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  1. Hi Mollie, I like you to create the following sets. The main Zenescope list is getting to large and confusing to follow. Not Fun 1. Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno Age of Darkness - Zenescope - Grimm Fairy Tales 2. Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno Resurrection - Zenescope - Grimm Fairy Tales 3. Grimm Fairy Tales Robyn Hood I Love N.Y - Zenescope - Grimm Fairy Tales 4. Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales From Never Land Zenescope 5. Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm Wars Age Of Darkness Zenescope 6. Grimm Fairy Tales: Down The Rabbit Hole 7. Grimm Fairy Tales: Through The Looking Glass 8. Grimm Fairy Tales Annual Covers Only 9. Grimm Fairy Tales: Wounded Warriors 10. Grimm Fairy Tales (Simply all) GFT Annuals, GFT Halloween's, GFT Giant Size, GFT Valentine Day's, GFT Swim suites, GFT Wounded Warriors, GFT Animated Series, GFT Las Vegas Annuals, GFT Over-sized Cosplay, GFT Beauty and the Beast nn's only, GFT Pinocchio nn's only, GFT Little Mermaid nn's only, GFT Wonderland Annual's only, GFT Special Collected, GFT Angel, GFT St. Patrick Day's, GFT Holiday books, GFT Short Stories, GFT Special Edition Mollie, There is already GFT Myths & Legends, GFT Dream Eater, GFT Escape From Wonderland, GFT Beyond Wonderland, GFT Tales From Wonderland, GFT Return From Wonderland (Needs Fixes) will report any others as I come across them Thanks Mikey The Mongoose