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  1. I've got a few completed runs. Most are lower issue runs, like Nova 1-25, Machine Man 1-19, and the biggest run I've completed to date is Iron Man 1-332 plus annuals. Deciding on what to work on next, maybe Daredevil or Avengers. None of my runs are completely graded though.
  2. Got the book today. It is definitely the 11th printing. So, that verifies it as the 11th print Newsstand edition.
  3. I don't understand why they only insured it for 50k when it sold for 60k. Even if insurance paid out, the buyer would be out 10k.
  4. Also, it appears the 14th version has a print date of Jan 1988 and an on-sale date of June 2008. That would make sense since the ad on the back cover says August 2008. You could also order it, but, appears not until Oct 2009
  5. From what I can tell the 14th and DC Direct Editions are one and the same. I posted a thread in the CGC Registry section. Some of the pictures are gone, as they were on Photobucket, so, I'll have see if I have them and upload to fix it.
  6. Actually it brings us to 18 different versions (or 19, since CGC labels some 14th prints as DC Direct Edition.)
  7. Another note on the UPC codes. The 6th print Newsstand is the first printing that uses a barcode and only one I have seen on the front cover. All other printings, with a barcode, are on the back cover. There were no UPC codes used on the Direct Editions until the 8th printing. 9th and 10th printings used the same UPC code. The 8th and 9th Direct editions have a code that correlates to the printing (118 = 8th, 119 = 9th) The 11th and 12th Direct editions have a code that correlates to the printing (121 = 11th, 122 = 12th) The 13th Direct Edition has a code that, using the correlation on 11th and 12th prints, that should technically correlate to the 14th printing (124 = 13th instead of 14th printing) The 14th printing and the "DC Direct Edition" have the same barcode. CGC calls some 14th prints as the DC Direct Edition, but, they are wrong as I showed in another thread. Got no response from CGC about it.
  8. The prices on the newsstand copies match the prices on the direct editions as well. In 1980, agreement was reached between the EAN Authority and the International ISBN Agency to assign a specific 3-digit prefix to a fictitious country designated as "Bookland". The country codes 978 and 979 were reserved for this "country" to encode the ISBN. 978 - denotes ISBN code (Ficticous country of Bookland) 0930289454 - ISBN # (Last number is different due to difference in "check digits" between ISBN and EAN/UCC-13) 50495 - denotes price (50001-59998 = price of $0.01 to $99.98) Price Encoded in the Add-On: As requested by some retailers, the supplemental 5-digit add-on symbol may be used to encode cover price. Guidelines for its use have been revised and expanded to encode cover prices up to US$ 499.99. As in the past, a leading digit (Currency Indicator) of "5" designates prices from US$ 00.01 (50001) to US$ 99.98 (59998). The number 59999 was previously used to indicate a cover price greater than US$ 99.98. Thus, at this time, the cover price US$ 99.99 cannot be encoded. Prices from US$ 100.00 to US$ 499.99 are to be encoded with significant numbers, i.e., 10000 to 49999. At this time the numbers 60000 to 89999 have no significance and meaning. Add-on Data Pricing Interpretation Comments 50001 > 59998 US$ 0.01 > US$ 99.98 Previously Existing Rules 59999 Price is not encoded and is understood to exceed US$ 99.98. (Note: A price of US$ 99.99 cannot be encoded.) This value indicates a price greater than US$ 99.98 and not encoded in the add-on, whether the price is within the expanded range or not. 10000 > 19999 US$ 100.00 > US$ 199.99 New increased range 20000 > 29999 US$ 200.00 > US$ 299.99 New increased range 30000 > 39999 US$ 300.00 > US$ 399.99 New increased range 40000 > 49999 US$ 400.00 > US$ 499.99 New increased range
  9. @RockMyAmadeus In addition to the 4th Print Book of the Month Club, 6th Print Newsstand, and 13th Print Newsstand, it appears there may be an 11th Print Newsstand. This Print, pictured, has a UPC code of 9 780930 289454 50495, while the regular Direct Version has a UPC code of 7 61941 20212 00121. I'll find out in a few days when it arrives.
  10. Same here. Cover and first 3 wraps inserted twice.
  11. Not a waste of time. It is good information on this book.
  12. Looking at the 3rd picture, it looks like the black goes onto the edge of the cover. Can't tell for sure if there is glare that makes it appear that way. I'll check my ungraded copies tomorrow and see if any of them look like that. BTW, that book, if it is not color touch, still not a good candidate for grading. CGC is very hard on this book. The back cover flaws really show, as well as finger prints, and they hammer that.
  13. Got my prize from @Ron C. today. He sent me a "Bonus" prize, a Super 8 Spider-Man reel. Now I gotta go find a Super 8 projector.