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  1. Howdy Folks, Looking for an entry level low grade copy. Willing to consider copies with serious defects for fair price. Let's say 2.0 or under. Slabbed or raw. Regards, --CB
  2. All books have been sold via PM. Sorry for any confusion. I've been out of the house and haven't had consistent cell service.
  3. Willing to field reasonable offers tonight. Books will move to eBay tomorrow.
  4. Made another round of discounts to a few of the books. Thanks for looking.
  5. ACTION COMICS #17 (Classic Cover) You know how the story goes. #17's the new #15. #15's the new #10, etc. These early Superman covers are always about as hot as they come. GRADE: FR NOTES: The elephant in the room is that the right edge of the cover (and first page???) appear to have been trimmed. Large tape pull on front cover. The cover is also obviously completely split and reattached with scotch tape. The 1st interior wrap is detached, and the 2nd interior wrap is barely attached. Lots of evident wear and tear on this specimen. But it's complete and the page quality is actually very good the further in you get. There's a little chipping and fraying along the edges but the overall page quality is decent and not brittle. It's getting harder and harder to get a piece of this issue, so if you can live with the defects and that right edge trimming this might be one of the last shots to get an affordable copy. Looks pretty good in a mylar as well. A good candidate for future restoration/preservation too. PRICE: $1075 $1000
  6. SUPERMAN #15 (Classic Cover) NO BACK COVER GRADE: PR NOTES: Filler copy only. No Back Cover. Some soiling and brittleness, especially in the outer wraps. Front cover detached with some pieces missing. Doesn't look half bad in a Mylar though. PRICE: $125 $100
  7. ACTION COMICS #64 (1st Toyman) GRADE: FR/G NOTES: Grease pencil mark on cover. 6" spine split to cover. Heavy spine roll. Tears to centerfold. Cover loosely attached. Page quality is very good overall though. PRICE: $200 $175 $150
  8. ACTION COMICS #47 (1st Luthor Cover) GRADE: FR NOTES: Stamp on front cover. Cover detached. Bottom staple missing. Pieces out of cover along spine. Interior tape stains/old tape on cover and outer wrap. Centerfold detached. A little edge fraying along some interior pages. Page quality is very good though. PRICE: $300 $275 $250
  9. Howdy Folks, A few low grade GA Superman books to fill in your gaps. RULES: First unconditional wins the day. Payment by paypal only. No probies or HOSers. USA Shipping Only but willing to make exceptions for long-standing Canadian members. Shipping is $7 USA, Canadian at cost.
  10. Read the clock wrong. So sorry! Form should be in if you can still squeeze me in.
  11. Not much interest so I'm moving this one to Ebay.