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  1. And he tells all the dads to teach their kids good morals.
  2. Mine will go out this week. Hope I did good with my gift. Time will tell.
  3. Story is all here.
  4. Dark Days: The Casting Vol 1 1
  5. Picked this up today from my LCS for $1.00 VG condition
  6. Yeah, it is always cool to see what everyone gets. Hopefully mine will not get stolen this year and I can see/show what I get.
  7. I picked up a 9.8. Probably paid more than I should have, but, OCD and all. See a couple posts above for it.
  8. Damn. Was hoping they would get back to one of us.
  9. Have you heard back from them yet?
  10. I know that, I was talking about when he gets the book back.
  11. I would film the opening of the box, preferably at the Post Office or with the mail man witnessing you open it.
  12. You can try this guy. He takes requests
  13. This idea has been discussed here before. Wasn't thought of a good idea back then, either.
  14. True, but, I was referring more to the scraping it off than the cut it out.
  15. Not all color touch can be removed. If someone used a black sharpie to touch up a black area on the cover, it will usually bleed thru the cover and be seen on the inside cover. This cannot be removed by merely scraping off.