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  1. Ebay is weird that way. Its just such a vast jungle/glut of overpriced/overgraded with occasional hidden gems (well priced/graded keys) here and there that you have to dig really deep to find, that people miss things all the time. I can re-list something 3-5 times at a pretty good price and nothing, then all of a sudden 2 bidders jump in and raise the price 30% out of the blue all of a sudden and it's like woo hoo! GLWTS! I would be tempted if I didn't already have a couple copies of this one. It's a great looking Key!
  2. This is a cool concept and some nice books! At $10K, I wonder if you are killing off too many potential buyers making it a bit too rich for the mainstream? I know some people with big funds are out there, but if you broke this up into two or three sets at $3K to $5K each, it would sure perk up my interest and get quite a bit more people looking into this with at more realistic/potential funds to maybe make a run at it once the goods get compelling enough, which it is for sure starting to at the right price! Either way, GLWTS, wish I had more funds available at the moment!
  3. OK, Seller agreed to ship to me directly. I promised to pay $2,500 immediately upon delivery of the actual comic pictured. I promised to clear his name and give + feedback if he actually delivers as promised. I will let you all know. Don't expect shipping from Bulgaria to be too quick though. Post office closed through Christmas etc.
  4. I posted the before anyone right after you posted this listing and you were going back and forth on PM with me. After I did not get any of the responses to questions like that I was hoping for to ease my concerns, I decided to offer you more money to ship to me directly and get paid upon arrival, I can provide hundreds of references. You said you would consider that and then never got back to me. I can guarantee nobody else on these boards will pay you directly BEFORE YOU SHIP IT TO THEM either as this whole thing reeks of a SCAM/FRAUD. If somehow you have really convinced yourself that this deal is for real, my offer was the first at or above asking price, so feel free to PM me and work out shipping details to show us all wrong (I can provide 15+ years of feedback between ebay and CGC boards sales. I will then clear your name and give you positive feedback so you can then start selling many other books on these boards with payments first and without all these problems. The over under on this being legit at Vegas is not looking real good right now though.
  5. And in my day 1 PM on payment, terms/shipping etc, asked this same question directly along with a few others that I never heard back on, only general responses like got it on my trip to NY. OK, really? Who in NY just paid over $3K (according to GPA sales data) and flipped it right after for $1,800? OK, Maybe he got a 5 finger special while he was there, is Metro missing an asm 1?
  6. I was the first I take offer on this book. I even offered more than asking price, $2,500 with no fees to save the seller a bunch of money, but he needs to ship to me first for payment as I have 7 years and a ton of kudos feedback on similar high end books and he is from Bulgaria and has zero feedback. I have not yet heard back on that offer, so I think that demonstrates if it is real or not unless he actually decides to accept it and ship me the book. If that happens, I will surely let everyone know, but I am not holding my breath!
  7. Yes, if you are legit, my offer still stands. You are assured payment from a long time member with perfect feedback on many similar and even larger books than this and if the book arrives as advertised you will make $2,500 with no fees (far more than your asking price).
  8. Yeah, I know its best to work with other collectors from the USA, sometimes Canada, maybe on occasion in the UK with references. A great deal on a book I really wanted made it darn tempting though, but the more you sit and think about it, the more risky it sounds in this situation. Funny enough, the only time I ever got completely 100% scammed (he never even intended to ship me the book) was the very beginning of ebay and it happened to be on another too good to be true price on an ASM 1 (with little to no references/feedback), maybe I should that that as a bad omen. Note to seller, I can provide hundreds of references on both ebay and these boards over the last decade plus. If you ship the book to me, I will immediately give you $2,500 via paypal friends and family (no fees!). You can't lose on that deal if this is legit!
  9. Well, this guy lives in Bulgaria/Europe, says he bought this book for $1,800 last summer in new york on a trip. GPA says this book sold in September 2016 for well above that, so I have a bit of a hard time believing he got it from someone else for that price. Is this a sign I should run for the hills, or if he sends me a new picture of the book showing he really has it in his possession and paypal security make the risk worth it???
  10. All ending soon in the next couple days! Check them out, PM me with any questions, I will sell direct if interested. Thanks!
  11. Anyone with a low grade asm 1 or restored asm 1 out there???
  12. I need an entry level filler/replacement (probably raw, but graded OK) for my run. Looking to spend anywhere from $1,200 Pr/Fr to $2,500 give or take for more presentable Fr/Gd to Gd- range, but the GPA goes way down for restored copies, married pages etc. so I would actually prefer a more presentable restored copy in that price range. Let me know what you have that might be a good fit.
  13. Its just color touch period. Slight color touch is far more accepted than it used to be by collectors if no other work has been done. (lots of amateurs/kids did this back in the day before word got out that it is NOT a good thing)! If you really want the book, just keep it as is, as long as its not a major key, no big deal.
  14. It used to be you could submit your books directly to CGC using some advertised dealers numbers and still get the 10% discount etc. I Can't find that anymore, so now you must either buy a membership or ship your books to a dealer and pay for shipping twice, right? Anyone know of a dealer that you can still use their dealer # and discount for while still shipping the books directly to CGC? Let me know, Thanks!
  15. Wow, don't see batman 121 come up very often, especially not anywhere near that nice! Congrats! How much was the asking price?
  16. What is the majority opinion here, blue label 1.0, 1.5? Presents well for a low grade.
  17. Adventure #260 CGC 7.0 sold via PM. Rest of the list/books will be closed tonight if anyone else wants to jump in on a great deal for some nice remaining keys before then.
  18. Ending this list soon, speak up ASAP if you are interested in one of the many remaining Key issues offered at below market prices!
  19. Just Added....FANTASTIC FOUR #45 CGC 6.5 (looks 7.0 to me) 1st Inhumans! Great New Prime Time ABCTV Series and Big Budget Movie in production! Just $475 with FREE Priority Shipping & Signature confirmation (Almost 15% or $75 below 90 day average GPA)!
  20. Recap of Key books still available at a great price... Wonder Woman #23 CGC 7.5, Superman #100 GD, Tales to Astonish #44 1st Wasp CGC 6.0 (likely the nicest 6.0 I have ever seen), Adventure Comics 260 CGC 7.0 Origin & 1st S.A. Aquaman, Star Spangled #76 (G.A. Robin), Brave & Bold #30 CGC 7.0 3rd JLA and Justice League America #1 VF- range mod(p), All American #26 Fair 1st Sargon the Sorcerer, 2nd Dr. Mid Nite.
  21. Sold to Mr. Wipple: All American 20, 25, Batman 17, 23, 25 and Tec 226. Thanks!
  22. Justice League #1 Very Nicely Professionally Restored by an expert, I believe it would be moderate restoration with pieces added, color touch, small tear seal, Check scans, looks Beautiful, I would say apparent VF-, but check the scans for yourself $945 shipped. Closest GPA is $1,212 for an amateur restored 7.0 and $1,434 for a pro restored 7.5. Brave & Bold #30 3rd JLA pre dates Justice League #1, 1st Amazo & Professor Ivo. CGC 7.0 Higher Grade, hard to find in grade. While another 7.0 just sold for $700, a 7.5 just sold for $1,400 and this is one of the nicer 7.0's I have seen with definite upside potential. $695 Shipped.
  23. Adventure Comics #247 CGC 3.0 1st Legion of Superheroes. Really needs a back cover dry erase and press for a likely 1/2 grade bump. No Longer Available Tales To Astonish #44 CGC 6.0 Origin & 1st Wasp, has slight overhang and tiny ding on top or would grade VF range, I just barely saw a book on heritage with exact same issue and qualities get a 7.5, so this one has some serious upward potential IMO as I think most people would agree this looks closer to 7.5, especially with a hand press done at the top overhang area. 6.0 1 year average GPA is $935 but nothing in past 90 days, most recent 7.0 all the way up to $1,800 and 8.0 goes all the way up to $3,300 average! Next Ant Man movie is a focus on the Wasp! $975 shipped.