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  1. Batman: The Killing Joke nn Fourth Printing/BOMC Edition is listed as 25 points in 9.6 grade. This is 20 points lower than any other printing in a 9.6 grade. Here is the 4th Print BOMC and regular 4th Print point charts for comparison As you can see, the points for the regular 4th print in 9.4 grade is more than the BOMC edition in 9.6. The BOMC edition is quite rare, so, it should be at least the same points, across the board, as any other printing, if not worth more due to the rarity.
  2. Looks like someone finally agreed with me, as when you look up the registry census report for the Direct Edition it says the book cannot be found. It also appears that the census report for the 14th Print has increased pretty much by what the Direct Edition used to have listed. So, if you had a Direct Edition it looks like it has been moved to the 14th print slot, although it does not allow you to add it to the slot for the 14th Print. Not quite sure what will become of that book as far as the registry slot it belongs in. When I go to Edit Set, it says there are no available comics, but, still shows the Cert # in the slot. And here is the slot for the 14th print, that only shows 1 available comic for the slot. here is the Set Listing that still shows the Direct Edition, as well as the 14th printing: When you click on the "See CGC'sCensus Report for this Comic", it says "Comic Not Found":
  3. I'll take that art over Liefeld any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  4. Definite married cover. Too many differences between the covers and the enlarged staple holes for it not to be.
  5. Can you add the following to the Batman: The Killing Joke registry Batman: The Killing Joke nn 1988 D.C. Comics Fourth Printing/BOMC Edition (Cert# 2112773001) United Kingdom Batman: The Killing Joke nn 1988 Titan Books U.K. Edition/Fourth Printing (Cert# 2112773002) Italy Batman: The Killing Joke nn 4/97 Edizioni Play Press Italian Edition (Cert# 2112773006) Slots Created. Thank you
  6. Well, books are on the way back to me. Looks like they did not pay attention to the notes I included about Newsstand variants. It does appear that they acknowledged the BOMC variant, so, that is a good thing. I had it at a 9.2-9.4 and it is coming back 9.6, so, happy with that. The UK book was also a nice surprise as I had that as a 9,2. Really thought the 10th print had a shot at 9.8, but, sadly not. The 13th print (newwstand) is the only one I am really disappointed with. Thought that and the 11th print (newwstand) would be in the 9.4-9.6 range. Biggest letdown is that they don't appear to recognize the KJ newwstand variants.
  7. I might have a few of those books. I'll look in a little bit.
  8. So, my books are scheduled for grading. They are showing the 4th Print BOMC on the list, but, not the newsstands. Hoping they did not throw my attached notes away and will label these as newsstands.
  9. Looks like a 9.4-9.6 from what I can see. CGC hammers this book hard due to the super glossy cover. It shows scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints real well, especially on the back cover. Looks very nice.
  10. I submitted some of the newsstand issue. Probably not going to grade very high, but, as long as they label them as Newsstand Editions I'll be happy. 4th Print Book of the Month Club Edition 11th Print Newsstand Edition 13th Print Newsstand Edition Also sent in UK Edition 10th Print (hoping for 9.8 on this one, to upgrade) Italian Edition Depending on how they label the Newsstand Editions I may submit the 6th Print Newsstand for a re-holder and have them label it as a Newsstand Edition.
  11. I'd also look up the cert number, of the book, to see when it was graded. Maybe he is trying to get a partial refund or send you back a book he already had graded previously.
  12. My dad worked for a freight company and he used to bring bags home that were the perfect size for comics. Don't know what the bags were for, but, they fit perfectly. Didn't have any boards though. This was in the early to mid 70's when I first started collecting. Never heard or seen bags before, just happened to work out for me. Wasn't until I went to my first comic book store that I saw them.
  13. They will deduct the credit after they receive your books and before billing you.