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  1. Try this link below Board member Lewis Forro (aka The_Leader_Knows here on the boards) conducted the CBM interview. There are even audio links with Robert Bell included! http://ditkofan.com/Facebook/robertbell/robertbell.html
  2. NOT mine....I wish it was! From the famous Newsboy collection (bought by Mike Goldman Motor City Comics and auctioned off by Heritage in 2009)
  3. Very true! Especially with 1950s DCs Here's some examples of #1 DC issues and top of census: Lois Lane 1 - only one 9.0 copy Jimmy Olsen 1 - only one 8.5 copy Brave And The Bold 1 - only one 8.0 copy Showcase 1 - only one 9.0 copy Tales Of The Unexpected 1 - only one 7.5 copy
  4. What's interesting about the Marvel paper stock from around '62-'63 is this seems to be the period where "Marvel chipping" on covers seems to be more prevalent. DC paper stock left a lot to be desired also, but didn't suffer from this chipping effect to any noticeable degree.
  5. I don't believe it has. GoCollect site, which tracks auction sales history, is not showing any sales for a 9.4 (it does show the recent Heritage sale of $105,000 for the 9.2 in late April)
  6. I think you hit on one of the main points above (in italics) - DC collectors are notorious for holding onto material and putting books in the "black hole"! No need to slab if the books are staying put! Being that you were once a collector of the Legion, you probably saw the thread here in Silver a few pages back showing veteran board members and collectors sharing their input on not finding/seeing high grade copies of certain issues. The craziness of scarcity on the CGC census is even more evident with 10 cent DCs from the 1950s-early 60s
  7. Thanks. Even the CGC label plays it up: "Copies exist with handwritten issue number." It made me wonder Overstreet (and CGC) should really eliminate this separate listing/notation. Overstreet even double lists issue 60 in the guide and makes the "handwritten" number edition worth even more than, I guess, a regular stamped number edition ($100 in price difference in NM- 9.2) Unless Bigfoot or Loch Ness show up with their non-handwrtten copies of TGK60!
  8. It also looks like Mark's PGC Mint website is updated with new items added in June and his other ebay seller's account "Dizneyart" is also active with items added recently
  9. I thought you did an honorable job, Richard!
  10. Isn't this the dream of all former presidents of the American Association of Comicbook Collectors? (aka the AACC)
  11. "Popp was eBay’s senior manager of global intelligence, Stockwell was the company’s manager of global intelligence center (GIC), Zea was a contractor who worked as an intelligence analyst within the GIC" Global Intelligence? More like Global Stupidity! Good luck finding that new job and surviving an internet background check!
  12. Don't know if this was mentioned here or elsewhere already (apologies if) but that 9.8 FF Annual 1 sold last night in Comiclink auction for $31,277
  13. Comic-Warehouse is Bill Hughes of Vintage Collectables/Greg Manning auctions fame From the Vintage Collectables homepage: "Greetings Fellow Collectors, I hope 2020 is treating you well so far! Thank you for dropping in to visit my website. The collectibles' markets seem to continue to show strong demand and upward trends. For this reason, and my love of collectibles in general, I continue to scour the countryside, seeking "fresh" material for my website and eBay listings (comic-warehouse)"
  14. It's amazing what ebay cares or doesn't care about in its current form (a shell of its once great self from its youth). But, that's a story for another time and a different thread/forum. I am amazed about the 100% positive feedback that sellers like Kellys generates. In the beginning, I was wondering if it was setting up multiple bogus ebay accounts and generating a fictitious buy/sell environment, but a look at feedback shows different feedback with high feedback scores in the hundreds/thousands for the hidden buyers. There are some common buyers with high scores, who buy quantity from the seller, but others look to be unique. I assume it would be hard to game the system by setting up multiple accounts and generate high feedback scores for bogus buyers, but I wouldn't put anything pass the one who is involved! Like mentioned, the return policy probably gets legit buyers from posting negative/neutral feedback, but 100%? I guess $$$ talks...or should I say "silences"! Has anyone ever bought anything from this seller, even as a test, to see how the process plays out? (return sellers address, return policy, communications, etc.)
  15. Hi Tim. See if this works (see Get Marwood & I post)