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  1. Hello Am looking to upgrade my JIM 83. I have these Thor pieces to trade. Preferably anyone in NYC area.
  2. Slowly and surely Sending you a good luck bump!
  3. Wow really hope this book takes off. I wanna upgrade my 4.0 incase members of the club wanna trade
  4. Good Luck with the search! If the economy in the Philippines doesn't recover this year Ill contact you regarding my Coipel pages haha
  5. Looking to upgrade. Anyone wanna do a trade? Could add money as well.
  6. Ok got enough money again. Looking for a JIM 85 CGC 4.0. Pretty firm on the grade but open to a .5 give or take. Thanks
  7. Nic Klein Thor Splash Daniel Warren Johnson BRB Splash
  8. Got this commission from Julius Gopez. Blown away....didn’t expect this masterpiece. Beta Ray Bill vs Thor. Insane. This guy needs more recognition. been collecting Thor commissions from local Filipino artists.
  9. Looking for journey into mystery 85 cgc 4.0 Thanks Dom
  10. Looking for Daredevil 1 cgc 4.0-5.0 Daredevil 168 cgc 9.6-9.8
  11. I might be willing to sell if you are interested.