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  1. So theres still a frozen Captain America somewhere right? If old Cap dies they can just fish out the frozen one?
  2. Smart. Ya he brought back the hammer as well when he went back. Totally forgot. Will watch again.
  3. I was hoping Thor played a bigger role as well but Im happy he didnt die. I hope he comes back in any movie whether Guardians 3 or Thor 4. Fat Thor literally stole Mjolnir from past Thor. How will past Thor fight the Dark Elves now?
  5. Hi Dan! All is good been away from the boards for awhile! Getting back into comics again! haha Hope all is good on your end as well! Take another price bump!
  6. Price bumps before going to eBay
  7. Looking for Chris Hemsworth SS. Other SS from Thor actor as well. Thanks Dom
  8. Finally in the club thanks to Alex Gross and Bob Storms! Hoping I can own another copy soon!
  9. Looking for Thor covers or splash pages. I have one piece for sale or trade as well. Injustice vol 1 #10 cover by Mico Suayan
  10. Anyone got this book 4.0 to 6.0 Also looking for JIM 84 JIM 85 Thanks Dom