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  1. Peejay Catacutan Another Filipino artist I commissioned to do Thor.
  2. Selling 2 books. Art of Chew $175 shipped for both paypal and no HOS please
  3. Anything Thor. Splash and Covers. Will listen to anything. Commissions as well by Artists that worked on Thor. Thanks Dom
  4. Will do haha. Thanks. Anyway I found a cgc rep in the Philippines and he constantly sends books out to them. I will just send him my books including this one with him when I return from the states. Hopefully comes back in the same grade.
  5. Thanks for the info Ya I was just thinking 2. I got a couple chew #1 9.9s I wanna sell. But the copy I have has a crack. Probably will drastically lower the value of the book but am just weighing options. Hard to do make moves all the way in the Philippines haha. Maybe next time if I got more time in the states or make a point to go to a comic convention. Not in a rush as well. Wouldve been nice to have extra pocket money selling these comics for my trip though hehe
  6. Cool thanks for tip Any local comic shop in manhattan? Think that’s the best way to go about it. Only have a week in the states. I can send it to a lcs and have it mailed to my uncle who lives in NYC. Also so how much ball park figure are we talking about?
  7. I think I should just send it for reholder as well. I’m new to this cgc thing. I actually gave a couple high grades books with cracks. I should send them as well. Will be in New York and have a free day. What’s the best way to go about sending these comics for new cases? Help a brother out hehe
  8. Book is in the states while I’m in the Philippines. I fly in next weekend. Hope to get more pictures then.
  9. Yup those pics came from the buyer. I guess he is OC when it comes to buying. I’m just gonna re-list and hope he doesn’t buy it. I have a bunch of 9.8s and this book looks way nicer. Thanks all for the feedback.
  10. I figured the same. I guess he just didn’t like the book.
  11. Ok so I sold 2 books for the first time. I bought the two books way back from a respectable seller here on the boards. 1 sale went through perfect. The other one I assumed was good but the one the buyer contacted me a month later accusing the book was tampered. Please see pics and tell me if justified. I gave the buyer a complete refund but I would wanna re-list the item but if it really was tampered I don’t wanna sell something like that. I am in no way an expert. I only have a handful of cgc comics.
  12. I’m collecting Thor commissions. So far getting from local Philippine talents Eman Casallos John Amor Lan Medina Roy Allan Martinez