go for $7K in this grade) so it will be going there if I don't get any takes by tomorrow. This book is scarce, it rarely comes up for sale anywhere and keeps setting new record prices when they do! Thanks for looking
  17. Just reduced the prices significantly so you can pamper yourself for the holidays!