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  1. Looking at this book, there is no way it is a 9.8. More likely a 6.5. CGC hammers this book hard and this book looks hammered.
  2. It is my favorite Batman story, followed by Dark Knight and Year One. Hush is up there as well.
  3. My 1st print, I was sure would be a 10. It was either my first or second submission, so, maybe it really is only a 9.8.
  4. There are some foreign versions that are embossed, but, most are not. I agree, the embossing made it stand out a bit. There is also a Black Label version that was supposed to come out in September, but, apparently got pushed back while DC does some reorganization.
  5. Here's the link to it, if you haven't seen it before.
  6. Maybe CGC will make me famous again and write about it in their book of the month.
  7. Mine is the 9th printing as well. The blues are close behind it though. I wish they would not have used yellow so much. 6 printings are yellow. They could have thrown in purple, white, gray, or whatever.
  8. I searched every listing I could find, on E-Bay, last night and did not see any others. Then again, I missed the one you posted, so could be others possibly.
  9. I was thinking of doing the same thing. Definitely interested in what they say. Maybe time for a Book of the Month Club registry set to be recognized by CGC, if there are enough other books out there
  10. This is what makes collecting fun. And I may have figured it out eventually, but, you expedited the process.
  11. And I couldn't have figured it out without your input, so, thanks.
  12. Great, now they'll be coming out of the woodwork. Might have to call CGC and see how they would handle this book. Here's the one I got.
  13. That is very interesting. Wonder how many other books were offered by Book of the Month Club. We know of 2 now.
  14. Might be Book of the Month Club edition.
  15. Now to figure out what it was packaged with.