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  1. Trying to get this thread back on track with a more positive spin. Tom, was this Metal Men #1, that you posted earlier, one of those "freebies"?
  2. Hey Tom, GREAT stuff and thanks for pictures! I think I may have found your WP Showcase 43 floating around in the ComicConnect archives (sold this past December 2020 for $1,650)
  3. Great to hear that the Showcase 4s and the Plymouth SuperBirds were not Urban Legend! Oh man, having Mike Friedlander participating in this thread would be pure gold...no wait, this is the SILVER forum...no, I was right the first time, it would be PURE GOLD!! Thanks Tom!
  4. Would love to hear more about the Friedlander brothers involvement/part of the Western Penn collection. Use to hear rumors back in the day (pre-internet) of the collection, multiple high grade Showcase 4s, multiple Plymouth Super Bird cars, etc....... Again, rumors
  5. Thanks Tom, for posting that photocopy of the Green Lantern 1 Was there distributor ink on the top edge of the book (see the red arrow below) or is that from the photocopy? Also, you know, you can get that photocopy pressed, if you wish!
  6. You can shut it off if you go to "My Heritage" and then "My Collections" on the Heritage site. I think Heritage automatically sets it up to receive offers and you would have to manually shut it off if you don't want offers. But, then again, you might find the offers humorous!
  7. Tom, did you ever take any pictures of the Green Lantern 1 and Showcase 43? I think you mentioned that the Green Lantern 1 may have ended up in one of the early Sotheby's or Christie's comics auction. Do you recall which one? (I have most of those old catalogs and can check)
  8. Also from the Heritage archive (and, also not mine! ) Western Penn flash 123:
  9. I remember when Keith Contarino came on the boards, years ago, and said that he returned the Showcase 34-36 and Brave & Bold 34-36 back to Tom, because they were supposedly not high grade enough for Keith's tastes at the time! I'm paraphrasing the conversation here, but I think it went something like this: Keith: "I did a dumb thing and returned the Showcase Atoms and Hawkmans back to Tom because I thought they weren't high enough grade" linmoth: "Keith, what were you thinking?" Keith: "One of my biggest regrets in collecting" tth2: "Keith, what were you thinking?"
  10. GREAT STUFF, Tom! So, how did the Friedlanders (Mike & Stu) come into play with the Western Penn collection and with the original father/son collectors?
  11. Well, I'm here for the rest of this thread! What hotel is the best to stay at and are there any decent restaurants close?
  12. Slightly OT, but linmoth, it is good to see you posting again on these boards after a long absence! I know you were an integral part of the Western Penn and Pacific Coast pedigrees when they were brought into the market back in the day. Welcome back! (still waiting to hear your Western Penn origin story! )
  13. I may be a little late to the game here, but MasterChief what do you mean by the "work done"? I know you are the Master detective here on the boards, but are grader notes now revealing "work" that CGC (or CCS?) does on a book if in a non-resto/Universal holder/grade? (this is the 9.4 copy from the "Promise Collection", right?) Thanks
  14. Everything's just fine with the CGC case. Ted seems to be surviving just fine in there!
  15. Looks like the readallcomics web site is confirming what you are seeing: