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  1. I just saw a photo recently in the Toronto Star newspaper and am wondering if anyone recognizes the Superman? image in the background. Where is it from, who is it by, print, lithograph, ...? It may not even be an image of Superman, but an homage to him. The person in the foreground, is a Toronto Star newspaper journalist who's last name happens to start with an 'S'. Side note, Joe Shuster used to work at the Star and the Daily Planet was inspired by the Star. In the comics Clark originally worked at the Daily Star, until they changed the name to the Daily Planet in 1940. Unfortunately, the journalist has just passed away and am not able to contact him to get an further details. Any information would be must appreciated as I like how it is composed. Thanks.
  2. The headline artists scheduled for tomorrow, do know if they will be present at the early opening or at 4pm? Any artists delay their appearance to Friday?
  3. Kevin will you know in advance if his people agree to VIP getting front of the line (same as with Byrne last year)? As well, as previously asked by someone else, will they be issuing tickets in advance (morning of, day before) or first come first serve, i.e. massive lines and people running to get a ticket?
  4. Thanks! Will McFarlane also be doing a public signing in the signing area?
  5. Will there also be a public Jim Lee signing? As well, will there be a public Batman 80 event?
  6. The reason for the question, is that when I look on comicbookdb and other websites his name does not appear to be attached to Action 1.
  7. So does his contribution entitle him to full status as a contributor to Action Comics 1?
  8. I have read that Sheldon Moldoff contributed to Action Comics #1, but find conflicting resources, some have him listed as working on the book and others do not. Did he contribute to Action Comics #1 and if so, what did he do exactly in that book?
  9. Thanks Kevin, I appreciate the response and agree that volunteers and staff should never be threatened at any point and badge holder should lose their line privileges. Will there be a Jim Lee sketch opp package offered at any point? As well, will the VIP badge work at the DC booth this year? Thanks.
  10. Will the 80 Years of Batman be a ticketed only event or will there also be a public event? Same thing with Jim Lee, will he be having any public events or panels or just the ticketed Experience?
  11. Will Jim be doing any public signings this year or only at his experience? Do you also know which days he will be attending? Same with McFarlane? As well, will last years issues with public signings be resolved this year? The public signing area on the comic side was cut in half last year and most signings occurred at the artists booths, which resulted in major confusion on where pass holders stand and congestion. VIP pass holders seemed to be an afterthought last year and had to jump through hoops or hunt for event organizers to get front of the line privileges. Will VIP pass holders be able to get front of the line access at public signings in the comic area and does that also apply to the mass signings at the artists booths? Thank you Kevin for all of your hard work!
  12. When comics and OA were being purchased in the 60s or 70s was it for the love of the genre or for how much it will appreciate in value? Foster the love of the genre and characters and future interest will pick up. Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are popular because of the fun factor, cheap investment and potential to get a rare card for the price of a cheap one. Less push on value. Cheap entry point for all, which is what comics were.