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  1. Test. OK, That much is fixed ! It was a problem on my end,
  2. You couldn't sell it for half that two years ago. Just keep that in mind....
  3. CBCS (for their own good) have apparently tightened their grading since. 8.5 my . That's a 7.5.....
  4. Not as high as the $17,000 shelled out for the last 9.0 (Pedigree Comics), but that's still an impressive hammer price. Looks like the book is still red hot. During the last 3-min of the Batman 121 9.0 on ComicConnect the site was down. I have screen captures showing it! They were supposed to extend the ones that were affected, but for some reason this one was not included. This was my 251, but they all ended around the same time. The site was down for about 30 min, then up, then down again. The 121 was spotty then unreachable. I was only able to get back onto it to see the 121 when the auction was over.
  5. I had State Farm a while back. They make their money by not paying claims. I would stay FAR away from them.
  6. PGX was talked about openly for years. The change came when the new player on the block wasn't a joke and had credentials. Coke or Pepsi, it's personal preference, but pretty much the same thing. I guess we just step around the dead elephant in the room and life goes on.
  7. It seems obvious to me that we are living in a pretty big bubble right now When she pops , it's gonna get ugly Bingo and if you say you didn't see it coming then shame on you.
  8. SOLD. I sold my collection a month ago. In the last few years keys have appreciated up to 1000%. An AF15 that would have sold for 15k a decade ago is now almost 100k. I don’t know about most people, but I don’t want to get caught in the slide. The 80s were Slasher films. 90s the Mafia, Neo, and the Terminator. 2000s were Pixar movies. Now, Superheros. If anyone knows what a bubble looks like, this has all the signs of it. I’ll get back in after the pop where those 150k houses were selling for 600k and now you can get them at foreclosure for 80k. I’ve lived through several bubbles sitting on Wall Street. Everyone knew it was coming. People just refused to talk out of small circles about the inevitable. Let’s see where these Inhuman first appearances go within the next 12-months. We also now have multiple grading companies. This could cause market confusion. Who is grading correctly? Are they gift grading for added business or are they being tight to maintain their integrity. Which do I use? Are the both lax? Which one do I trust? We’ve seen some pretty rough books with super high grades fetching 6-figures from both companies. That is not helping with my warm and fuzzy feeling. However, who the heck bought that AF15 9.4 !!!!!!
  9. I would have a large room just like that to display them in and have to hire someone to clean the glass off daily.
  10. Take a bow Robert No one here wanted it at 17k just like no one wanted my SC4 7.5 a few months back. WHO bought that AF15 9.4 off Heritage a few months ago?!?!?
  11. It was a CGC 7.5 with a note of stain on front cover. It was cracked and there was no stain on the interior since it was obvious it was not on the front. That made it an 8.0. Sounds like a good idea to resubmit. I'll be rooting for you in your quest a bigger fish, 9.0? I wish I would have seen that 9.4 that recently sold.