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  1. CCS won't press that book. It has an embossed cover. Don't know if any other pressers will do it of not. I had one that I sent to CCS and they rejected it because of the embossed cover. I think they gave me credit for a future pressing. Little trick i use is a microfiber cloth, like you use for eye glasses and some hot breath. Seems to get rid of fingerprints, as long as they are recent and the oils haven't seeped into the cover.
  2. The front cover looks great, but, the scuffing on the back may hold it to a 9.4/9.6. CGC is HARD on this book. That back cover doesn't hide defects at all. I've submitted quite a few copies (of all different prints) and some got hammered for scuffs and fingerprints that I thought were barely noticeable. Still, for $25 it was a great deal, especially with all those books you got with it.
  3. I was only looking at the 9.8 sales, as that is what we were discussing. I did see the 9.6 and 9.4 sales, but, didn't mention those because they were not 9.8. I did not notice the raw sale for $810. That is insane. Though it is kind of hard to tell, thru the crappy bag, I don't think that book is a NM+. Maybe a 9.2 due to what looks like a bit of a soft upper right hand corner and the back cover, along the open edge. Whoever bought that is going to be disappointed I bet.
  4. Someone put a 9th 9.6 up for $1500 BIN + $30 shipping. That is one hell of a fishing expedition. Might have to list my 9.6
  5. I was referring to the 9th print, but, none of those you show have sold, in 9.8 or lower, for $1000. I am not counting Sig Series, just Universal.
  6. I'm waiting for E-Bay to start charging a buyer's premium. Wouldn't surprise me at all.
  7. I sold a Daredevil #1 CGC 1.8 to a guy in Thailand. Saw it pop up on E-Bay about a year or so later. Tried to buy it back, but, got sniped at the end. Sold for less than I sold it for.
  8. No printing has sold in, 9.8 or lower, for $1000. The last 9th print that sold, in 9.8, went for $225 back in Nov 2019. The highest it sold for, on E-Bay, was $305 in May 2019. I think that guy is just fishing for suckers at $1000.
  9. I don't think the 9th print is all that rare, as some sellers make it out to be. I usually see several of them up for sale on E-Bay at any given time. In my experience, the 10-13th prints are harder to find. The 14th print is more common, as that one came with the Batman/Joker Killing Joke Action Figures. At one point CGC also recognized the 14th print as the Direct Edition. Took me awhile to prove them wrong and for them to correct the census, so, even though the Direct print is listed in the registry sets, you cannot add 1 to that spot. Not sure what would happen if i were to remove mi
  10. Based on the spelling that is visible, on the window, it is assumed he spelled it JEWERY, which is derogatory towards those of the Jewish faith. Along with the Star of David with odd proportions, leads people to think it was done purposely.
  11. My prize went out in the mail today. Post Office said "should be there by Tuesday". I laughed at her. I don't think she appreciated that.
  12. If @randostoyzis good, them I am good as well.
  13. Hold off on this till Jazzman picks something esle. Just in case he wants it I will select Prize 13: Three issue 1s. Collector's items!! donated by Ryan. Thanks to all for the fun!