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  1. Does the same apply to Signature Series books? What it is the feeling towards the value of those books? Especially, low grade copies.
  2. Which bags are best for Omnibus's?
  3. It didn’t move much in the past day, but still a great buy for whoever got it.
  4. Amazing Lee sketch, do you mind if I ask how you managed to get him to do a cover reinterpretation?
  5. My only concern with shipping art sealed in plastic is depending on the weather and where it is stored until being shipped, is condensation developing between the sheets of plastic and still damaging the art.
  6. Seems to be an obscure item to replace. Cannot seem to find anyone who sells parts. It would be unfortunate to buy a new car, just to get the hoverboard. The cars are going for over $300.
  7. I have a Hot Wheels Elite BTTF Delorean, 1:18 (BCJ 97), comes with a hoverboard, but sadly have misplaced the hoverboard. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement board? The car feels incomplete without it.
  8. The whole VIP thing this year has been a let down and have heard this from many VIPs.
  9. VIP was not told until an hour into the signing that we were able to use our VIP badges. That was a massive confusion and hassle in itself.
  10. What is the signing schedule for John Byrne this weekend (nothing announced) and will he be signing in the comic signing area or only at a booth? As well, will we get VIP front of the line for him? Most comic artists only seem to be signing at their booths, VIP is not applicable for too many in the comic area this year.
  11. What time is the box office at the MTCC open till today?
  12. With all the dealer sales regarding them, was just curious about the supply quantity. Also, curious of availability, especially for those showing up on Friday.
  13. How many Jock exclusive variants will the Fan Expo store have in stock and when does the store open on Thursday?
  14. Thanks for the response. To clarify, because a lot of the Q&A's have moved to the 200 level, will our VIP pass work there as well? Otherwise it will seem more limited this year. As well, is there anything you can do to help the VIPs get easier access to the comic panels?