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  1. You are right about that, that Knightsofold's selections represent an accurate representation for way into the future generations! Like mentioned, the top three (Action 1, Tec 27 and AF15) are no brainers. A case can be made for Marvel 1 to be included, not only for significance of the book and characters, but also the title representing what led to one of the Big Two company names of all time in the comic industry! Kind of like Detective 27 having a dual purpose - major character plus representation of the "DC" name/brand.
  2. This book will look so passé in the year 4965 (like by at least 2000 years!)
  3. You should join "The Club!"
  4. Very sound advice, Bob. Another "lesson" sellers should follow is never underestimate a potential customer because of age. Paul Howley tells the following story, from his wonderful blog, on an experience from the early days of Sparkle City: "A very young boy, perhaps 12 years old, came up to my display and pointed to a copy of “Fantastic Four” #1 from 1961, and asked “How much is that comic book”. I didn’t take his inquiry very seriously, and I replied “ Oh, that’s a lot of money”. The young boy then said, “ Well, how much?” I said, “It’s $695.00.” He replied “Oh. Do you have a cheaper copy?” I showed him a copy that was priced at $295.00. To my surprise, he said, “I’ll take this one. Do you have issues #2 through #150?” Within ten minutes this pre-teen spent over $1200.00 and paid in cash! After he had completed this transaction I learned that he had just sold his horse and his parents allowed him to spend the proceeds on his new hobby of collecting comic books. I learned at that moment to take all customers seriously, regardless of my first impression of them."
  5. Could this 9.0 be the same copy that Doc Joe posted as an 8.5 all the way back on page 3 of this same thread? (a little hard to tell because the 8.5 picture is small, but some similarities on outer right edge and the spine)
  6. Was it this one? (cream to off-white) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Cat-Mystery-Comics-50-CGC-5-0-Golden-Age-Pre-code-HORROR-classic-Lee-Elia-/113777537637?hash=item1a7dab7265%3Ag%3AyWIAAOSwxeVc%7EZKS&LH_Auction=1&nma=true&si=RLnISxJRutcyGoWGMa5Osaz2L%252FY%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  7. When I first saw the screenshot of the video in this post, I thought they had finally made a movie of that infamous Theo H. ad from the 1976 Overstreet and this was the trailer!
  8. Charter members were submitting and getting books graded by CGC in late 1999 (around November/December) CGC opened its doors to the rest of us amateurs in January 2000. But, you bring up a very good point about CGC books getting "prices on some of those books were right up there in never never land" right from the start! With CGC's 20th anniversary approaching, there was "never" a time that premium or highest graded or pedigree or rare keys weren't getting highest prices paid in CGC's existence! We sometimes get blinded by the ridiculous prices being paid for CGC material (Tomb of Dracula 9.9, anyone?) but sometimes don't recall the high premiums paid from the get go. The "good ole days" may have been good, but not cheap!
  9. Most likely Heritage's first main catalog auction. When you search Heritage's resource archives and put in a generic "Action" in the search and then sort by "Oldest Sales", results pop up for an auction that was held a couple of weeks prior on November 11. 2001. Possibly an internet only auction, see mostly raw books offered/sold. Results, for this catalog auction, are showing up next in oldest and contain prime CGC material. As noted in another recent thread here on the boards, the Greg Manning auction that Jay Parrino was dominating was held in the Spring of 2001. This Heritage auction is in Fall of 2001. Sotheby's last main comic auction was in June 2000, so you can say this was sort of a passing of the torch in the comics auction world!
  10. Here is a CGC thread from 2017 mentioning the TOD 9.9 at $125K on ComicLink: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/406763-tomb-of-dracula-fans/page/3/
  11. Always love seeing old "wanted" ads from the past. Gives you a feel for what was hot or not at a certain time era. Danny states in the ad that the list was compiled on January 1, 1989. Later on, in that summer of '89, was the Batman movie and its hype. Ad features the main key Detectives as well as Batman 1 and the origin 47 issue. Absent of note is no Action 1 or Superman 1 listed, even though there are wanted books on the list from those titles.
  12. Ironically, the Comic Buyers Guide's expose on Dupcak/Comic-Keys connection ("Mystery in Cyberspace") came out in February 2004. Heritage auction was in March 2004
  13. I was always amused by this past Heritage auction item description (see auction description in following link) https://comics.ha.com/itm/silver-age-1956-1969-/the-avengers-11-marvel-1964-condition-apparent-nm-a-solid-example-of-an-important-issue-a-spider-man-guest-appeara/a/14032-17104.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515