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  1. Amazing! What commission bracket can you get today for the same price you paid then?
  2. I have had more lost packages with fedex than I have had with usps and the brokerage fee that they charge is sometimes more than an item is worth. I have on occasion refused to accept a package from fedex or dhl and told them to return it to sender based on the exorbitant brokerage fees.
  3. I am wondering how much Superman 1, Page 1 goes for in comparison, especially since the origin story is different than what was in Action 1.
  4. Easiest way to share with those who are interested is through google drive. I definitely would be interested. Are they high resolution scans and any scans of full books?
  5. Sorry to hear about the last minute price change. One would assume that if a price was agreed upon then it would be honored. Any reason for the last minute price increase?
  6. 2 things, if he is raising money and donating it to the charity, does he also get a tax break? Second thing, we also don’t know how much they will actually donate to the stores, as mentioned previously, some charities are better at giving most of the money raised than others. There are a lot of stories of charities giving less than 70% of each dollar raised, the rest going to overhead.
  7. I always found it interesting how the penciller always got credit on the dailies, but never the inker. He inked a lot of the dailies over the years.
  8. Again, I love his lines and the way he inked everything. Always added to the pencils, but never took away from them.
  9. First time that we have Sinnott inking Incredible Hulk 1, especially over Kirby.
  10. I managed over the years to grab a bunch of the inking challenge pieces from the Inkwell Awards. All inked over Sinnott bluelines. Very interesting too see others inking over his pencils and sometimes his own inking style on the same piece in comparison. I love the sharpness of Sinnotts lines, how his backgrounds are not overpowering and letting the scene and/or character speaking for itself. Sinnott rough pencils - Wolverine (don't own): Sinnott finished piece (don't own): Mark McKenna interpretation: Charles Barnett III interpretation: Sinnott rough pencils - Hulk (don't own): Estiloz interpretation: Hanna interpretation: Vokes interpretation: Sinnott Black Panther pencils (don't own): Wiacek interpretation: Sinnott inked Spiderman (don't own): Wiacek interpretation:
  11. I always wanted an early Kirby/Sinnott FF, but it was always out of my price range. Luckily my page above had some Kirby Krackle. I have a Kirby FF storyboard and asked on multiple occasions for Sinnott to ink a blueline version of it, but was always turned down. I went with the next best Kirby linked inker available, Mike Royer.
  12. Amazing page! You never seem to surprise me with what you have in your collection.
  13. Unfortunately another great comic artist has passed away, Joe Sinnott, but would love too see everyone's examples of his work that you have in your personal collection. I will start. Spider-man Sunday Strip, November 2014 (Saviuk and Sinnott) Fantastic Four 319 (Pollard and Sinnott) This was in his personal collection until recently.
  14. Amazing inker, sad too see another great go.
  15. What is the general consensus towards the current experimental sketches compared to the earlier inked sketches? As well, is he also publishing these watercolor, mixed media, ... sketches?