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  1. They didn't say, just that they broke into his car while he was eating. I am guessing they saw the boxes and decided to break in and see what they got. More of a crime of opportunity than planned I gather
  2. Very true. I was just basing my response off of Roy's post, but, yes it is human nature to view things in their own way.
  3. The store told them they weren't interested in it, so, I would imagine they thought it was worthless. They don't seem to be very smart crooks taking $2500 for $100k worth of books.
  4. This is very true. Part of it is due to citizens of other countries only have the ability to base their opinions of the US by who they meet. Unfortunately they usually meet the insufficiently_thoughtful_persons. I've seen many tourists get in trouble, while us Sailors usually never got into trouble. We always had a briefing on what and what not to do before we pulled into a foreign port. Regular (non Navy) tourist put on the "Ugly" American act, believing that the people of those countries should speak English and that the US laws were the only laws that applied to them. While we had the fear of the Captain put into us. Not saying Sailors never got into trouble, just less than the average tourists, for the most part from what I have seen. No matter what country you visit, you should always research it, whether it is Canada, Greece, Korea, or wherever. It will save you a lot of trouble and you will probably enjoy the visit even more.
  5. Pics or it didn't happen.....
  6. Yes, at all 3. Alternate Reality will have some, but not a big selection Torpedo and Cosmic will have a pretty good selection of Silver and Bronze.
  7. Oh yeah, they said it was left on the seat of the crooks car.
  8. How I remember it. Close to the above, with a couple minor differences. The 2 books they brought in were the green label NM and the Romance. Tell crooks they are not too interested in Romance book, but the NM might be something. Crooks say they have a bunch of other books. The crooks went to go get the other books, took them about 20 minutes or so to return. Owner call Harley and tells him he may have his books, while crooks are gone Harley first asks if the AF 15 is in there. Owner says he is waiting on them to return. Crooks return with other books. They are Harleys. Owner notices 3 copies of IH 181 right off the bat. Store gives them a check for $2500. Crooks leave. Store calls bank to cancel the check. Store calls cops. Cops don't show. Crooks come back to store to say the bank confiscated check. Store owner's brother goes to the bank with crooks. Owner has friend trail them to the bank, to keep tabs. Chase calls store, owner explains what is happening Bank explains to crooks that anything over $2000 has a hold placed on it. Brother gets ID and phone number and crooks leave Cops show up 4 or so hours later Harley comes in next day and retrieves books. Gives owner IH 181 CGC 4,5 as reward.
  9. For Las Vegas Stores Torpedo Comics - large selection of SA/BA, prices are a bit high. You have to see their Vault. Cosmic Comics - largest store in the city, good selection - prices also a bit high Alternate Reality - closest to the strip, not a large selection of back issues, but, some decent deals can be found there
  10. Glad to hear he got them back. I've only met him a couple of times, so, don't know him well. It is great news no matter how well anyone knows him.
  11. While nowhere near #1, Boston is on the list.
  12. There is a store, here in Vegas, that has quite a selection of blanks. If you tell me what you want, I can check and see what they have. I believe they are cover price, some might be a little more, but not that many, If I remember right.
  13. Media Mail has the possibility of being inspected. Do you really think the USPS people are going to treat your books with any semblance of care if it does get opened for inspection?
  14. This one is pretty bad ***. Stanley Artgerm Lau Modern Virgin Variant Cover
  15. My latest submission took a week to show up.