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  1. His father was a baseball player and a mob hit man.
  2. I met him at a Con and I asked him who his favorite character was to draw. He said Iron Man. My favorite was the stealth armor.
  3. Hey, but, the comic boxes look to be in relatively good shape.
  4. Iron man 1-332 Nova (vol 1) 1-25 Batman New 52 Batman Rebirth Batman The Killing Joke - All US printings and many foreign editions Ultimate Spider-Man (vol 1) Star Wars (Marvel Vol 2) Saga Thief of Thieves Fatale And some others I can't think of right now.
  5. Got it dug out of the box and I don't think it will make the NM+ requirement. Has a couple of small spine ticks that break color.
  6. Whatever you do, DON'T look in a mirror and say his name 3 times. It's for your own good.
  7. Yeah, that sucks, good luck getting it back. Had CGC recognized the Newsstand variants of the Killing Joke, i would have kept the top spot. They told me to write a letter to the graders with the information. Apparently the grader's did not agree. They did recognize the BOMC variant though. So, there is still hope for the Newsstands.
  8. Lost my Killing Joke top spot this year. I have the most complete and a lot of unique books in my set, but, someone with a 10.0 comes along and beats me out. I will get it back next year. On the upside, my Dr. Fate and Nightforce are still the top sets (even thought they are they only sets in the list).
  9. Batman: The Killing Joke nn Fourth Printing/BOMC Edition is listed as 25 points in 9.6 grade. This is 20 points lower than any other printing in a 9.6 grade. Here is the 4th Print BOMC and regular 4th Print point charts for comparison As you can see, the points for the regular 4th print in 9.4 grade is more than the BOMC edition in 9.6. The BOMC edition is quite rare, so, it should be at least the same points, across the board, as any other printing, if not worth more due to the rarity. Score Updated. Thank you
  10. Looks like someone finally agreed with me, as when you look up the registry census report for the Direct Edition it says the book cannot be found. It also appears that the census report for the 14th Print has increased pretty much by what the Direct Edition used to have listed. So, if you had a Direct Edition it looks like it has been moved to the 14th print slot, although it does not allow you to add it to the slot for the 14th Print. Not quite sure what will become of that book as far as the registry slot it belongs in. When I go to Edit Set, it says there are no available comics, but, still shows the Cert # in the slot. And here is the slot for the 14th print, that only shows 1 available comic for the slot. here is the Set Listing that still shows the Direct Edition, as well as the 14th printing: When you click on the "See CGC'sCensus Report for this Comic", it says "Comic Not Found":
  11. I'll take that art over Liefeld any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  12. Definite married cover. Too many differences between the covers and the enlarged staple holes for it not to be.