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  1. I was more concerned with that bottom left corner. No way that is a 9.8.
  2. If Stan really did sign these books, the seller is losing a lot of money. Last I recall Stan was charging around $125 per signature. This guy is selling right around $25 per book. Sure sign these are fake.
  3. Reading this brings back memories of my subway riding days. Glad I don't have to ride them anymore, since I moved out west.
  4. His line work in this series is outstanding. I think it is some of his best work.
  5. Yeah, there are several other defects. I just picked the most obvious one to illustrate the point.
  6. This will not press out (color breaking). I think the best you would do on this book is 9.0-9.2, even with a press.
  7. They should. They graded this comic with a double cover and 1st 3 wraps, so, I doubt your book would be any different in their eyes.
  8. Glitter is not what I would use.. but, to each his own.
  9. Since 2 of the 3 are modern fast track and the missing one is not, that could be why. I would give it a few days and then call. Not sure why the magazine was listed, kind of throws a wrench in my theory, but could just be an anomaly.